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Chen Xiang continuously increased his divine power and flames. He had already released the Rainbow Sacred Flame, using the strongest state of the God purification, but even so, he still felt pressure. The ball of divine power within the Tianhun fruit continued to expand, as though it could explode at any time.

"Withdraw!" Chen Xiang anxiously removed the flames and God Power, taking back the Inhibition Formation, if not the furnace would explode.

This made Chen Xiang even more surprised. Originally, he thought that he had used up a lot of the's internal divine power, but now, it seems that it was just a little, and he had used up a lot of his divine power and flames.

"I was worried that I would hurt the Tianhun fruit, making me so careful. I didn't expect this guy to be so tenacious." Chen Xiang suddenly wanted to break this Tianhun fruit, to see how the God Power inside it was exploding.

"If you didn't stop just now, what would have happened?" Long Xueyi really wanted to see that scene.

"Nothing much, it's just that the Yanlong furnace is shaking so badly, it can still withstand the explosion." Chen Xiang said: "I am only worried that it will be a waste of a Tianhun fruit. If the divine power inside the Tianhun fruit consumes so much during the refining, I feel that there is no problem refining eight Tianshen Dan s out of ten, maybe even more."

Chen Xiang rested for a while, then began to torture the Tianhun fruit again.

"Seems like I can only try that move!" Chen Xiang closed his glasses as a series of mental cultivation methods appeared in his mind. He chanted the mental cultivation methods and suddenly, a ball of fire appeared inside the Yanlong furnace.

The ball of flames did not wrap the Tianhun fruit within. Instead, it started to spin at the bottom of the Tianhun fruit, turning into a Yin Yang Array that slowly rotated.

"Tai Chi!" Using the special suction force produced by the Tai Chi Refining, Chen Xiang pulled at the divine power inside the Tianhun fruit, causing those divine power to spin within the Tianhun fruit, unable to resist.

Chen Xiang could feel that the divine power inside the Tianhun fruit was slowly circulating according to his rhythm. Delighted, he immediately used the God purification, releasing the Rainbow Sacred Flame as well as a powerful divine power to launch a fierce attack.

From the start, he had felt the divine power within the Tianhun fruit begin to resist, but as the Taiji array at the bottom of the Tianhun fruit began to circulate at a rapid pace, the divine power within the fruit also began to revolve, making it impossible for it to spew out any resistance.

"Very good!" Chen Xiang saw that there was some progress and continued to control the movement of the Taiji array, as well as the power of the God purification.

The Tianhun fruit was burned by the intense flames and it did not resist at all, as a change slowly happened inside its body. The originally transparent God Power, following Chen Xiang's continuous burning, emitted a faint gold light, which became more and more dense, and in less than an hour, it was shining like a golden apple. This caused Chen Xiang to be extremely surprised, he never thought that the massive amount of God Power inside the Tianhun fruit would have such a strange scene.

Using the Tai Chi Refining and God purification, and it was even the most extreme method, caused Chen Xiang to feel an unprecedented pressure.

Chen Xiang estimated the rate at which his divine power was being consumed, and couldn't help but sigh: "At this rate, even if I expend all my divine power, I can only refine a cauldron of Tianshen Dan, and that's all. That is to say, if I were to refine a sacred pill, wouldn't there be no hope? "

"Refining a Holy Pellet is thousands of times more difficult than a Jiupin spiritual Dan. Most of the ninth grade Dan Immortal s are Holy Saints, and none of them can refine a Holy Pellet, unless they possess a Emperor soul!" Long Xueyi said: "For example, the Dan Emperor and the mysterious Feng Yujie, they are both experts who possess Emperor soul."

Chen Xiang took a deep breath. "I was too naive, I thought that if this continued, I would be able to concoct the Holy Pellet. Now, I realize that without the Emperor soul, it would be difficult to concoct the Holy Pellet!"

"Don't be discouraged, being able to refine Jiupin spiritual Dan at your age is already not bad. Moreover, having a Emperor soul is only a matter of time." Long Xueyi laughed.

"Yeah, Emperor soul are not something that can be found easily. In Endless Heaven Realm, there are a lot of Holy Masters, but there are very few with Emperor soul. Even some Holy Masters are not able to reach the ninth stage of Dan Immortal! And you, at such a young age, are able to refine a Jiupin spiritual Dan and refine a Holy Pellet, that is just around the corner. " Dongfang Xinyue encouraged Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang nodded his head, "I will definitely become a Pill Saint!"

The Tianhun fruit inside the Yanlong furnace shone with a piercing golden light within the Rainbow Sacred Flame. Following Chen Xiang's continuous burning, a few white cracks suddenly appeared on its surface.

"Break!" Following Chen Xiang's shout in his heart, his Rainbow Sacred Flame and God Power merged together to blast apart the nearly refined Tianhun fruit.

The Tianhun fruit immediately exploded, releasing a burst of golden white light. If it were not for the Yanlong furnace's wrapping, that strong light would have definitely shot out from the cave and into the distance.

"Infinite refining!"

The Infinite refining was raised based on the foundation of Tai Chi, it could fuse with many types of energy that were mutually exclusive to each other. At this time, the refined Medicine aura s had turned into many small granules, and these small granules were all the purest, but they were mutually exclusive, so it was not easy to fuse them.

However, it would be much easier for Chen Xiang to use the Infinite refining that he had previously comprehended.

Suddenly, many Spirit grain appeared from the Yanlong furnace. These Spirit grain were all recorded in the Heavenly Alchemy, Chen Xiang used his divine power to transform them into a fusion with the Taiji array, producing a dense flow of energy that emitted a strange multicolored light, causing the originally repulsive Medicine aura to absorb one another. There was no need for Chen Xiang to help them fuse together, they all consciously gathered together, and quickly converged into a white ball of light.

"It's about to happen! The Medicine aura s are very dense! " Although the current Chen Xiang was close to running out of divine power, he was still extremely excited, because he was about to refine a batch of Jiupin spiritual Dan.

"Eight pills!" After a short moment of judgement, Chen Xiang decided to split this ball of air into eight parts and refine eight Tianshen Dan.

Divine force turned into invisible blades, splitting the cyclone into eight uniform masses. Then, he used Taiji Refining, causing these eight small cyclones to quickly condense into a single ball, condensing into a pill!

"It's finally done!" Chen Xiang used his last bit of God Power and refined eight Tianshen Dan.

"How many?" Long Xueyi asked anxiously.

"Eight pills!" Chen Xiang laughed: How long did it take me?

Chen Xiang's face turned pale white, the feeling of having his energy drained tired him out. Only now did he feel how weak his body was, because after the God Power was drained from his body, he was extremely tired, which meant that the coordination between his body and the God Power was not good.

"In less than two hours, he managed to refine a batch of Jiupin spiritual Dan!" Long Xueyi was pleasantly surprised, "And it's only eight of them!"

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