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Those who were struck by the profoundhan poison all borrowed this warm energy to expel the cold poison from their bodies, while the young Immortal King also expelled the terrifying cold poison from his secret room. Although he was a Immortal King, he still had to be careful when facing the Super Old poison, otherwise, it would be very easy for him to die because of this.

This was only a profoundhan poison, the weakest type of Super Old poison, otherwise others would not even have the chance to expel the poison. They were secretly rejoicing in their hearts, Chen Xiang could only use a profoundhan poison.

If not for the presence of an Immortal King, after Chen Xiang released those profoundhan poison, he would have killed them all. All these people would have all died, so whenever they thought about this, they would shiver uncontrollably, because not long ago, they had just brushed shoulders with death.

Within Di Tian, Ghost Killing King was never a guy with a good reputation. However, Sacred Fire School only told the public that this matter could be kept a secret.

Within the Chen Martial Continent and Dragon Subduing School, only a small portion of people knew that Chen Xiang had snuck into the Sacred Fire School, and played an extremely important role there. Now that news of such an event had spread, they were extremely anxious to know about Chen Xiang's current situation.

The reason why the Sacred Fire School had released the wanted news about the Ghost Killing King was only to take over the Ghost Killing School, or to clean up the Ghost Killing School, so no one would say anything more.

Chen Xiang was currently in the Flame Essence deep inside the volcano. He had the unique power released by the Fire Dragon Sword, which was able to block the Flame Essence and come closer, allowing him to find a small space to move below the volcano.

"Can you find traces of the formation? They must have set up a formation to stabilize the volcano." Chen Xiang said. He had already asked Long Xueyi to use his divine power to carefully inspect the outside of the volcano.

"I haven't found it yet. This method of setting up the array is not simple, the formation masters of the Fire Divine Palace are truly powerful. To be able to set up such a powerful formation to suppress this volcano, but not leave any traces behind." Long Xueyi had not been able to find anything for a long time, which was why she sighed.

Chen Xiang was still not fully recovered yet, otherwise he would have gone to look for the array.

"Look again, maybe it's somewhere else." Chen Xiang thought for a while, then said: "Go check out that island. If you haven't found any traces of an array formation on the volcano, then it is very likely that it is on that island."

Long Xueyi immediately followed her instructions and checked the bottom of the floating island. She had already searched through the entire volcano, but could not find any clues.

After a while, Long Xueyi made a huge discovery, and shouted in shock, "Found it, I didn't expect this island to be the case."

"What's the situation?" Chen Xiang asked anxiously.

"This island is a huge formation plate. If the Immortal King didn't heavily injure it earlier, it would have been difficult for me to discover it. They also know how important this formation plate is, so they hid it very well, not wanting others to discover it." Long Xueyi said: "When I went to investigate, I saw many people who were trying to cover up that this island is just a camouflage of the formation plate."

Chen Xiang smiled, and said: "As long as you know, it's good enough. Once my injuries have healed, you can go and see what you need to do to quietly destroy the array disc's structure."

"This is not easy to destroy. Earlier, the Immortal King knocked you down and created a hole in the array disc, but the array disc wasn't affected at all. Furthermore, it seems to have the ability to repair itself, but the recovery speed is very slow." Long Xueyi said.

"In any case, I have already clashed with the Sacred Fire School. No matter what, I will destroy this island." Chen Xiang had already made up his mind that no matter the cost, he would destroy this island no matter what.

Chen Xiang was peacefully recuperating as he was fiercely slapped by the Immortal King. Luckily his body was strong and he had the profoundwu diamond armour s, so his injuries were not too severe and he could recover in a short period of time.

Chen Xiang was currently trying to buy time. He had consumed a large amount of healing pellets, and with the help of the Yulong blood and his bone veins, he would be able to recover in the shortest time possible.

If it dragged on for too long, he was worried that the Immortal King would succeed in detoxifying the poison, because this was a volcano, and the Immortal King was a fire cultivator, he learned many powerful fire attribute cultivation techniques in the Fire Divine Palace, which could effectively suppress the profoundhan poison.

As long as he could make his move before the Immortal King completely exorcised the profoundhan poison, he was not worried that the Immortal King would stop him.

In merely half a day's time, Chen Xiang had already recovered to his best condition, and currently, he was quickly floating upwards.

Although the Ghost Killing King had made them afraid, even though they had a Super Old poison like the profoundhan poison, they had already fallen into the bottom of that terrifying volcano and were even hit by the Immortal King. Thus, they believed that the Ghost Killing King had already died.

Amongst these people, the one who felt the worst was Mo Xu, because he was secretly cooperating with the Ghost Killing King before. It could be said that their relationship was not bad, but he didn't expect that before the Ghost Killing King died in a counterattack, he would also drag him inside, and let him be infected by this kind of damned profoundhan poison. Also, if the Ghost Killing King didn't clash with that Immortal King, he could still use the good relationship he had with the Ghost Killing King to cooperate in the future, and remove all obstructions.

Chen Xiang flew out of the volcano, turned into a wisp of smoke, and rose up to the bottom of the island above. Looking from below, the island seemed to be filled with potholes, it was extremely irregular, it was hard to tell that this was an array disc, and it was so huge, and it carried a lot of mountains.

In order to dominate Di Tian, Fire Divine Palace had invested a large amount of energy and resources. It could be said that the Fire Divine Palace's thoughts were even greater than those of the Tong Tian Aristocratic Family and Sheng Domain who had lost previously.

"This array disc is very powerful indeed. If you want to destroy it, the most direct method is to use the strongest power possible to destroy everything in one go. However, this array disc already has a very strong self-defense; even if I were to join hands with you, I still wouldn't be able to shake it at all." exclaimed. He had merely investigated the array disc's internal structure and found many things.

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