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The discord between the sage realm and the heavenly daughter of the Tong Tian Aristocratic Family was nothing new.

"This is more than half of the Peach Blossom Imperial Land's reserves!" It was useless for Mu Jialan to say anything, because Jing Xingliang had already decided to gamble and he felt that he would win.

Chen Xiang felt that the big fish had already entered the net, so it was about time to retract the net. He released his Innate powers, and combined them with his vast spiritual sense, he immediately shot out from between his eyebrows into the pill furnace, speeding up the process of condensing the pill!

"It's about to form a core. You're using all of your spiritual sense?" As expected, the consciousness of a high ranking Alchemist is not just for show, it's really amazing! " A young man said. He was a Alchemist, but only a low-ranked.

At this moment, everyone who had placed their bets felt as if their hearts had stopped. The entire stadium was extremely quiet, and all of them held their breaths.

Especially those who gambled so much, if they lost, it would be equivalent to throwing away all their wealth, especially Dan King Tan Sheng!

If Chen Xiang wasn't a tycoon, even if he threw out so many heavyweights as bait, he still wouldn't have been able to catch so many big fish.

Chen Xiang was also a little nervous at this moment, but he was mostly excited and excited, especially when he saw the pills inside the pill furnace slowly condense and take shape!

"It's going to be a success!" Chen Xiang suddenly calmed himself down, he could not let this critical juncture cause any problems, or else all his efforts would come to naught.

Not everyone could calm down at this point of time. There were some Alchemist who would fail once their minds were affected, but from start to finish, not only had Chen Xiang been affected by a lot of things, he was even talking to someone else.

If not for the fact that he claimed to be the descendant of Li Tianjun, many old fellows would have thought that he was some old fellow who had regressed back to his youth.

A moment passed, but it made people feel as if they had waited for more than ten hours. Seeing that Chen Xiang slowly heaved a sigh of relief, with no expression, their feelings were different, because they still did not know if he had succeeded or failed, and Chen Xiang was indeed too calm. He was still calm after everything that happened.

"Sigh …" Chen Xiang sighed, and everyone immediately revealed a smile, they thought that Chen Xiang had failed.

"Everyone … I'm very happy that you guys can play so happily with me. Even if I lose, I will still be very happy! And now, this little brother has accidentally won again. " Chen Xiang suddenly laughed and opened his pill furnace.

The snow-white Beauty Dan floated out, causing the faces of those who bet to freeze. When they saw the two snow-white Beauty Dan, it was as if their world had suddenly turned dark, as if they had suddenly fallen into an abyss.

Chen Xiang succeeded, and it was only two of them, two of them were pure white with no blemishes. In the eyes of these people participating in the bet, they were like two extremely poisonous poisons, the rays of light emitted by the Beauty Dan made them feel that they were evil.

Because it was these two broken pills that had caused them to lose as if they had fallen into an abyss!

"Everyone, please accept my condolences!" Chen Xiang waved his hand, taking the opportunity when everyone was in a daze to take away all those things. Although he had over 700 billion, he still had 200 billion to return to Ji Meixian, but to obtain the Peach Blossom Prince's Peach Blossom Immortal Dew, it was worth far more than 500 billion!

Of course, there were also the things from the other two Dan King s. At this moment, he wanted to let Su Meiyao and the others have a good look at the stone tablet that was recorded with the Heaven Earth Killing Method.

The three Dan King s found it hard to believe. Chen Xiang had clearly revealed three strands of Medicine aura, but he could still succeed, and it was even two pieces of Beauty Dan.

These three old fellows who were severely injured, shakily walked over to Chen Xiang's side and carefully examined the two Beauty Dan s. They had indeed just been refined just now and still carried a sense of warmth.

The three Dan King s suddenly felt that Chen Xiang purposely revealed the Medicine aura to trick them. Thinking of this, their intestines turned green.

At this time, many people in the hall had green faces. They glared at Chen Xiang with eyes that were like sharp blades, wishing to stab Chen Xiang a few hundred times.

If the people here didn't have some status, they would have already made their move. Even the three Dan King s wanted to kill Chen Xiang!

"Seniors, you haven't given me anything yet!" Chen Xiang said while smiling.

"Lose the bet and take it!" The long-bearded Dan King was rather straightforward, giving Chen Xiang a Storage bag, thirty pellets of Relive Dan, a pellet of Hunyuan Dan, and a portion of Hunyuan Dan medicine.

"Father..." Tan Zhongsen glared at Chen Xiang, wanting nothing more than to cut off pieces of his flesh.

Tan Sheng lost the most miserably. He wanted to give Chen Xiang a hundred pellets of Relive Dan, two hundred billion Spar, and the entire medicinal store that was flourishing with pills. But if he won, he would be able to obtain a high grade Heaven level Diamond fruit!

This was a bet!

Although Chen Xiang had another identity, he still couldn't avoid offending a large group of people, and right now, there were a lot of people who wanted to kill him.

"These are a hundred Relive Dan, two hundred billion!" Tan Sheng and the shopkeepers left for a while before returning.

Chen Xiang used his divine sense to scan the Storage bag: "Un, what about this pill shop?"

After Tan Sheng took in a few deep breaths, he took out a jade tablet with words engraved on it. After releasing the contract with blood dripping from it, he handed it over to Chen Xiang.

This was the pill shop's contract, and after Chen Xiang dripped a drop of blood, he confirmed that the contract was valid, and then laughed: "Thank you!"

After refining a whole batch of Beauty Dan, Chen Xiang had won so much that anyone would be jealous to death if word of it spread.

"Let's go!" Tan Sheng's face became gloomy, smoke rose from his hair, and anger filled his heart. With a wave of his sleeve, he brought away everyone from the pill shop.

Some of the people who lost whined for a while, then left hatefully. After everyone had left, there was still a lot of grievance left, which Chen Xiang found funny.

"Haha, it's mine now!" Chen Xiang took off the signboard of the medicine store and sat at the door laughing loudly.

This was a very good section of the road, and the shop was very large and well decorated. There were five floors in total, and behind them were herb fields and many courtyards.

Of course, Chen Xiang alone would not be able to manage such a large pill shop, but he was not worried. After closing the door, he activated the protective array to prevent others from sneaking in, and then went to Dan Fragrance Pure Land's shop that was opened here.

Chen Xiang changed his appearance and took out the jade tablet that Hua Xiangyue had given him. He asked the manager of the Incense Pill Pavilion to pass a message to the Dan Fragrance Pure Land and asked them to send a great character from the Dan Fragrance Pure Land over.

He did not wait at the Alchemy Fragrance Pavilion. Instead, he found Ji Meixian and returned her two hundred billion Spar to her, then gave her six Relive Dan.

Ji Meixian was still living on top of that tower.

"You told her about me?" Chen Xiang asked.

"No!" Ji Meixian said coldly: "Our cooperation is over, please leave."

Ji Meixian was also very jealous of Chen Xiang at this time, she was worried that she would not be able to resist and make her move, but she knew that it would be an unwise move to make a move against Chen Xiang.

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