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If not for Yuan Ling mentioning it, Long Fei would have forgotten about it.

And then …

Long Fei closed his eyes as the idea sank. In his mind, he began to analyze the situation. He could no longer sense the Saber Intent of the Three Blade Stream and was unable to enter it.


"My perception isn't good enough!"

The system beeped.

Long Fei's heart trembled, "If I could have entered just now, why is it that I can't enter now?"

"Three Blade Stream, Ghost Slash!"

"I have to learn it. Sauron is my idol. He has three sharp blades, but... "Before this, I still lack two blades!" Long Fei muttered in his heart.

After releasing the Ghost Slash once, he relied on the luck attribute of the Spiritual Void Ring.

It was also Long Fei's comprehension ability exploding on the brink of life and death.

However …

Since he had already released it, he would continue to comprehend it. He must master the Three Blade Stream because it was simply too cool!


"Yuan Ba, come over."

Long Fei took out the 'Giant Spirit Arm' and said: "Fusing with this pair of arms should be of help to you."


Yuan Ba immediately took a step back and said, "I can't take your thing anymore. Give it to senior fellow apprentice Niu or Senior Sister Yuan Ling.

"If I can make it out alive, I still have to go back to the Zhou family."

The reason why he followed Long Fei was because he wanted to help Long Fei, even if it cost him his life.

Because …

He owed Long Fei.

So there were several times when he had to use his body to block Long Fei's attacks. Even if he wanted to repay Long Fei with his life, he would be free from this.

Long Fei's brows tightened, and thought to himself: "Is this the key to why the mission was not completed?"

"Huff …"

Long Fei exhaled, and did not insist, and said: "I'll keep it for you."

"In addition!"

"Yuan Ba, you do not owe the Zhou family anything, and you are not a slave either. Besides living for the Zhou family, you have to think about yourself. After Long Fei finished speaking, he turned around and left, saying: "Enter the fourth floor!"

Niu Dahai immediately followed.

Yuan Ling looked at Yuan Ba, and said indifferently: "He is right, you can't always live for the Zhou Family, you have already repaid what you owe the Zhou Family."


She followed.

Yuan Ba stood in place, lowered his head and looked at the slave mark on his chest, then clenched his fists tightly.

It was just as Long Fei said.

He had strength that he could not even imagine.

He has the blood vein of the Giant Spirit God!

It was just that …

The blood vein in his body had yet to awaken.

He loosened his fists and followed her.

… ….

Long Fei stood at the entrance to the fourth floor. There was nothing around him, no corridors, no buildings, just a field of darkness. He couldn't even light a torch, as if this was another world.


Waves of breathing could be heard coming from the depths of their hearts.

The terrifying sound of breathing.

It was like he had been asleep for a thousand years.

Long Fei reminded everyone, "Everyone be careful."

Following that …

Long Fei took out the treasure map of the fourth floor and began to study it with confidence. "The mechanism under the Throne, you can enter the lowest floor after opening the mechanism."

Niu Dahai said excitedly: "Boss, so the third and fourth level of the treasure map is on you?"

Long Fei looked at the void of darkness and said: "All of you, carefully search around. See if there are any Thrones or things like that."

"Master, it's dangerous."

Xiao Bai's voice trembled a little as she said, "Master, this is a special space. There is a dangerous aura everywhere and I can't sense where it's coming from."

Yan Huang ancestor gave a faint reminder as well. "Xiao Bai is right, this place is indeed strange, but … I can track his position. "

"Kid, open your idea door, I'll pass on my power to you."

Long Fei's idea relaxed.

And then …

A strand of the Yan Huang ancestor's power flowed into his sea of consciousness.


Long Fei's eyes flashed with a bright light.

He could see the entire space clearly.

Surrounding him was a huge plaza, there was a huge throne in the middle of the plaza, a huge man sat on the throne, he leaned on the throne and slept soundly.

Leaning on his side was a sword.

A sword without a sheath.


The man was draped with a tattered cloak, his appearance could not be seen clearly. However, the Qi that was being emitted from his body, Long Fei's mind, and his sea of consciousness were all trembling.

Too powerful.

Yan Huang ancestor was also secretly shocked, he said: "This is probably the reason why the Thunder Dragon Temple Immortal Sect disappeared, this guy is too powerful. Brat, I suggest that you withdraw."

"You're not his opponent."

"The power that I've just transmitted to you can only be maintained for three minutes. After three minutes, the power will disappear and you will once again sink into darkness."


Long Fei grinned.

Looking through the system, Long Fei's entire body was boiling, because the man's body was shining with an extremely dazzling golden light.

Golden light flashed!

It was even more dazzling than the golden light emitted by any Boss he had ever seen.

No doubt about it.

He was the boss, and the strongest boss in the Thunder Dragon Temple Secret Realm instance dungeon. How could he not kill him when he had already reached this step?

If he withdrew just like that, Long Fei would really not be able to sleep for ten days and ten nights, because this was exactly what he closed his eyes for.

In game, killing a BOSS, he was just playing with a heartbeat.

Then again.

Retreat wasn't Long Fei's style, and wasn't his style in the face of a boss's retreat.

"One word!"

"F * ck!"

Long Fei secretly thought: "Ancestor, do you know why I fought with all my might when I met Hong Tianjun that time? Because I feel that I should live my life in an arrogant and tyrannical manner, but … In the end, I retreated, but from that moment on, I, Long Fei, will definitely not take another step back! "

Liu Luoxi's kneeling caused his heart to collapse.

He survived on a woman.

From that moment onwards, Long Fei swore that he would not take another step back.

Even if the one he faced was a god or the heavens themselves, he would still fight!

He wouldn't retreat even if he died!

Yan Huang ancestor laughed out loud, "Good boy, you have the same demeanor as when this sovereign was young. I was not mistaken, the martial arts training itself is a heaven-defying existence, where did you get the path of retreat?"

"Brat, you taught me a lesson today."

"Alright, I will do my best to help you."

Long Fei said heavily: "Many thanks!"

At this time, Niu Dahai saw that Long Fei had not moved and asked softly: "What's wrong?"

Long Fei came back to reality and said: "It's nothing, this might not be the only entrance.


Long Fei headed back.


Niu Dahai, Yuan Ling, and even Yuan Ba did not move an inch.

Yuan Ling said: "Don't lie to us again, we all know that the path is the right one. If you want to trick us out, then fight here by yourself."

"What do you take us for?"

Long Fei looked at them and said: "Are you really not leaving?" 36o search: (. "Half Floating///="

"I'm not leaving!"

"I'm not leaving!"

"I'm not leaving!" The three of them said at the same time.

Long Fei was excited, "Then do it!"

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