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It was unable to maintain its balance in the air. Long Fei had broken through the attack of the giant tree and also landed on its own.

"Captain, what should we do?"

"He, he …"

Long Fei fell into a herd of spirit beasts. What should he do?

In that instant.

chief bodyguard's face sank, "Brat, if it wasn't for you, our town would have been wiped out long ago.


"I'm sorry, we have to think about town!"

chief bodyguard clenched his fists tightly and said: "If we do not move, the beasts will enter our attack range and immediately shoot!"

Everyone looked at him.

Everyone was sad, but no one said anything because they had no other way.

… ….

In the middle of the demonic beast horde.

All the Spirit Beasts stared at Long Fei, their mouths were full of saliva, in that moment, they pounced at Long Fei.

"Fourth level, peerless!"


With a move of Long Fei's power, the dragon salyer clenched its fists and started slashing madly.

The shadow of the Dark Dragon God on top of the dragon salyer danced crazily.

More and more beasts rushed towards Xiang Longfei.

Too many.

The dense and dense crowd surrounded Long Fei so tightly that not even a drop of water could trickle through.

In the distance.

The five from god emperor academy walked out and stood on the rooftop. Looking at Long Fei who was in the middle of the herd of beasts, the five sneered in disdain, "You're overestimating yourself."

It was also at this time.

When chief bodyguard saw Lin Long's group of five, he immediately said, "Sir, all of you go and save him."

god emperor academy, the best academy in the Sky Martial Continent.

Every single student had been selected from the thousands. They were all geniuses with unparalleled potential, and all of them were at the same level as experts at the same time.

As long as they made a move, they would definitely be able to stop the demon beasts from invading the city.

Lin Long laughed coldly: "Save him? Do I know him well? "

The four people beside him immediately laughed out loud, "Hahaha …"

The chief bodyguard said: "Master, you are all students of the god emperor academy who helped us improve our state of mind and exterminate demons. Are you just going to watch one person die under the attacks of a group of demon beasts?"

"I beg of you."

Lin Long sneered and said: "Who said that the students of the god emperor academy must help them to eliminate demons and get rid of devils?"

"Begging me?"

"Are you going to act like you're begging someone?"

Lin Long's eyes were filled with contempt.

If not for the presence of fairy beast here, he would never have come to this kind of small place in his entire life, as it did not match his identity as a student of the god emperor academy.

A few disciples beside him said, "Kneel down and beg our boss."

In your eyes, we are gods.

chief bodyguard looked at Long Fei who was still in the midst of the beasts fighting bitterly. If not for Long Fei, this town would have been destroyed long ago.

Long Fei was their benefactor.

And then …

chief bodyguard kneeled on the ground heavily, and all the guards on the fence also knelt down.

Immediately after, the relatives of the guards under the fence also kneeled down, all of them in front of Lin Long and the others.

chief bodyguard said: "I beg you, please help us."

"He didn't even kowtow, is he begging for help?" The second brother said playfully.

chief bodyguard heavily kowtowed again, and said: "Sir, please do me a favor and save him."

No one was willing to kneel.

But he really had no other choice!

"A kowtow without sincerity, try it a few more times." The second brother continued.




chief bodyguard kowtowed three times and said: "Master, you can even make me doze off. Please save him now."


"You want to doze off? "I have never said that anyone can get his head broken. Today, I must see for myself."

"As long as you can sleep your head off, I will definitely make a move." The second brother laughed out loud.

He was completely playing with the chief bodyguard.

Make a move?

He had never thought of taking action to save Long Fei.

One of the guards was unhappy, he stood up and scolded: "Aren't you guys bullying others too much? Is someone like you even fit to be a student of the god emperor academy? "


The second brother's eyes were gloomy and his fingers moved.

A surge of power of celestial gushed out from his fingertips, directly grabbing onto that person's throat, and coldly said: "If I'm not worthy, then it's not an ant's place to judge."


With a clench of five fingers, the guard's neck was broken, and his head was twisted 180 degrees!

Extremely cruel.

Everyone was startled and pulled out their weapons in unison.

The second brother laughed coldly, "What is it? You want to fight us? "

"If you want to die, go ahead!"

Why god emperor academy?

They were gods, emperors. In a place like this, they were Paragons.

They had never taken a single glance at these poor people, because they did not even have the qualifications to look at them!

chief bodyguard suddenly shouted, "Everyone, calm down."

The second brother laughed in disdain, "Come on, why don't you dare? "You ants dare to be so impudent in front of me? If it wasn't for the fact that I have something important to do today, all of you would be dead!"

Incomparable arrogance.

At this time, Lin Long took a step forward. His feet lightly moved like ripples, and said: "He destroyed our plan, not killing him is already a blessing he gained from eight lifetimes of cultivation."

chief bodyguard knew that the people from the god emperor academy were here for the fairy beast, and could not help but ask: "Your plan?"

The second brother sneered: "Our plan is to bring the fairy beast into the town, and then kill it."

A little girl said, "The fairy beast was brought into the town, what about us?"

Lin Long and the other four all started to laugh at the same time.

"Hahaha …"

"Hahaha …"

Lin Long's eyes were sinister, and he lowered the little girl, and said: "You two? We never care about the life or death of ants. "


"In our eyes, you are not human at all."

"Hahaha …"

The chief bodyguard and all the people in the town were stunned. Did such scum really come from the Temple god emperor academy in their hearts?

They hated it.

However …

They had no choice but to accept their fate.

It was because they were the geniuses of god emperor academy. Even if they were displeased, they would not dare to resist in their hearts, because they were weak!


A weakling like an ant.

In this world, the strong ate the weak, and the strong were respected. This was the law of the jungle!

chief bodyguard felt a heartache as though he was going to die. Looking at Long Fei who was still constantly resisting, his heart sank as he thought to himself, "I'm sorry!"

… ….

What was happening in the town?

Long Fei did not know, that he did not have the time to care about it. His entire body was currently covered in blood, and could not completely defend against the demon beasts' attacks.

He did not give up.

He continued to resist.

At the same time, his mind was frantically trying to comprehend some sort of skill …

Chapter IV

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