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Yan Jun had not expected himself to turn around in such a short amount of time, how did the child become like this?

Shen San Fen's hands were stained with dye, he looked at his grandmother innocently, as if he was telling her: If I was the one who made the first move, would you believe me?

Yan Jun facepalmed, how could she advise Little Three that his younger brother was being used for love?

Shen Si Fen was still a little confused. A face, no, it was her entire person. Other than the two eyes that did not have any color painted on them, not a single person was spared.

Yan Jun was at a loss for words.

Shen San Fen tiptoed as she pouted her little mouth, her bright and big eyes twinkling.

Yan Jun sighed, "You did it?"

Shen San Fen hid his two hands and tried very hard to shake his head, pretending to not understand.

Yan Jun squatted down, and pulled out his little hand from behind him, then opened the palm of his hand, "Why are you bullying your brother like this?"

Shen San Fen poked his cheeks, "I want."

Yan Jun looked at the child in the bed, whose face was filled with helplessness. Wait a minute, why did she read that from a child that was not even ten days old?

Shen San Fen blinked his eyes very seriously. He took a small step forward and ran to the bedside of the child, then grabbed onto Shen Si Fen's hand and explained in his own lacking words, "Younger brother wants to apply, I like. Younger brother is beautiful."

Yan Jun slapped his forehead, "Alright, alright, I won't wipe it, I won't rub it." She actually wanted a little fellow who wasn't even two years old to explain to her why her little brother's face was full of sweat. Was there even a reason for him to play with paint? The temperament of a child was itself a type of playfulness.

Shen Si Fen innocently pouted his lips, he raised his hand to cover his little face, and continued to live a miserable life.

Shen San Fen stood obediently at the side. His face was a little itchy, and he extended his hand to scratch it.

"Little Treasure, don't mess with yourself." Yan Jun used a wet towel to wipe his hands, "Go find your second uncle, let him wash your hands."

Shen San Fen raised his hand high up and climbed up to the third floor with lightning speed.

Boom! Boom! Boom! The deafening music shook the entire door.

Shen San Fen stood at the door and knocked, but no one seemed to have come to open the door for him.

He continued to knock but still no one came to open the door for him.

Boom! Boom! Boom! The music vibrated again.

Shen San Fen laid on the ground, trying to see what was inside through the crack of the door.

"Brother, what are you doing?" Shen Xiao Xiao followed suit and laid on the ground.

Shen San Fen tried really hard to stick his pinky into that crack.

Shen Xiao Xiao didn't understand his intentions, but he extended his little hands as well.

"Clang!" The sturdy door began to crack from the bottom, but in the blink of an eye, it completely shattered.

Shen Cheng Yi had just finished showering, and a bath towel was casually draped around his waist. He sat on the sofa with a face full of desire, holding the cup in his right hand, intending to drink a cup with all his might.

However, just as the wine cup reached his mouth, the door of his room shattered like glass, some of it still shattered into pieces on the carpet.

At the door, there were two motionless children lying on the ground. They were raising their innocent heads high up in the air, looking up at the graceful and noble him.

Shen San Fen crawled up from the ground and continued to raise her small hand, "Second Uncle will wash, Second Uncle will wash."

Shen Cheng Yi looked at the colorful brilliance of his hand, and the corner of his mouth twitched uncontrollably, "You destroyed my door just to let me wash your hands?"

Shen San Fen smirked, "Dirty, dirty."

Shen Cheng Yi put down the cup and carried the child on his shoulder.

Shen Xiao Xiao laid on the table, staring intently at the enchanting red liquid in the cup, she extended her small hand and gently poked the cup, causing the liquid inside to tremble uncontrollably.

She looked around and heard the intermittent sound of water flowing in the direction of the washroom. She pursed her lips and finally moved the glass over gently.

Shen Cheng Yi used a clean towel to wipe the little guy clean, then kindly sprayed a little bit of dew on him. He nodded his head in satisfaction, "Alright, you can go out and play now."

