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Chen Xiang wandered around the central area and found the address that Hong Xia and Ji Ling'er gave him. He came to a relatively quiet area.

"This is the place. Not bad." Chen Xiang took in a deep breath of the fragrant air, absorbing a lot of the Holy Spirit power. The Holy Spirit power in this place was really much denser than in the cave.

Chen Xiang knocked on the door. Previously, Hong Xia and Ji Ling'er had said that they had their eyes on this place. If there were enough Holy stone, they would buy it.

Red Cloud, who had opened the door, smiled joyfully. "Big Boss, please come in. This place is ours from now on."

Chen Xiang smiled as he walked in. The moment he stepped into the door, he sensed that there were a lot of powerful formations, which made him even more at ease. He could not help but worry that there would be people intruding, so he didn't need to worry that the commotion inside would attract too much attention.

"Have you seen that Leader?" Ji Ling'er asked anxiously.

"Yes." Chen Xiang nodded his head: "She is a woman, a pill saint."

Hong Xia knew a little about the relationship between Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou. Chen Xiang had told her before that she needed a Holy Pellet to help heal her two benefactors.

"Then wouldn't it be easy for them to come over?" Ji Ling'er said happily.

"En, but they will be with that Pill Saint for a while now. I might not be able to return with them, but they should be able to come back for you guys once they recover." Chen Xiang laughed. He was very happy that Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou could recover.

Red Cloud asked, "Your wish has almost been fulfilled. What's next?"

Chen Xiang stood in the yard and looked at the endless blue sky. He thought for a moment and said: "Continue to refine pills, I will continue to refine Tier 4 immortal pills, and at that time, I will bring back 20 million jins of Holy stone. You guys can tell me how much you want."

"This..." Hong Xia and Ji Ling'er were a little hesitant. They obviously wanted a lot of things, but they knew that Chen Xiang was in a hurry to return.

"Twenty million kilograms each should be enough for you guys to use for a long time, and you must make good use of these Holy stone to raise your strength. Who knows when I will need your help." Chen Xiang helped them talk about a certain number.

"This is too much." Originally, they thought that Chen Xiang would only help them get a few million jin Holy stone at the most, because he had even helped them buy this mansion. Although they still had 10 million jin of Holy stone, that was Chen Xiang's property, so they did not dare to take it for themselves.

The more the merrier, right now, through the Divine Feather School, you guys should think of ways to buy as many Tier 4 immortal pills and herbs as possible, preferably at a cost of one pill. Also, buy some Heavenly Dragon Grass and Sacred animal fruit and bring them back as well.

Right now, Chen Xiang was not afraid of doing too much, because with the help of the Divine Feather School, and with his relationship with that Feng Yujie, he thought that if he met with any trouble, Feng Yujie would definitely help him out.

"Let's talk about this after we familiarize you with the house." Ji Ling'er held Chen Xiang's hand, and led him to walk around this relatively large house.

Red Dawn followed behind them and started to think about how they could complete Chen Xiang's request. Right now, they had five million Holy stone s, so they had to make good use of them.

Chen Xiang played with the beautiful Holy Maiden for an entire day before letting them go to do something. At this moment, he came to a relatively large secret room underground.

"It's not a problem to accommodate a hundred Magic method furnace." Chen Xiang estimated that if it were not for the dense Holy Spirit Qi inside the Holy stone that he had his eyes on, he would have gone back a long time ago. That batch of Holy stone was very useful to him, so if he took back the Nine Heaven World, it would definitely be a large amount of wealth.

"I wonder how Nine Heaven World is doing now." Long Xueyi muttered, "Right now, the Nine Heaven World's tempo is very fast. Maybe the sky and earth have already turned upside down, maybe Di Tian has already returned."

Chen Xiang replied, "I haven't gone back for more than two hundred years, so I don't need this bit of time."

Red Dawn and Ji Ling'er had been out for three days and she had brought back a lot of Sacred animal fruit s, but there were less Heavenly Dragon Grass. However, it was already enough for Long Xueyi to eat.

In the next few days, Chen Xiang spent all his time refining Sacred animal Dan and Tianlong Dan. Hong Xia and Ji Ling'er traveled all over the large sky, buying Jasper gourd and Tier 4 immortal pills as medicine. Everyone thought that there might be another power that was born like the Super Holy School.

Ji Ling'er and Hong Xia went out for more than a month before returning. They bought a large amount of Biyuan Dan s and herbs, as well as some fourth grade immortal pills.

"Seventy-five thousand Jasper gourd, if you count them against four in one furnace, you would probably be able to sell them for sixty million kilograms." Red Cloud said,

Chen Xiang took the Storage bag and looked at it.

"Mm. From now on, all of you should train well and wait for a while." Chen Xiang was a little excited. As long as he finished refining these, he would be able to return to the Nine Heaven World very soon.

Arriving at the secret room, Chen Xiang looked at the spacious place and said with a smile: "This is a better place to start, as it will allow me to release even more Magic method furnace."

He did not plan to refine any Tier 4 immortal pills. After selling the Biyuan Dan, he would immediately return to the Nine Heaven World. He was worried that there would be a huge change and that his friends would be in danger there.

During this month, when he was refining the Tianlong Dan and Sacred animal Dan, he had gotten used to refining them with a hundred Magic method furnace. He could control them, but if he continued refining, he would be very tired.

Once he stepped into the Immortal-becoming realm, he would have to rely on concocting pills to gradually stabilize his cultivation. If he was not in a rush to return, he still wanted to increase his strength here.

Refining a hundred batches of Biyuan Dan in two hours, refining for twenty hours every day would make it a thousand batches. Even if there were more than seventy thousand Jasper gourd, at his current pace, it would not be long before they were refined into Biyuan Dan.

Three months later, he came out of the secret room. All those Jasper gourd had been turned into Biyuan Dan by him, and right now, he was already proficient in the Godfire Flash Technique. If he met any suitable pills, he could very quickly produce them.

Ji Ling'er and Red Dawn were both cultivating in the secret room. After Chen Xiang came out, he did not disturb them, but went to take a bath himself. After sitting in the hall and waiting, he thought about what he had to do after returning to the Nine Heaven World.

He must obtain the Alive Slain Method! From Heaven Sacred District, he had already understood that even if there were high level medicines, they were all extremely expensive and there weren't many of them. If there was a Alive Slain Method, like Lv Qilian, who could make the spirit liquid and fuse with his creation divine liquid, then he would be able to quickly replicate a large number of high level medicines, or even Holy level medicines.

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