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Long Fei's shoes were torn and his feet were badly mutilated, but he was still running with all his might as if he did not feel any pain.

He had an ominous feeling that something was about to happen to the Long family.

He couldn't wait.

The leopard girl had been hiding behind him the entire time, and she was also panting heavily as she consoled, "Big Brother Long Fei, your grandfather will definitely be fine. You should stop and rest for a while."

Seeing Long Fei's legs covered in blood, the leopard girl felt a sharp pain in her heart.

She didn't know what to say.

I've never seen a man like this.

Long Fei wanted to protect the Long family and his grandfather, but he was risking his life.

If this continued, his legs would be crippled.

Long Fei smiled lightly: "Don't worry, I'll be fine."

No matter how bitter the physical pain was, it didn't matter. He didn't want to suffer the pain of losing his family. He didn't want to become an orphan and experience the feeling of not having a single family member.

He really hated that feeling!

Very annoying!

He had to protect his hard-earned family love. Although he was a Transcender, he really did put the Long family in front of his home.

Long Sanfeng was his grandfather.

He would do everything in his power to protect them.

Even though the leopard girl was crying, she didn't know what to say. She wanted to carry Long Fei on her back, but Long Fei refused.

"I will definitely rush back!"


Long Fei looked far into the distance, his gaze incomparably resolute, "Grandfather, jojo, you must wait for me."

… ….

Long family, in a small thatched courtyard at the foot of the mountain.

He knelt in the courtyard, looked at the night sky, and muttered: "God, you must protect my young master's safety, I am willing to use my life in exchange, I beg you, please protect my young master, please bless the Long family."

In the darkness.

The female assassin looked at jojo, her eyes trembling. What made jojo take out his own life to beg the heavens?

She didn't understand!

However …

In her heart, jojo was the kindest person in the world.

In her heart … Long Fei was the best master she had ever met. Like jojo, she also looked at the night sky and muttered, "If possible, I am also willing."

"Bless him, bless the Long family."

… ….

The branch of the Heaven Sect.

"What should we do?"

"What should we do?"

"What do we do, big senior sister? Say something, tomorrow, tomorrow, Nangong Lie will be challenging Long Fei's grandfather." Xiao Tiantian paced back and forth in the hall, incomparably anxious, "What dogshit three pillars are you talking about, is there anyone like them bullying others? To take turns challenging the Long family, what's the point of this? "

"Despicable, shameless!"

Ye Ziyan also looked at Liu Luoxi, and said: "Big Senior, say something, as long as you say it, Elder Xiao will stop me from rushing out."

Xiao Tiantian immediately said: "I'm going too!"

Liu Luoxi looked at them and said: "You think I don't want to? Do you think I don't want to save the Long family? Do you know who's guarding this yard? "

"It's Elder Xiao himself!"

Yesterday, she had tried to charge out, but just as she took a step out of the courtyard, she was stopped by Xiao Changfeng.


Other than him, there was another elder, an inner court elder.

Liu Luoxi didn't even get to see the appearance of the elder.

No one wanted to save the Long family more than she did.

She owed Long Fei a lot, she wanted to repay him, but she couldn't even get out the door.

So what if he rushed out?

Nangong Lie of the war master ream, they were simply no match for him.


What should he use to stop them?

Even so... Liu Luoxi also wanted to give it a try. If Long Fei wasn't around, she couldn't just watch the Long Family get annihilated. How would she be able to face Long Fei in the future?

"Huff …"

Liu Luoxi's eyes darkened, and said: "You all want to save the Long family, right?"

Xiao Tiantian immediately replied: "I do, three pillars people are really unpleasing to the eye, despicable, shameless and despicable … And that Dongfang Jian, she actually had an affair with Long Fei's fiancee, and she was even brought here, I wish I could tear off her face, truly shameless. "

Ye Ziyan also said, "Big Senior, just tell me what to do."

Liu Luoxi was similarly not pleased with Dongfang Jian, and was even more so not pleased with Nangong Yan. He was clearly Long Fei's fiancee, but the entire city clearly knew about it, yet they still did not know how to rein it in.

She was angry at Long Fei.

Liu Luoxi said: "Listen to my orders!"

"Tomorrow morning, when Nangong Lie challenges Grandfather Long Fei, Elder Xiao, that inner court elder, Dongfang Jian and the others will all go and watch. That is our chance."

They had gone for the first two challenges, but this was the third. Furthermore, they were experts from the Nangong Imperial Clan. Thus, they would definitely go as well.

Thus …

It was the best time for them to get out of here.

"Big Senior, so you already had a plan." Xiao Tiantian giggled: "Big Senior Sister, tell me, do you like that bastard Long Fei?"

Ye Ziyan joked, "Little junior sister apprentice, you just noticed, eldest senior sister already liked him."

"Hee hee …" Xiao Tiantian laughed mischievously, and said: "Didn't I say it before, for us three sisters to marry one man, must definitely be fun."

Liu Luoxi glared, "You're not serious!"

Xiao Tiantian stuck out her tongue towards Liu Luoxi.

Ye Ziyan whispered, "Senior sister, what about Hong Tianjun?"

Liu Luoxi's heart sank and his brows furrowed. His expression changed and he immediately said, "All of you, go and prepare for tomorrow's battle, you must protect Grandfather Long Fei and the Long Family. This is the best way for us to repay Long Fei."

Hong Tianjun...

Her fiancé!

This was a thorn in Liu Luoxi's heart.

It was extremely uncomfortable.

However... However, she could not pull it out, nor did she have the qualifications to do so.

No matter what.

Liu Luoxi tried her best not to think about all these, and she was also trying her best to keep a distance from Long Fei. She was afraid that she would really fall in love with him, and that she wouldn't be able to leave Long Fei's side.

At the same time.

She was also afraid of bringing trouble to Long Fei.

Because …

Hong Tianjun's background was more powerful than anyone else's!

… ….

The Nangong Imperial Clan.

Within the underground dragon fountain secret room.

Nangong Huo reported what had happened today.

Master thought for a moment, then said: "Seems like the Long family has exhausted all their energy. You should not get involved with this matter, and should not support it, or oppose it."

"The Long family is already like this. They have no way to reverse the situation. Their demise is already certain." The two sword-like eyebrows of the Nan Gong Master were slightly startled, and laughed coldly: "The Nan Gong Family's biggest threat is finally going to be annihilated. Since the founding of our ancestor's Fire Glass Dynasty, the threat the Long Family has posed to our Nan Gong Family has never stopped."

"The incident with the dragon salyer was also a blow to our Nangong Family. It's a pity that we did not bring the Long Family down that time."

"This time …"

The Nan Gong Master revealed a sinister smile, and said: "Lunatic Long, you are unable to escape from this calamity!"

Chapter Six!

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