"Bang, bang, bang." A chaotic sound came from outside the door.

Shen Cheng Yi suddenly straightened his body as he asked in surprise, "What's that sound?"

Boom! Boom! Boom! Something had collapsed.

Shen Cheng Yi's heart stopped, he anxiously pushed open the glass door and looked at the endless blue and white clouds behind his bed in disbelief.

If he remembered correctly, there should be a solid wall behind his bed.

What about the wall? What about his wall?

Shen Xiao Xiao was a little dizzy. She shook her head and crawled out from under the bed.

Seeing that, Shen Cheng Yi turned his head back to look at the glass of red wine beside the table. No, not only was the red wine gone from the cup, even the Lafite bottle that was just opened was only half gone.

Who drank it?

Shen Cheng Yi stiffly turned his head, only to see his Little Princess stepping on a devil's pace, happily running towards him.

Shen Xiao Xiao grinned widely, "Second uncle, second uncle will carry, second uncle will carry."

Shen Cheng Yi kept retreating, using all his might to retreat.

Shen Xiao Xiao hugged his thighs, rubbing them against his body like a lazy cat.

Shen Cheng Yi tried very hard to hold up his bath towel. He felt that he was about to fall off.

Shen Xiao Xiao pouted, "Second Uncle, Second Uncle."

The little girl crawled towards him, but she didn't get up even once or twice. In the end, she sat on the floor, exhausted. She held onto a corner of the towel tightly.

Shen Cheng Yi originally thought that she had given up on him.

Shen San Fen covered his eyes and quietly separated two fingers. The gaps of his fingers just happened to be facing his second uncle who was naked.

Shen Cheng Yi's gaze slowly went downwards.

"Shen Cheng Yi, you stinking brat, what are you doing?" Shen Yi Tian's roar came from outside the door.

Shen Xiao Xiao slowly raised his head, feeling a little dizzy.

Shen Yi Tian swiftly twisted Shen Cheng Yi's ears and forcefully dragged him into the washroom.

Shen San Fen squatted in front of his sister and looked at her crimson red face with his big eyes.

"Burp." Shen Xiao Xiao giggled and burped.

Shen San Fen raised his hands to hold her face, "Big sister, big sister."

Shen Xiao Xiao shushed her while covering her mouth, "Good boy, you're not talking."

Shen San Fen saw his sister crawling forward while holding onto a bottle with both of her hands.

Shen Xiao Xiao skipped each word slowly, "Sweet, very sweet, very sweet, like candy, sweet and sweet."

Shen San Fen took a whiff, and his nose started to smoke.

"Xiaoxiao likes it." Shen Xiao Xiao gulped down his saliva.

Shen San Fen looked at the red wine flowing down from her mouth and stretched out his neck, "Little brother, drink, little brother drink."

Shen Xiao Xiao passed it over, "Delicious."

Shen San Fen took a sip, it was not particularly sweet and it was a bit bitter, so he frowned and said, "It's not nice to drink."

"It's delicious, it's delicious." Shen Xiao Xiao said again.

Shen Yi Tian stared down at his second son who was dressed, and said with a bitter heart: "How can you do such a thing in front of all these children?"

"Father, listen to me. I am a victim."

Shen Yi Tian sized him up from top to bottom, "Indeed, when you're lonely for a long time, there's a kind of indescribable distortion and inferiority to your heart."


"I have already discussed this with the old man of the Mu family. You and Miss Mu can have a nice chat this weekend."

Shen Cheng Yi was flabbergasted, "Why is it related to this matter again?"

"You think this arrangement is inappropriate?" Shen Yi Tian's sharp eyes fell on him, "I don't care if you are willing or not, there is no need to discuss this matter, if you insist on discussing it," Shen Yi Tian's gaze fell on him, "In any case, there is no use in not marrying women and keeping that thing, I will personally cripple it for you."

