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Chapter 782 - Trump Card

In the small courtyard of logistics department.

After Zheng Qingsong and the others left, the small courtyard once again regained its calm.

sun datou and the others had not interjected.

When Dao Feng and the others were around, they rarely spoke, and did not interrupt, they just stood there quietly like invisible people.

After they left, only then did sun datou and the others come over, and said: "Long Fei, everything that happened today has spread throughout the academy. Some people said that your backer was law enforcement agency."

The enforcement of laws by the disciples of law enforcement agency was very strict.

They had clearly seen Long Fei cripple Zhou Ling, so they couldn't help but to capture him. However, it was as if they hadn't seen it.

This was too unbelievable.

Long Fei laughed, then said: "Speak on their bodies, as they wish."

Long Fei did not care about any of this.

Long Fei asked: "leader sun, how many types is the academy competition? Do you have a Alchemy competition? "

sun datou said: "There is. The academy's competition can be divided into eight categories: team ranking, Personal Qualifying Fight, Alchemy, engraved formations, refining poison, beast controlling, and college of martial arts training's strength ranking."

Other than the fact that college of martial arts training's strength and ranking were slightly different, the other competitions would compete against each other to obtain victory and obtain the corresponding points.

college of martial arts training passed the overall ranking of disciples.

Which disciple of the college of martial arts training obtained a lot of points, that college of martial arts training was precisely first place.

Long Fei then asked: "We need to register for the Ranking Tournament, there is a point limit, then are there any restrictions for the other competitions?"

There were only three months left, so Long Fei had to make some preparations as well.

In the Large Competition three months from now, he would definitely concoct a unique pill, one that the Pan Clan would not be able to replicate.

He needed fairy stones, and he needed a lot of them.


The Fengyuan Merchant Union must rise up as well. They could not let it sink like this.

sun datou said: "It requires both the original points and the registration, do you want to participate in other matches?"

Long Fei said: "Is the registration deadline for Alchemy ended?"

sun datou said: "Not yet, only the deadline for the registration is the fastest. Because the teams have a lot of people, they have to be divided up."

"The other matches will end in two months time, and that is half a month before the Academy Competition. Alchemy requires three hundred Alchemy points."

"Inscribing for an array requires 200 points, refining two hundred and eighty points, taming one hundred and eighty points..."

sun datou recounted the conditions of the competition in detail.

And then …

The sun datou asked: "Long Fei, do you want to participate in the other Large Competitions? If that's the case, then you have to adjust your time. There might be conflicts with team competition's time. "

Long Fei nodded, and said: "Mn, thank you leader sun."

At this time.

Fan Tong said, "Today, when I was cleaning out the Azure Dragon Courtyard, I discovered that the Azure Dragon Elder's face was glowing red, and behind him were two disciples I had never seen before. They seemed to be specially recruited students."

"Judging from his excited expression, these two shouldn't be simple."

The specially recruited Demon Slayer students had not come to an end.

The elders were still continuously looking for special disciples. After all, pan sheng was not the only Demon Slayer, as long as they could find a second Demon Slayer they would be able to obtain the Heavenly hall of immortals's reward.

Ever since Zang Tianye had left the god emperor academy, the position of principal had always been empty.

If anyone could find a second Demon Slayer at this time, then the position of the president would definitely belong to them.

The eighteen great matrial halls looked calm and tranquil, but they were all secretly competing with each other with all of their might, wanting to perform well in this academy competition.

He had to increase the chips for him to fight over the Headmaster.

Even the Principal of eighteen great matrial halls had the chance.

There were even internal rumors saying that if any of the college of martial arts training managed to win this year's Academy Tournament, this college of martial arts training's Principal would be the new Principal.

Thus …

No matter if it was Alchemy, artifact forging, formation, or ranking of the team, there were all Elders, supported by the college of martial arts training from behind.

Of course.

Except the Arrogant Dragon Squad where Long Fei was at.

"New guy?" directly called into the Azure Dragon college of martial arts training? " Long Fei frowned.

In the eighteen generations of college of martial arts training.

The Azure Dragon college of martial arts training was the strongest.

Those who were able to enter the Azure Dragon college of martial arts training were all first-rate absolute geniuses, and those who came out of the college of martial arts training were people that the large powers would fight over.

Being targeted by the Azure Dragon's college of martial arts training's Headmaster was even more impressive.

Fan Tong said slightly: "I feel that these two people are not simple. The auras on their bodies are not ordinary, and the most important thing is that these two people look exactly the same. They should be twin brothers."

Long Fei nodded his head: "En, pay more attention to them. You guys must be careful yourself."


"leader sun, if I want to participate in the Alchemy Competition, how should I marry off my Alchemy points?" Long Fei asked.

The leader sun said: "There are Alchemy missions and these missions were issued by the Alchemy college of martial arts training. If you can complete them, you will be able to obtain the corresponding points."

"Other than the Alchemy college of martial arts training, all the other college of martial arts training s will post missions. These missions are all issued by certain elders, and the task credit will be determined by the difficulty level of the missions."

Long Fei slightly nodded, and said: "I understand."

"You guys should be more careful during this period of time." Long Fei was concerned, although the sun datou and the rest's cultivation were not strong and their talent was not high, but since they were able to roam the eighteen great matrial halls, they were able to learn a lot of news.

With them here, Long Fei would be able to control the movements of the eighteen generations of college of martial arts training at all times.

They were Long Fei's trump card.

A trump card hidden in the dark.

The leader sun said: "Long Fei, you are the one who handles important matters. We feel honored that we were able to help you before we left the god emperor academy."

Fan Tong said: "leader sun is right, I am very energetic when it comes to doing things."

The other service disciples did the same.

Long Fei was grateful in his heart, and thought: "I have to help them increase their cultivation even if I have to."

Everyone wanted to become strong.

In this gathering point of geniuses, he wanted to become stronger even more.

sun datou and the rest were no exception.

At night.

Long Fei arrived at qiu wandao's courtyard.

qiu wandao and the green robed old man were meditating. Long Fei did not disturb them, but spoke calmly: "Old Qiu, I have a Rank 4 Poison Spirit Immortal Root. If Man Tuoluo comes, pass it to her."

qiu wandao nodded lightly.

He really wanted to talk to Long Fei and thank him.

However …

Now was the critical moment; he was about to break through to the Golden Immortal Stage Level 9.

Powerful energy continued to rush into his body. This was a sign that he was about to break through.

The green-robed elder was the same.

For the past three days, powerful energy unceasingly poured into their bodies, not stopping for the next three days.


What they didn't know was that this was just the beginning. Right now, their potential was like having a baby, possessing limitless possibilities.

Strength, cultivation, would rapidly increase.

This was what it meant by 'break' and then 'establish'!

This was the power that the Yan Huang ancestor had brought from the Chaos Realm.

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