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The upper echelons of the Feng Clan that noiseless Wind had led over was killed in unison. Their strength was considered top-notch in the Human Realm, but they were helpless to face the encirclement of multiple powerhouses. With the help of experts like the Demon Empress and Huang Jintian, they did not even have the chance to escape!

The Feng Clan would not disappear because of this, because the higher ups would still send people to maintain the Heaven Realm. This area was being reorganized by Di Tian, no matter what, the Feng Clan could not afford to lose their power here!

This was because no one could stop Di Tian from being reborn. Not long later, this sky would once again dominate the Nine Heavens. This was also why many ancient powers did not care about the price and allowed a large number of strong warriors to descend to help consolidate their power!

This kind of big event quickly spread to all three regions of the Human Demon Realm, and it was considered very shocking news. It was rare for many powers to join hands to annihilate a high ranking expert from an ancient and powerful force, but what was funny was, Purple Moon Imperial Land and the rest of them actually abandoned the Feng Clan at the most crucial moment!

The Peach Blossom Imperial Land was only trying to seek revenge on the Feng Clan, so the other forces naturally did not want to get involved. After all, with the Demon Empress and the many powerhouses of the Chen Martial Continent intervening, as well as the mysterious and old lunatics like Huang Jintian, if they were to help the Feng Clan, they would suffer greatly!

What made people happy was that one of the big shots of the Demon Realm, the Demon Charming Association, had actually allied with the Human Realm, which was what many people hoped to appear after the Three Realms Talk, because that represented peace. However, many people knew that there was no true peace, let alone this Di Tian, who had experienced many legends before.

Of course, the fact that Chen Xiang and his group of good friends were trapped inside the Heaven Thunder Purgatory was a huge matter, and Chen Xiang had even killed the Saint Child of Zi Yue, the Purple Moon. This was also a very explosive huge matter, and there were even rumors that Chen Xiang was trapped inside the Ten Heavenly Sacred Mountain.

Chen Xiang's actions in the Heaven Thunder Purgatory were all done to help the itinerant cultivators, and at the moment, everyone was hating the forces that tricked and enslaved the rogue cultivators, and unknowingly, many of the rogue cultivators were allied with them, and were dealing with the â" evil sect "like the Purple Moon Imperial Land in secret!

The entire Sky Demon Army had disappeared, and here, the sky was filled with blood clouds, lightning flashed and thunder rumbled. Occasionally, a large boulder would be smashed down, and the ground would become extremely hot, with every step he took, he would be struck by intense lightning.

Fortunately Yun Xiaodao and the others had cultivated in the Thunder Pond before, otherwise, they would have long been lying on the ground.

"This Heaven Thunder Devil Lord was injured back then. Is he still not fully recovered?" Duan Chong said softly. The illusions in the Heaven Thunder Purgatory were very bad, but it did not affect him much.

"So he's a half-assed guy?" Xiao Chou said.

Chen Xiang had tried to use the Luotian Gate before, but it had no effect and he had almost broken the Luotian Gate.

"The only way to get out is to kill this Demon Lord!" Chen Xiang looked at the sky and clenched his fists. The Demon Lord's strength was terrifying, even with Holy Devil-suppressing seal s, it was difficult for him to fight against him.

The demon's deep voice sounded, "You won't be able to leave this life, I am indeed injured, but if I want to kill you enough, I won't let you slowly die. I will slowly torture you to death, haha …"

"What is this?" Xv Weilong saw that his body suddenly flashed with red light and anxiously shouted.

"I also have it on me!" Teng Ying's expression changed, "It's a very strong power of lightning and fire, ah …"

Teng Ying roared out, transforming into the body of the Kylin thunder eagle, his body was wrapped in blood mist, his gigantic body rolled around on the ground, releasing wave after wave of roars.

"Teng Ying!" Chen Xiang shouted and was about to rush over, but the blood mist lifted up the Kylin thunder eagle's body and disappeared in a flash.

"Chen Xiang..." Xv Weilong screamed in shock, and was immediately carried away by the blood mist.

At this moment, every one of them was covered in a bloody mist. They could feel a powerful thunder and fire energy drilling into their bodies, causing them to feel pain.

"Looks like we have to separate. Take care, everyone. We must survive!" After Duan Chong finished speaking, he was also carried away by the blood mist. Even someone at his level had no way to fight against the Heaven Thunder Devil Lord.

After that, Yun Xiaodao, Zhu Rong and the rest were all brought away by the blood mist. Only Chen Xiang was still standing at his original position, but the blood mist released a violent thunder and fire energy that drilled into his body, wanting to destroy his body. However, the Demon Lord had obviously underestimated Chen Xiang's resistance.

Chen Xiang's entire body was ignited with black devil fire, his entire body was surrounded by purplish black lightning bolts, in order to resist the devil fire and devil lightning, he unreservedly used the Devil-suppressing holy power, expelling this kind of evil energy that could cause pain to him and invade his body!

Chen Xiang was merely an ant in front of him, and only six hours had passed before all the energy in his body was used up.

Seeing that there were cracks on Chen Xiang's body and all sorts of turbid and evil energies pouring into his body, the Demon Lord immediately laughed out loud. "Enjoy it, I won't let you die in a short period of time!"

Duan Chong, Yun Xiaodao and the others were all spread out. Like Chen Xiang, they were being ravaged by the Demon Master's evil energy, making them feel so much pain that they wished they were dead.

Accompanied by Chen Xiang and the others' cries of madness, a pit filled with black lava appeared under their feet once more. They were sucked in by a force, their scarred bodies submerged in the black lava.

"Heaven Thunder Devil Lord, I must kill you!" Chen Xiang roared, they were being tortured inside by the Heaven Thunder Devil Lord, as if they were suffering from the punishment of hell.

In the blink of an eye, there were only two months left to the Three Realms Talk. Chen Xiang did not remember how long he had been soaking in the black lava, but he already did not feel any pain, and he still had unexpected gains. Because he had the energy to quickly recover from his injuries, repeating this kind of torture was equivalent to helping him refine his body!

He didn't know why the Demon Lord would put them together to torture. However, the Demon Lord rarely spoke these days. He didn't know who did all of this.

Chen Xiang, Yun Xiaodao and the others were finally together again. Duan Chong and the others weren't dead yet! Especially Yun Xiaodao and the others, they had experienced such a cruel torture and had become more steady and steady. However, when they saw Chen Xiang, they were still the same as before.

To Chen Xiang and Duan Chong, this kind of tormenting pain wasn't really anything. They had experienced it before.

"I suspect that the Heaven Thunder Devil Lord is running out of power. Maybe something is drawing his power out and he doesn't have time to watch us being tortured!" Duan Chong guessed that at this moment, they were all being suppressed by a force and their bodies were being immersed in the black lava.

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