Shen Cheng Yi subconsciously twisted his waist and clamped his legs.

Shen Yi Tian intersected his hands. "I'm telling you my decision, not discussing my decision with you."

"Clang!" An unmistakable sound of alarm came from outside the door.

Shen Yi Tian's expression tensed, and pushed open the door to the washroom.

The ceiling lights flickered, and everything seemed to have lost its gravity as it floated in the air. A gust of wind raged through the broken walls, filling the room with clattering sounds.

"What's going on?" Shen Yi Tian had originally wanted to go out of the washroom to take a look at the situation, but he had only taken a step when he was forced to retreat.

Shen Cheng Yi pointed to Shen San Fen who was holding onto a bottle of wine and laughing foolishly. Beside him, was Shen Xiao Xiao, who was probably drunk already.

Shen Yi Tian looked carefully, he turned around and slapped his son's head, "You're giving wine to the children?"

Shen Cheng Yi did not know whether to laugh or cry. "How could I give them wine?

Shen Yi Tian was stuck in a dilemma, "What do we do now? You went out and risked your life to wake Little Treasure up. "

Shen Cheng Yi used both hands to pull at the door of the washroom, "Father, your son is only thirty-five years old, his good youth has just sprouted, how can you let him die in his youth?"

Shen Yi Tian scratched his hand, "For justice, as soldiers, we will not refuse."

Shen Cheng Yi turned his body, and pulled his father's hand, and intentionally pushed him out, and then said righteously, "Father, as the master of our Shen family, you really should sacrifice your head and shed some blood for our family, go and wake Xiao Bao up."

Shen Yi Tian's heart tightened. "You unfilial son, you actually tried to put your old father in danger? You will be restless for the rest of your life. You will be condemned by your conscience every night and will not be able to sleep at night. "

Shen Cheng Yi shook his head, "Father, don't worry, I will definitely eat well and drink well."

Shen Yi Tian used this power to resolve the crisis, and successfully pushed his own son to the door. He clenched his teeth, and used all his strength to push him out, "Son, son, you've been raising me for thousands of days, so at least I've raised you for a few thousand days. At that time, you'll just rush out to repay my gratitude."

Shen Cheng Yi held onto the door frame with both of his hands, "Father, I promise to meet Mu Sijie, we have something to talk about."

Shen Yi Tian had intended to say something, but the light bulb in the washroom shattered with a "pa" sound.

Dust covered the floor and before the two of them could react, the hair dryer in the cabinet, the razor on top of the cabinet, and the massager under the cabinet.

Shen Cheng Yi wanted to retreat, but just as he took a step back, he retracted his leg. He swallowed his saliva, and said carefully, "Father, I have a feeling that the both of us are going to die here today."

Shen Yi Tian turned his head, and looked at his own son with an intimate gaze, the gentleness in his eyes seemed to be filled with cotton candy, and seemed to melt just by looking at him.

Shen Cheng Yi's heart inexplicably quivered, why did he suddenly think of a line at this time:

After checking my eyes, I met the right person.

Shen Yi Tian grabbed his son's arm and threw him out.

Shen Cheng Yi would probably be stupefied even when he died. He would actually be pushed out as a meat cushion by his father one day, and he was even his own father.

Indeed, on that night over 30 years ago, why did he defeat those billions of competitors to come to this unequal world?

When Yan Jun heard the commotion upstairs, he did not understand what was going on.

"Madam, there was a call from the hospital saying that Third Young Master has woken up." The butler hurried up to the second floor.

Yan Jun's face lit up, "Alright, alright, I'll go over right away."

A car was speeding along the road. Spring light shone on both sides of the road as it landed on the windshield.

In the hospital ward, the humidifier was quietly working.

In a quiet room, the man's eyes were misty and his memories were in disorder, as if he wasn't sure if this was Hua Nation or not.

"officer, you're awake?" Mu Xi Chi was originally sleeping on the small table, but when he heard the soft sound, he immediately sat up in alarm.

