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Lv Qilian had admitted that he had helped her gather many outstanding women, but she was very worried that this place would become Chen Xiang's imperial harem.

Chen Xiang's refining speed had already increased, she could produce two drops in two hours, but it was still far from Lv Qilian's level. She had condensed ten drops in two hours, and now Lv Qilian was replicating a large amount of Yuxian Dan medicinal herbs.

"Your Hundreds of Flowers Palace consumes so many medicinal ingredients so quickly." Chen Xiang asked.

"Of course you can. Qianqian and Xiangyue's pill refining skills are already very high. There are many pills out there, so the speed is fast and the quality is high." Lv Qilian knew that the relationship between Chen Xiang and Chen Xiang was very good, because the pill refining skills the two of them used were very similar to that of Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang said in surprise, "I only gave Qianqian and Xiangyue some pointers in the past, but they're already this powerful now."

"My Hundreds of Flowers Palace lacks a lot of outstanding female Alchemist. Don't hurt them." Lv Qilian looked at Chen Xiang with a strict expression.

Chen Xiang laughed, "Xiangyue is already my person, and she's even my female slave. How could I possibly hurt her?"

"Beast." Lv Qilian snorted.

"You lack an outstanding female Alchemist, I'll help you look for one. It just so happens that I have a candidate, and her relationship with Qianqian Xiangyue is also very good. She's also beautiful and has a solid foundation." Chen Xiang laughed: "Grand Asgard Mistress, do you accept her?"

Lv Qilian said as his brows furrowed, "How could I not know who this female Alchemist is?

But if you want to find her, you have to first find Yan Zilan. I will give you a set of secret records, you can contact her if you go anywhere and mark them. Then, ask her to gather her sisters and join the Hundreds of Flowers Palace. Chen Xiang replied, "Yan Zilan was originally at the Ice Dragon Villa, but she has been out on a tour recently. Sister Zi Lan is very powerful, a divine cultivator who started cultivating the divine way a long time ago."

"I've heard of her, but I've never been able to find her." Lv Qilian nodded her head. Towards these outstanding women, she had always wanted to win them over to her Hundreds of Flowers Palace. Yan Zilan was the famous Zi Lan Immortal Fairy a long time ago and she had tried a few times to rope him in, but Yan Zilan had rejected her attempts.

And now, with just a single sentence, Chen Xiang was able to persuade her. She had to admit, Chen Xiang was very good with women.

Lv Qilian asked: "That outstanding Alchemist, what's her name?"

Chen Xiang said: "She is called Du Yanyao, her grandfather is called Du Hai, a high ranking Dan Immortal who travels everywhere, and is currently as powerful as Li Tianjun. Don't worry, the person I recommend cannot be wrong."

"I know about her and you." Lv Qilian sighed. Back then, he could still gather some information regarding Chen Xiang at Sacred Dan Realm.

Chen Xiang laughed sinisterly: "You know how powerful I am, in the future, you must help me take care of them."

Lv Qilian snorted twice, and said: "You're so amazing, help me find a few outstanding girls, I will be grateful to you."

"Say, as long as you have their whereabouts, I will help you lure them to the Hundreds of Flowers Palace." Chen Xiang said very confidently.

"Bai Youyou, Su Meiyao, Bai Ziqian, Yu Yi Immortal Fairy, they are all famous women from many years ago, and their strengths and potential are all extremely huge. Back then, they had already done many earth-shattering things, but they have already been missing for many years. Lv Qilian replied: "I've been looking for them for many years, even if it's Bai Ziqian, I still dare to accept them."

Bai Ziqian also used the Magical corruption gas, but that was something that happened a long time ago. At that time, Chen Xiang wasn't even born yet, so Lv Qilian didn't make a connection between Chen Xiang and his Magical corruption gas.

Chen Xiang did not expect Lv Qilian to think about these four women for so long, he laughed: "There are two that I have settled, Ji Meixian is Yu Yi Immortal Fairy."

"What? It really is her? No wonder I keep having the feeling that her way of doing things is so familiar." Lv Qilian said in surprise, "There's one more."

"Bai Ziqian, I introduced her to your mother. She is currently following the Grandma Lv, and if I meet her in the future, I think I will just have to say a few words. She will definitely join the Hundreds of Flowers Palace, and Sister Qinlian will use poison as well. Chen Xiang laughed.

Lv Qilian took a deep breath, what Chen Xiang had done in the dark had surprised her. She did not think that Chen Xiang had actually come into contact with powerful women like Bai Ziqian and Bai Ziqian before, and she was suddenly very curious about what had happened between them.

"Go and ask Ji Meixian about the details, it involves more of her secrets, without her permission, I can't say more." Chen Xiang said.

Lv Qilian nodded his head: "She is Yu Yi Immortal Fairy, so even if I wanted to find out her secret, I wouldn't be able to. Since I want to rope her in, I naturally trust her a lot.

"It's just that Bai Ziqian is a bit troublesome, she's a witch after all. But if she's with my mother, it should be much better, I'm just afraid that she won't approve of me."

Right now, she knew that Bai Ziqian definitely had quite a few of Chen Xiang's Super Old poison on him. She had to admit that Chen Xiang's methods of winning the hearts of others were very generous, and gave some of the things that others needed the most.

Of course she didn't know that Chen Xiang being magnanimous to Bai Ziqian was because he was Bai Youyou's elder sister.

"Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou, how much do you know about them?" These two women who changed her fate respected Lv Qilian very much. Therefore, in order to repay them, Chen Xiang had to be of the greatest help to the Hundreds of Flowers Palace.

shook his head: "I don't know much about it. Back then, they were chased and injured by their enemies, and I had kept them for a period of time, but they were worried that it would implicate me, so they left again. I was in closed door cultivation during that period of time, so I did not have much contact with them.

Chen Xiang said: "Do you know how many enemies they have? You actually dared to easily take them in?"

Lv Qilian said in a cold voice: "Even though Bai Youyou is a demoness of the first generation, the two of them have done many good deeds together while she is with Su Meiyao, and their character is still rather good, so I really admire them. As long as they join the Hundreds of Flowers Palace, the ones chasing after them will be my enemies.

The current Lv Qilian had the aura of a great emperor, Chen Xiang thought that her Emperor's might had been erased, but now, it seems that she had restrained herself, and if there was a day when she had sufficient strength, this aura would return to her body.

Chen Xiang said: "If you are prepared to shelter them, then prepare to deal with Mei Emperor, which is their greatest enemy."

"You know a lot about them." Lv Qilian said: "Could it be that you're also looking for them?"

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