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### Chapter 78 - mutiny

The dark of the moon, the night of the high winds, the night of killing!

At the mountain gate.

"It's the last night. That kid shouldn't be coming."

"What Long family's young master? He's just a coward."

"I don't think we need to patrol. Let's go back and sleep."

… ….

The six of them began to casually chat.

They did not know that danger was approaching.


Long Fei suddenly jumped out from three meters away from one of them, "Mountain-hit Fist!"


A fist flew through the air and hit a tree, causing him to faint on the spot.

Without waiting for the five to react, Long Fei took a step forward, and like a ghost, he neared the second person, and threw a punch downwards!


The man's head was hit and he fainted on the ground.

Kneel down, "Toading Skill!"


He crashed into a guard, sending him flying!

"There are three more people!"

Long Fei did not stop there. Furthermore, he did not use the true breath either, so killing someone at this time was not a wise move, because if one could not kill the opponent, they would let out all kinds of screams.

Coma was the best way.

Therefore, every time he used his strength, it was just right.

Moreover, it was to make these black armored warriors seriously unconscious.

Everything happened too fast.

After three consecutive days of patrolling, they didn't have much time to rest. On top of that, they also had one last night to rest.

The remaining three people didn't even have the chance to resist before they were hit by Long Fei and fainted.

Long Fei quickly changed into black armor and rushed up the mountain. He did not go directly to the skyline camp, but went to a resting hut halfway up the mountain.

The four of them were snoring loudly.

Long Fei's every punch, all of them knocked out!

"Huff …"

"The first mountain gate has been safely completed." Long Fei raised his head to look at the skyline camp not far away, and thought in his heart: "Brothers, wait for me."

And then …

Long Fei quickly fled into the darkness.

… ….

skyline camp, everything was normal.

Meng Yue walked into the dungeon, looked at the nine imprisoned Long Family disciples, and revealed a disdainful cold smile, as he said indifferently: "It seems that your Young Master did not intend to save you."

"In his eyes, your lives aren't worth much."

The expressions of the nine disciples of the Long family turned cold.

Their hearts were in pain, but they knew very well who would come back from such a situation.


They also didn't want Long Fei to return either. If he returned, they would be sending him to his death!

Long Shan rushed up and shouted, "Young Master is smart. He won't fall into your trap. Just you wait. When the Long family arrives, all of you will die!"


"Using the Long family's army to scare me?" Meng Yue laughed coldly: "You think I'm scared? You won't be able to see the Long family's attacks, because … Tomorrow morning, all of you will die, hahaha … "

The faces of the nine sank.

A person with a mental breakdown rushed out and directly knelt in front of Meng Yue, crying as he begged: "I don't want to die, I don't want to die, I beg you, please spare my life, I'm not a disciple of the Long family, I have no relationship with the Long family, I'm begging you, let me go, I don't want to die."

Long Shan shouted, "Long Cheng, what are you doing?"

"Long Cheng, are you crazy?"

"What nonsense are you talking about?"

Anyone would be afraid of death.

After Long Cheng, two more people rushed forward and knelt in front of Meng Yue, kowtowing and begging for mercy: "I beg you, please spare my life, we aren't members of the Long family either."

Meng Yue revealed a playful cold smile, and said: "Very good, very good. "As long as he's not a member of the Long family, I can spare his life. After all, my mission this time is only to target the disciples of the Long family. As long as you admit that you're not disciples of the Long family, I will spare your lives."

"I... I'm not from the Long family either. "

"And me, I'm not either!"

The moment Meng Yue's voice fell, two more people kneeled up.

Of the nine, only four remained.

Long Shan kept saying, "Are you all crazy? Have you all forgotten the Long Family's teachings? Long Cheng, Long Yue, you … "All of you, come back quickly."

Long Cheng gave a cold snort, "Long Shan, why are you worried for the Long family? Your surname is also bestowed by the grand ancestor, and you're not a member of the Long family. Why would you sacrifice your life for the Long family?"

"That's right, that trash, Long Fei, has already escaped. If he wanted to save us, we would have come back a long time ago.

"You're right, what young master? In my opinion, he's just a coward."

"Long Shan, a wise man knows his place. You should just follow us …"

Without waiting for him to finish, Long Shan shouted: "The Long family gave birth to me and raised me. I was born a member of the Long family and even if I died I would become a ghost of the Long family. The Long family's men never kneel to anyone, much less beg.

"Long Shan is right!"

"I believe the Young Lord will come!"

The remaining four people said resolutely.

These four were all disciples who had taken their lives from the Fire Wolf Valley, and they were extremely grateful to Long Fei. At the same time, they admired Long Fei in their hearts.

I believe that Long Fei will definitely return!

"Hahaha... You all are really stupid, at this time, Long Fei is still coming back? " Long Cheng sneered, "He has already abandoned us."

Meng Yue had a smile on his face as he stared at Long Shan and said: "Why are you sacrificing yourself for a piece of trash? I'll give you one last chance. As long as you admit that you're not disciples of the Long family, I'll spare your lives and promise not to kill you. "


Long Shan spat out a mouthful of phlegm and said: "Stop talking nonsense. If you want to kill me, then kill me!"

The three people beside him did not move at all.

Meng Yue wiped off the phlegm on his body and laughed coldly. He waved his hand and shouted: "Come here, release these five people.

"Those four inside, serve me the punishment!"

Long Cheng looked at Long Shan and sneered, "Long Shan, you're really courting death."

Long Shan looked at Long Cheng with disdain, "Traitor!"

Long Cheng laughed, "I'm not a traitor, I'm sensible, my life is mine, not anyone's. Only fools like you would risk your lives for the Long family, hahaha …"

The five of them were brought out of the prison.

A few minutes later, screams of pain came from the dungeon.

Long Cheng smiled proudly, "What a fool!"

… ….

Hu Shan stood behind Meng Yue and asked softly: "Battalion Commander, is it too much?"

Meng Yue's expression was firm as he replied: "Not at all, this is the most difficult test. The assessment for Long Fei is also the same for the disciples of the Long family."

"The Long family doesn't need traitors with weak minds. The Long family is always loyal, even in the face of death!"

Meng Yue did not regret what he had done just now. On the contrary, he was rejoicing that he had eliminated five dangerous characters for the Long family. If he did not eliminate them today, they might betray the Long family out of fear of death one day.


"Hit them ruthlessly, we want to see how hard their bones are!" Meng Yue shouted harshly, and at the same time, said loudly: "I still have the same words. As long as you admit that you are not a member of the Long family, you will be able to eat and drink.

Long Shan spat out a mouthful of blood and laughed maniacally. "Stop dreaming. The Long family's male child would rather die than submit. Hahaha …"

Meng Yue also laughed and shouted, "Let's see how long you can hold out for."

However, he thought to himself, "I like this kid. I need to think of a way to keep him by my side, hehe …"

Meng Yue was unusually fond of these four people.

"Is there anything abnormal at the foot of the mountain?" Meng Yue asked.

Hu Shan replied, "Everything is normal. That kid must have escaped."

"Sigh …"

Meng Yue sighed, and muttered: "Grand Elder will definitely be disappointed!"

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