Shen Cheng Feng turned his head when he heard her, the figure in front of him slowly became clearer.

Mu Xi Chi trotted over, bent down and sized up the man who had just woken up seriously, the corner of his mouth raised a little, and said: "Would you like a drink of water?"

"Where's Xiao Jing?" Shen Cheng Feng's voice was somewhat dry.

Mu Xi Chi changed the topic, "The doctor said that the burns on your body are too severe, and that it would take three operations to completely recover. But because your body is special, and you can only take out your own skin and graft it, the process is much longer."

Shen Cheng Feng propped himself up from the bed.

Mu Xi Chi quickly stopped him, "officer, if you have anything to say to me, I will prepare it for you."

Shen Cheng Feng stared at him intently, "You deliberately avoided my question."

Mu Xi Chi laughed bitterly, "What problem have I avoided with you?"

Shen Cheng Feng grabbed his wrist, "Where's Xiao Jing? Is something wrong with her? "

Mu Xi Chi immediately shook her head, "Xiao Shi Ba is fine, nothing happened to her, really."

"Why didn't you answer my question?" Shen Cheng Feng acted as if he wanted to get up.

Mu Xi Chi thought for a bit, then blurted out, "Didn't she just finish producing it? Right now, it's the month before the moon. Your parents told her to stay at home and come back when you woke up. I still didn't know that you had woken up.

Shen Cheng Feng lay back on the bed, half believing and half doubting, "I saw you making the call."

Mu Xi Chi was shocked, he slowly took out his phone and pressed a number.

"Call." Shen Cheng Feng emphasized.

Mu Xi Chi quickly called out the number.

"Turn it off." Shen Cheng Feng said again.

It was obviously a little cold now, but Mu Xi Chi's forehead was covered in a layer of hot sweat. He worriedly wiped it away and actually started to shake both of his hands uncontrollably.

Shen Cheng Feng caught sight of his subtle changes, but did not expose his clumsy tricks, waiting for the call to be connected.

Mu Xi Chi started sweating profusely. What should I say when the call is connected? What should I say? Could it be that my excuse was exposed by the officer before I even opened my mouth?

The phone rang a few times, then an old voice came out from the receiver, "Hello, this is the Shen family."

"I, I am Mu Xi Chi. I want you to tell General Shen Yi Tian that my officer has woken up." Mu Xi Chi stuttered.

The other party paused for a moment before saying, "Madam left ten minutes ago."

Shen Cheng Yi snatched the phone and went straight to the point, "Is Xiao Jing at home?"

"The young madam is not at home."

Shen Cheng Feng hung up the phone, his eyes staring unblinkingly at the man who took two steps back.

Mu Xi Chi looked to the east and west in guilt.

Shen Cheng Feng lifted the blanket with a single breath.

Mu Xi Chi thought about stopping him, but just as he moved his body, he was stopped by a sharp blade.

Shen Cheng Feng held onto his bed and stood up while gasping for breath.

Mu Xi Chi could not help but admire the their officer's unyielding willpower. He was heavily injured to this extent, but he was still able to stand up tenaciously.

Shen Cheng Feng only took one step, his body fell down as he could not bear the burden, because the strength was too strong, the wound that he had recuperated from with much difficulty reopened, and fresh red blood seeped through the gauze in a few seconds.

Mu Xi Chi couldn't bear to watch this any longer and shifted his eyes away, "officer — —"

Shen Cheng Feng stood up once again, his body was powerless, his legs felt like they were stepping on cotton. Just as he steadied his body, he fell down again, and this time, his fall was even more miserable, as he laid on the ground, unable to get back up for a long while.

Mu Xi Chi stretched out his neck and bravely asked, "officer, do I need to help you?"

Shen Cheng Feng clenched his teeth. Both of his hands were on the carpet and he felt a little dizzy. It was probably because he had lied down for too long, and even after a few tries, he still could not get up.

