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Taking out the Yanlong furnace would allow him to refine the Heaven Pellet more quickly and smoothly.

Human Heaven Pills were different from demon beasts. If it were demon beasts, they could also refine human Heaven Pills into pellets with their body and body. However, because humans were of the same type as Chen Xiang, they would produce a strong repulsion.

This was the first time Chen Xiang had refined a Heaven Refining Pill, but it was all the same. As long as he used the Heavenly Alchemy's method of refining all living things, he would be able to remove all the impurities in the pill, leaving behind the purest and strongest energy. Thus, after Chen Xiang refined countless mountains, he would be able to obtain a pill.

When that Heavenly Pill was burnt, a large amount of its energy began to dissipate. That energy was either impurities or left behind a mark of the original owner's spirit, after being removed, the energy inside the pill furnace would become very pure, and after being roasted by flames, it would also improve its quality.

During compression, the quality would increase. This way, even if a Heavenly Pill lost a massive amount of energy, it could still maintain a certain value!

Refining Elixirs into Elixirs was also the same logic, so directly eating Elixirs was a waste. This was because after refining Elixirs into Elixirs, the effects would be doubled or even more.

"I remember that after you killed those old fellows, their corpses were still hidden away. Why don't you use them to refine them?" Bai Youyou said: "Originally, I planned to keep it for devouring, but your Heavenly Alchemy is even better!"

Chen Xiang shook his head: "No need, refining those old corpses will only waste my strength. I need a lot of energy right now, the energy impurities in those corpses are too much, it's still good to use them to raise the fire."

Just like that, all the corpses were burned, causing the fire to burn even more vigorously. At the same time, it could also raise the quality of the Heavenly Pill a little bit.

This Heaven Pill had allowed him to refine it for an entire day, until it was the size of a grain of rice.

"It shouldn't be enough after eating this thing!" Chen Xiang threw the small Heaven Pellet into his mouth, and after swallowing it, it exploded in his dantian. It was a very pure Innate Qi, he immediately activated his cultivation technique and used his fastest speed to refine this pellet!

However, he was still far from breaking through. Every time he broke through, he would have to form five Heavenly Pellets in order to draw in Nirvana Doom, and this was not an easy feat.

"After refining the Grass Wood Spirit and the heavenly pellet, I can only form the core embryo of two heavenly pellets!" Chen Xiang looked at the bodies of the five Beast statue in his dantian. Only the green dragon statue and the Vermillion Bird statue had the fifth pellet in their bodies.

"Seems like we can only eat Qi Shen Dan s!" Chen Xiang took out a box of Qi Shen Dan s and grabbed it, sending it into his mouth as if he was eating popcorn.

If it was anyone else who had such a large number of Qi Shen Dan to eat, they would definitely go crazy with joy. But right now, Chen Xiang felt like she was eating poison, because the taste of the Qi Shen Dan was not very good. Even if she were to give it to Long Xueyi to eat, she would despise it.

"The taste of this Qi Shen Dan is the worst I've ever tasted. Seeing you eat it made me feel nauseous." In order to make his appetite better, Long Xueyi's fragrant little mouth was chewing on the sweet fruit flesh.

"Little Scoundrel, when are you going to refine a high grade Ground level Pellet? Those Xuan Beast Pellets are no longer enough for me, I want a higher grade one!" Long Xueyi said.

"Soon, when I leave this place, I will refine it for you." After Chen Xiang finished speaking, he said again: "sister Meiyao, Sister You You, go and get me some more of these Qi Shen Dan's medicinal ingredients. I want to refine a Super Qi Shen Dan, and I suddenly engraved a Spirit grain on top of it! It can be used to help me absorb the immortal qi here, I want this Chaotic Mountain to eat it. "

Last time, when Chen Xiang was refining a Qi Shen Dan, he had already secretly kept a few profounddi fruit and had Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou copy it out a little.

When he finished eating the last batch of Qi Shen Dan, he let out a sigh of relief, moreover, his abdomen was currently very hot, and streams of thick energy were constantly reloading his dantian. One had to know that there were over a thousand Qi Shen Dan in his stomach, if it was anyone else, they would have already burst.

The meridians in Chen Xiang's body were currently like countless large rivers flowing, dense and dense Innate Qi circulated in his body, circulating through his meridians and bones, nourishing his muscles and soul, and then, entering into his dantian, entering into the mighty Beast statue s, entering into a cloud of Qi, and condensing the core embryo of the Heaven Pellet.

The Qi Shen Dan not only produced Innate Qi, it also produced a type of mental energy, and the mental energy surged into the Divine Sense Sea, strengthening him. The larger the Divine Sense Sea, the more divine powers there was, the thicker it was, so although the Qi Shen Dan was hard to eat, it was extremely useful! If not for the fact that refining was relatively easy, this pill would definitely have been a high-grade Ground level pill.

Chen Xiang planned to use the Qi Shen Dan s to specially refine for his own disciples of the Dragon Subduing School to eat. As for the so-called big Qi Shen Dan s, he would use ten sets of ingredients to refine three of them, and after going through a high degree of compression, their quality would increase by leaps and bounds. It was just that the difficulty was extremely high, fortunately, he had a deep understanding of the Qi Shen Dan s medicinal ingredients, and as long as he burned them from the inside, it would not be difficult for him!

Of course, even Li Baojun would not be able to take this job, so he had to do it himself!

"This brat is indeed a monster. He had snuck into a group of traitors and entered the Chaotic Mountain. Furthermore, his strength had increased so quickly! Maybe he really could beat that little holy dragon. Also, why does this little guy's blade look so familiar, could it be Green dragon demon-slain broadsword s? "Haha, there's something to see!" The Mountain Spirit muttered to himself.

At this time, Chen Xiang also did not know what kind of role the Mountain Spirit was, but even if he knew that the Mountain Spirit was not a good person, he had no choice, because he had no idea where the Mountain Spirit was.

"If only I had the complete Heaven Earth Killing Method, I would have leveled up even faster!" Chen Xiang had already sensed that the cultivation techniques he was cultivating had a certain flaw. Although they were all modified from the Heaven Earth Killing Method, they were not complete.

For example, when he was refining Qi Shen Dan a bit faster, he felt that the speed was very slow!

If these one thousand Qi Shen Dan were to be sold, they could be sold for many of their own. If they were used to eat, the increase in strength would also be quite a lot. But now, after Chen Xiang had consumed them, he had actually only formed the core embryo of half a Heaven Pellet.

Of course, when he was cultivating, he felt that he had slept for a while, he did not know how much time had passed outside, but the huge stone room that he was in had Time Formation, so he felt that it shouldn't take too long.

"I still can't do it, cultivating the Heaven Pill is really difficult, seems like I can only proceed with the super Qi Shen Dan's plan!" Chen Xiang sighed softly.

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