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Duan Sanchang looked to be in a very sorry state, he had disguised himself to look like a hunchbacked old man with white hair, looking at him, he looked like he was about to burp. Although he did not know how to change his appearance, he had used a disguise technique to change his appearance, which made Chen Xiang admire him a lot.

"Little guy, what did you dig out at the ancestral grave of the Flying Immortal School? It's said that tens of thousands of ancient treasures flew out of that large tomb, and all the good treasures are in your hands," Li Baojun said as he rubbed his hands and laughed. He knew that the people Chen Xiang knew were not ordinary people, and Duan Sanchang, for example, was in front of him.

Duan Sanchang took a sip of tea and scolded: "I couldn't even get a hair, those magic treasures that were sent flying are all trash, that tomb was dug up to the point where there wasn't even a fart left. I was killed this time, the tomb robber was too clever with his methods earlier and took away the good stuff inside without touching the restrictions on the outside, so no one in Flying Immortal School knew that their tomb was dug out."

In the end, all of those trash treasures flew out. Although the tomb is like a palace, but after I searched for a long time inside, I found nothing good. Furthermore, my identity was exposed, and the old fellow from Flying Immortal School found out that I was Duan Sanchang.

Chen Xiang laughed: "At that time, you threatened to dig up all of the ancestors' graves in Flying Immortal School, who doesn't know?"

Li Baojun sighed: "It really isn't worth it, you took the blame for nothing, many people are now suspecting that you have the good stuff in your hands."

Duan Sanchang sighed to the sky, "That's right, you must know that the tombs of the Flying Immortal School have powerful restrictions, and even the old fellows of the Flying Immortal School do not dare to move. I worked hard to break those restrictions, and I didn't even get a fart, and I was even chased down by the entire world.

Chen Xiang curled his lips and said: "Do you plan to rely on me?"

"Nonsense, if I don't want to rely on you, why would I look for you? Chen Xiang, I'm determined to stay in your Dragon Subduing School, don't chase me away," Duan Sanchang shamelessly said, "With my tomb robbing abilities, I might have to become an elder or something."

Li Baojun shook his head: "Elder isn't worth much in the Dragon Subduing School, up till now, the only people I know who are willing to join the Dragon Subduing School, other than him, are elders. For example, Lan Lan and Yan Yanran, the two girls, one is Elder Blue, the other is Elder Yan, I am the Elder Li, and now there's this Elder Duan."

"And I, this Dragon Elder," Long Xueyi muttered to himself in the Serene Jade Ring.

Chen Xiang laughed: "What's there to be surprised about, with so many elders, there will be more disciples in the future."

Duan Sanchang rubbed his chin and said: "Chen Xiang, you let Wu Jingsheng and Zhu Qitong play with each other thoroughly, although I went through that tomb for nothing, but I have still found some things. I suspect that my grandfather dug that grave away because as long as we can find my grandfather, he might be able to bring us to find even more ancient tombs, and dig even better things."

"Then do you have any clues about your grandfather?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Do you agree that I should join the Dragon Subduing School?" Duan Sanchang asked.

"Elder Li is in charge of concocting pills, while Elder Blue and Elder Yan are in charge of gathering information. May I ask what happened to you, Superintendent?" Chen Xiang asked with a smile.

"I'm in charge of robbing other people's tombs. I will not take all the good stuff I find, and I can also impart some appearance changing techniques, formation breaking techniques, etc. Don't doubt the abilities of my Duan Clan, our Duan Clan only has a few people left, but no ancient power would dare to touch us," Duan Sanchang said proudly.

"Okay, I will let you join, but this matter cannot be spread out for now, wait until after Three Realms Talk," Chen Xiang said.

Duan Sanchang stood up immediately, and said respectfully to Li Baojun: "Please take care of me, Elder Li."

Li Baojun smiled. He was extremely interested in the Duan Clan's matter, especially that method of stealing tombs. One must know that many ancient powers couldn't even find their own ancestral tombs, but this Duan Clan could.

"Leader, will our Dragon Subduing School be full of elders in the future?" Duan Sanchang laughed.

"Definitely not, but it's normal for a large power to have many elders."

Duan Sanchang nodded his head: "My grandfather had disappeared since I was very young, and he once visited the ancestral tombs of Flying Immortal School. However, at that time, he only went there, and did not dig anything, even the Flying Immortal School were certain of this point, but in reality, the place was already dug up empty, and only some trash treasures were left to confuse others."

"My grandfather left some traces inside, it was left behind by a tomb guarding restriction. That restriction was a star map, but it was modified by someone, and that method is something only our Duan Clan has. Although it has been modified, that restriction did not lose its effectiveness, but became stronger instead."

Chen Xiang and Li Baojun were also very suspicious, "Why did he do it?"

"I think that my grandfather was coerced into stealing the tomb by someone else and that he might have deliberately changed the restriction, leaving a clue for me to go find him. After that time, my grandfather disappeared, and my grandfather knows a lot of people from that history, so I think that someone must have followed his disappearance."

"According to that star map, I found a general location. It's in the southeast region. It's said that the Three Realms Talk is also held there. Other than that, there's also a dangerous place there that accompanied the rebirth of Di Tian, just like the Rough and Random profound Land."

Chen Xiang and Li Baojun frowned. They did know that place, it was called Heaven Thunder Purgatory, a huge whirlpool that appeared in the sky, the whirlpool was extremely huge, enveloping an area of 1000 Li. At the same time, it would spin slowly, releasing terrifying amounts of lightning, and sometimes it would even send out terrifying, concentrated heavenly lightning.

However, at night, the airflow of the whirlpool would emit light. From afar, it looked like a beautiful rainbow disc that was slowly rotating.

Duan Sanchang continued: "I have investigated this place. At night, the center of the Heaven Thunder Purgatory … "In other words, the black domain in the center of the whirlpool has a strong suction force. It might be hiding something, and I've asked my great-uncle and some of the old guys from the Duan Clan for help. They actually know what kind of place this is, but they didn't tell me …"

"I feel that when the time comes, the Three Realms Talk will be related to this Heaven Thunder Purgatory and we might all go in together. The clue my grandfather left would be pointing towards this damned place."

If Ji Meixian didn't know, then he would go to the Dragon Subduing School to find Zuo Zhenxuan. If the Three Realms Talk's goal was the Heaven Thunder Purgatory, then he might have to change his plans.

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