Mu Xi Chi silently moved his small steps, after nearing their officer, he squatted down, and once again probed, "Does officer want to help you?"

Shen Cheng Feng stretched out his hand.

Mu Xi Chi half carried him off the ground, while dragging him up, he said, "Even if you want to see our Xiao Shi Ba now, you have to depend on your own strength and degree of recovery, see if I told you to go, can you go?"

Shen Cheng Feng glanced at him, "Do you have a sense of accomplishment now?"

Mu Xi Chi laughed, "Aren't I analyzing the situation with you? Look at your wounds, if you were a normal person, I wonder how many times you would have died. officer, we must thank the heavens for not killing us, please stop trying to show off, okay? "

Shen Cheng Feng lay back on the bed, and stared at him with profound eyes, "Where the hell is Xiao Jing?"

"Even if I tell you where she is now, you won't be able to catch her."

"Speak." Shen Cheng Feng emphasized.

However, Mu Xi Chi shut his mouth with an expression that he could neither see nor hear.

Shen Cheng Feng sat up, "Seeing that I'm seriously injured, what can I do to you?"

Mu Xi Chi sat on the chair, still remaining silent, with a look of "if you want to leave, then go ahead".

Shen Cheng Feng laid back on the cushion, "Is she angry that she lost me?"

"officer, let's not put in too much effort to think about those matters of love. The most important thing right now is for us to take care of ourselves." Mu Xi Chi said righteously.

"Get out." Shen Cheng Feng pointed to the door.

"I have to guard you closely. What if you can't understand and want to force yourself to get off the bed? If you fall down, at least I can give you a hand."

"Get out."    

Mu Xi Chi could only sigh and stand up, "Then you should get a good night's sleep, I'll go buy you something to eat."

Outside the ward, the elevator was open.

Pei Yi walked towards the ward with the porridge that he had packed from outside. He saw the man squatting in the corner and smoking with a glance, and shouted, "What are you doing here?"

Mu Xi Chi stomped his foot to extinguish the cigarette, picked it up and threw it into the trash can. He walked forward and said, "officer is awake."

Pei Yi was overjoyed, "You woke up so quickly?" He gestured that he was about to push open the door and enter.

Mu Xi Chi said, "The officer chased me out."

Pei Yi suddenly stopped in his tracks before he could push open the door, and asked suspiciously, "Why?"

"It's probably because I didn't tell her where the Xiao Shi Ba went, and he threw me out of the room out of embarrassment and anger."

Pei Yi became even more suspicious, "officer didn't beat you to death?"

Mu Xi Chi shook his head, "I think officer must have a fire in his heart. When he recovers, he'll be the first one to cut me off."

Pei Yi lightly patted his shoulder, "Although I sympathize with your plight, I can't help but say that there must be something hateful about a pitiful person. For example, the Xiao Shi Ba had been depressed for too long, did she go on a vacation or did she go home to visit her children? "Look at brother, he's so smart."

Mu Xi Chi laughed, "Why don't you go in and try?"

Pei Yi pushed open the door and entered without a care.

After about 10 minutes, he walked out of the door, and then turned around and knelt beside Mu Xi Chi.

Mu Xi Chi asked, "Do you still think you're smart?"

Pei Yi took out his medicine kit and took out a cigarette, "I have some f * cking words that I don't know whether or not I should say."

Mu Xi Chi borrowed a fire and lit a cigarette, "I want to wait until officer is fully recovered, then he will cut us apart."

"Women are trouble." Pei Yi clicked his tongue, "As a wife, she should stay close to her severely injured husband and only know how to fight and kill every single day, and not even a month after giving birth to her own body. Does she think that as the female lead, she can go and fight and kill as she pleases?"

Mu Xi Chi gently poked his shoulder, indicating him to look behind him.

However, Pei Yi continued, "If it was in another novel, based on her tenacious efforts, I don't think she would have been able to live past two lines of words."

