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"One month later!" Super Yuan Sect Leader sent a sound transmission to Chen Xiang.

"Gather in the main hall of Super Yuan Mountain!" Chen Xiang immediately went forward, causing the Super Yuan Sect Leader to heave a sigh of relief. He believed that the person with the same strength as Chen Xiang, should be the Prince Imperial Dragon, and if Chen Xiang was killed by the Prince Imperial Dragon, then there was a high chance that all of Chen Xiang's things would be obtained by him.

"I believe everyone must have suffered a lot on the way here. Since the other comrades are unable to escape this predicament, we can only mourn in silence for them!" We still have to continue exploring the Chaotic Mountain, let's go! " Super Yuan Sect Leader walked in front and headed towards the stone room's door.

Everyone understood in their hearts that if they spread the news that they had killed the leaders of other forces, they would be in trouble. However, Super Yuan Sect Leader had said just now that those people died because they were unable to escape their predicament.

Leaving the stone room, everyone walked along a dark corridor. They were all silent, but they really wanted to ask the other party, who had killed who, especially that Chen Xiang, whom everyone felt that Chen Xiang must have also fought with someone else. Although some people suspected that it was the Prince Imperial Dragon who killed them, they were not sure.

Half of the Prince Imperial Dragon was already dead, and the other half of it had been eaten by Long Xueyi.

Chen Xiang was actually very relaxed, because the Super Yuan Sect Leader was not on his guard against him. In this place, the Super Yuan Sect Leader was the strongest, and now that he was being guarded against by the big shots from the traitors, they were afraid that the Super Yuan Sect Leader would want to take all the treasures for himself and kill them all, because if they were in his place, they would do the same.

Although this Super Yuan Sect Leader looked more righteous, everyone knew that he wasn't a good person. Otherwise, when he was dominating the Sacred Dan Realm, he wouldn't have killed so many people.

Everyone had their own little thoughts, and Chen Xiang was no exception. He wanted to take sole possession of the last few treasures, but killing these guys was extremely difficult, even using Magical corruption gas s wouldn't be possible.

In front of them was the end of the passage, and everyone was a little nervous because they were about to see the treasure, and they were worried that they would be killed by the Super Yuan Sect Leader, because they had done this kind of thing before, but they did not expect that they would meet it themselves. If it was before, their side of the traitor forces might not be afraid, but they only had eight people left, and facing the powerful Super Yuan Sect Leader, they had no chance of winning.

"Prince Imperial Dragon, I don't think you want to share the final results with those guys." Super Yuan Sect Leader suddenly transmitted to Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang's heart skipped a beat, and he anxiously replied: Super Yuan Sect Leader, what do you mean by that?

Super Yuan Sect Leader said: "I'll kill those few guys and divide the remaining items. It is said that there are thirty boxes, and I will give you eight of them! You just have to keep it a secret. "

Chen Xiang scolded this guy in his heart. He only gave eight of them!

"Divide evenly, fifteen apiece!" Of course Chen Xiang had to bargain, the Super Yuan Sect Leader did not dare to touch him, because he was currently the Prince Imperial Dragon and he was worried about angering the Dragon Emperor.

"You ten! You need to know that I have to bear a lot of risks and you have the Imperial Dragon Race supporting you from behind. " Super Yuan Sect Leader said, "Each of you take a step back!"

"Alright!" Chen Xiang promised first, without the eight fellows, then he would think of a way to get rid of this Super Yuan Sect Leader. Although this was not possible, but at least he had ten boxes in the end, just that he did not know what was inside those boxes.

Super Yuan Sect Leader pushed open the door and told Chen Xiang: "Let's take a look at the items inside the boxes. If they aren't valuable, then I won't take action."

was also curious about the items inside the boxes. Back then, those people had spent a lot of effort to hide here, so there must be something inside, but Mountain Spirit had previously said that there was a dragon that had mixed in before. Chen Xiang felt that even if there was something good, it would definitely have been taken away by that dragon.

After passing through the door, everyone arrived at a lavishly decorated hall. On the floor of the hall, there were three boxes!

There were only four of them, causing everyone to feel a wave of fear. However, they all saw traces of other boxes being placed on the ground.

Super Yuan Sect Leader did not immediately open the box. Instead, he turned around and looked at the eight ancient powerhouses.

"Super Yuan Sect Leader, what are you doing?" A big shot asked coldly.

"There are only four boxes here!" Super Yuan Sect Leader clenched his fists tightly.

"That's right. We should open it and see what's inside. We should discuss how to divide it." He was afraid that he would be killed by the Super Yuan Sect Leader, so even if there were only four items, he did not plan to split them among the group to prevent them from losing their lives.

Chen Xiang had already activated his Chaos Divine Eye to try and see what was inside the chests, but he was still unable to do so. At this time, he noticed that there was a door in one of the areas in the hall, and it should be the exit.

"Super Yuan Sect Leader, if they don't get what they want, go back and tell them about the powers in the Heaven Realm, at that time, they will definitely think of a way to cause trouble for you, maybe they will even frame you, saying that you killed other people, so let's split these four boxes evenly! I will not spread this. " Chen Xiang transmitted to the Super Yuan Sect Leader.

Super Yuan Sect Leader had thought about it before, and he had to get the things he wanted. If he did not give the items to the eight Great Leaders, he would be in trouble if they went out and blabbered on in the future. The strength of the traitors in Heaven Realm was still very strong.

"Humph!" The Super Yuan Sect Leader steeled his heart and slapped his huge palm towards the eight big shots. The dense power of Primal Chaos caused the entire Chaotic Mountain to tremble.

"Super Yuan Sect Leader, you …" One of the elders cried out in shock. As soon as he came into contact with the powerful Chaotic Force, he immediately turned into dust. The other seven were on their guard and immediately threw out a large amount of immortal equipment to block this ferocious attack.

The seven traitors were also very powerful, they actually managed to receive the Super Yuan Sect Leader's palm attack, and at the same time, quickly retreated.

Super Yuan Sect Leader's palms gathered power as they slapped at the seven people wildly. The shadows of his palms overflowed into the sky, bringing with it the power of primal chaos as they smashed against the seven people, causing them to scream miserably.

Chen Xiang watched from the side, and just as the Super Yuan Sect Leader attacked again, he hurried over to the side of the boxes, and quickly stored them into the ring!

This move was discovered by the Super Yuan Sect Leader, but Chen Xiang was extremely fast, so there was only a box left! He did not care about attacking the seven people, he just threw a palm at Chen Xiang, even if it was something that the Prince Imperial Dragon tried to take advantage of, he would still make a move!

Chen Xiang dodged hurriedly, stepping on the Shrinking step he rushed towards the door, Super Yuan Sect Leader came to the side of the box, he kept the box and attacked Chen Xiang frantically, but Chen Xiang had already used the power of the spatial laws, and quickly passed through the door!

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