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The Heaven Sacred City had already been taken over by the Super Yuan Mountain. After Hou Feishao was sneakily attacked, the entire city was sealed, only allowed to enter, not allowed to leave. Furthermore, there would often be powerful elders flying in the sky with a group of people searching for suspicious people, but they would definitely not be able to find anything, because they did not have any clues at all.

On the second day, just as Xi Yi Pavilion opened the door, Hou Feishao arrived in a luxurious sedan chair. A very powerful looking Alchemist followed behind him, and it was a very young man.

"Is this the so-called future Pill God of Super Yuan Mountain? I heard that at such a young age, he is already a Alchemist capable of refining a low-grade Heaven level Pellet. "

"Hou Feishao invited him to deal with Fan Yakun, is he simply abusing him? Who doesn't know that Fan Yakun was injured last night, and that his internal injuries have not healed after all these years?

Many people were discussing in whispers in the distance.

This boy is called Zhang Yanqing, he was born with the Heaven Flame, and in the future, it is very possible that he will cultivate a Fire of Chaos. His attainments in the area of alchemy are extremely high, and amongst the young generation of Sacred Dan Realm, no one is able to match him. Fan Yakun passed on to Chen Xiang: "What rank of pill can you refine now?"

"Middle Ground level!" Chen Xiang replied.

It's not bad, my improvement is quite fast. It's a hurdle to enter the upper grade of the Ground level, it's difficult for many Alchemist s to pass. Fan Yakun said: "I will have them restrict the rules to the middle grade Ground level pills. With this genius Alchemist, their conditions should be a lot more lax."

Hou Feishao sat in a luxurious palanquin, protected by a few powerful looking elders outside. It seemed that they were worried that he would be ambushed again like last night.

"I've long heard that the Alchemist is quite powerful. The Alchemist wants to compete with you, and it's also a form of training for him." Hou Feishao's voice carried an arrogant tone, "Hand over your powerful Alchemist, and don't embarrass yourselves!"

"Why do you insist on accepting your challenge?" Fan Yakun was extremely furious, she really wanted to rush over and smash this fellow's nose: "You injured me last night, I haven't even settled this score with you yet!"

"I remember that every ten years, Heaven Sacred City's medicine store must accept at least one unconditional challenge, otherwise, scram!" Hou Feishao laughed coldly.

"Alright, how do you want to compete?" Fan Yakun suppressed the anger in his heart and asked.

Zhang Yanqing took a step forward, took out many broken medicinal ingredients and threw them on the ground. Upon seeing these broken medicinal ingredients, many people sucked in a deep breath.

Many abandoned medicinal ingredients were quickly piled up at the Xi Yi Pavilion's entrance. These medicinal ingredients could not be planted for various reasons, but if in the hands of an outstanding Alchemist, these medicinal ingredients could all be refined into pills.

"You all should be familiar with these medicinal herbs!" Zhang Yanqing asked coldly. As the most talented Alchemist of the young generation, he naturally had a kind of arrogance.

"Qi Shen Dan!" Fan Yakun let out a long sigh: "The Qi Shen Dan is a kind of middle grade Ground level pill that can help people cultivate the Innate Qi and consciousness at the same time. However, even in Sacred Dan Realm, the medicinal ingredients are already extinct.

"That's right, the Qi Shen Dan is a middle grade Ground level pill, because it is too easy to refine it, it is listed as a middle grade Ground level, and its use will become upper grade Ground level! However, if we were to use discarded medicinal ingredients to refine it, the difficulty would increase by a lot! " After Zhang Yanqing finished speaking, he continued to take out the abandoned Qi Shen Dan medicinal ingredients. There were so many of them that they looked like two small mountains the height of a person.

Zhang Yanqing's eyes carried a trace of provocation, and said: "I know that the two of you are pretty good Alchemist, and that among the younger generation, you are Alchemist s who can refine abandoned medicinal ingredients into pills."

Refining abandoned medicinal ingredients into pills was indeed difficult, and it also tested the standards of the Alchemist. Although these medicinal ingredients were abandoned, the Medicine aura inside them could still condense them into pills, and adding all of them together, it would still reduce the difficulty.

"You? Or you? " Zhang Yanqing looked at Lin Xiyi, and then looked at Fan Yakun.

"I'll do it!" Chen Xiang walked out, he had turned into a young man who looked normal and unremarkable, and was dressed very simply, not like a Alchemist at all.

The moment Chen Xiang stepped forward, many people frowned. From the outside, he did not look like a person, but the crowd could see that Fan Yakun did not have any intentions of stopping him, and knew that he was hiding his strength.

"With just you?" Zhang Yanqing looked at Chen Xiang in disdain.

"Tell me the rules!" Chen Xiang did not say much.

"Two piles of abandoned Qi Shen Dan's medicine, each of us will take one. In one day, whoever refines more Qi Shen Dan will win, and the Qi Shen Dan will belong to whoever! "Also, if I finish refining my medicinal ingredients and you still have too much left and the time is not up yet, I can use your medicinal ingredients to refine it." Zhang Yanqing looked down at the young man in front of him with disdain. He felt that if he were to compete with the young man in front of him, then he would have to lower his status and status, Chen Xiang nodded and said: "If the first thing I do is to refine all of these medicinal ingredients and before the time is up, you still have a lot of medicinal ingredients left. I can also take your medicinal ingredients to refine, right?"

"That's right, but you don't have that possibility!" Zhang Yanqing sneered.

"Are there any other rules?" Chen Xiang asked again.

"The pill furnaces we use are our own. "If the pill furnace is blown up, it will become a failure."

nodded his head. Being able to use abandoned medicinal ingredients to refine Qi Shen Dan made him secretly happy, because he had never been able to find the Qi Shen Dan's medicinal ingredients. Su Meiyao had said before that this kind of pill was magical, it was only one pellet, but it had the effect of two kinds of pellets!

He took a pill furnace and checked it. This furnace had not been tampered with, and its quality was still decent. It seemed like Hou Feishao was planning to fair and square when it came to defeating Xi Yi Pavilion. Of course, Zhang Yanqing disdained using tricks to defeat others.

"How are you going to win? This little brat is not someone who is easy to deal with! " Su Meiyao asked.

"First, I will refine one or two batches. After getting familiar with them, I will refine an entire pile of them in one go!" Chen Xiang already had a comprehensive plan. After obtaining the Heavenly Alchemy, he would be able to make great progress in the area of alchemy. Furthermore, he would have a variety of methods to support and speed up the process of alchemy.

"Oh? Did you just learn a new method from the Heavenly Alchemy? " Su Meiyao's eyes lit up, he was really looking forward to the moment Chen Xiang would show his skills.

"Big sister, I won't let you down."

Chen Xiang had already taken out a few supplementary ingredients, and with a single glance, Chen Xiang could tell that the quality of the supplementary ingredients were of extremely high quality. This would help to make up for the deficiencies of the abandoned medicinal ingredients, this was something he needed to do as well.

Chen Xiang also took out the supplementary ingredients. Although it looked to be very different from Zhang Yanqing's, the supplementary ingredients were all made from creation divine liquid, and it could be said that the supplementary ingredients contained a mystical power.

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