"What a pity. Not only did I manage to live past two rows of words, I even managed to live for two million words."

Pei Yi suddenly straightened his back, and stiffly turned his head. Behind him, in the long corridor, there was a circle after another circle … Woman!

Xiao Jing took off the gloves on his body, and smiled playfully, "I'll leave this place to you guys, let us vice captain Pei see how petty a woman is."

"Yes, officer." The group of people raised their heads and puffed out their chests in respect.

The distance from the door to the sickbed was about five meters. Every step she took, she undid a button, and when she got close to the bed, she had already taken off all of her dirty clothes, leaving behind only a simple work vest.

Shen Cheng Feng suddenly opened his eyes, the black and white in his eyes gradually painted with color.

Xiao Jing sat on the side of the bed, her fingertips gently brushed past his face and eyes. In the end, both her hands held onto his chin at the same time.

Shen Cheng Feng pulled her into his embrace, "Do you know how anxious you were when I couldn't find you?"

Xiao Jing did not reply. Her body was trembling uncontrollably from her excitement, as if the suppression of the past few days had completely erupted at this moment. That suffocating feeling of being pressured to the point of near despair made her want to urgently obtain his warmth.

Shen Cheng Feng held her head and carefully stroked her hair. In the end, he kissed her lips without the slightest crack, and with an overbearing conquest, he attacked her little by little.

She stared fixedly at the person in front of her, wanting to deeply imprint his features into her eyes. In the end, she lost her mind and bit his lips.

Shen Cheng Feng allowed her to bite, using the smell of blood to fill his nose. He grabbed the back of her head, allowing her to bite him without any hesitation.

Xiao Jing's eyes reddened, "You scared me, you scared me! Do you know whether you're good or bad? How can you bully me like this? "

Shen Cheng Feng wiped away the tears at the corner of her eyes, "Yes, I was wrong, I was really wrong, let's stop crying, stop crying."

Xiao Jing threw herself into his embrace, and shouted without reservation in a voice that sounded like a shameless child, "You're a bad guy, you're bad and bad, how can you dig out my heart, watch it bleed but not help me stop the bleeding?"

Shen Cheng Feng held her, "Yes, I was wrong. In the future, I will definitely help you stop the bleeding at the first possible moment, so as to not let her shed blood or shed tears, so that she won't be so afraid and helpless."

Xiao Jing straightened his body and curled his lips, "Swear it."

Shen Cheng Feng pointed his three fingers to the sky, his face filled with seriousness, "I swear."

Xiao Jing immediately held onto his hand again, "I'm still not swearing. There's a god in my head, I won't say these things anymore."

Shen Cheng Feng was at a loss of whether to laugh or cry from her serious look. As he thought about it, he opened his mouth wide, only to feel pain from her wounds.

Xiao Jing looked at the bandages on his body that had long been drenched in blood and said, "I'm going to look for a doctor."

However, Shen Cheng Feng didn't mind at all. He grabbed her hand and shook his head, "I want to look at you again. Let me take a closer look at you."

Xiao Jing sat upright, a smile plastered on his face: "Have you seen it?"

"One more glance." Shen Cheng Feng stared at her without blinking.

Xiao Jing blushed, "Haven't you had a good impression of him yet?"

"Still a little bit more." Shen Cheng Feng bent his right leg slightly, raising his right hand and resting it casually on his knee. His eyes looked like they were sprinkled with honey, and when it landed on her body, it was as if the honey had melted.

Xiao Jing slightly nodded, "Are you trying to make fun of me?"

Shen Cheng Feng pursed his lips and laughed, "No, it's just that no matter how I look at it, it seems still lacking a glance."

Xiao Jing did not understand, "Why?"

"No matter how much I look at it, I can't see enough. I'm just missing a single glance. Yet this time, it's a single glance that will last for tens of thousands of years."

Xiao Jing bit her red lips lightly, "Where did you learn to speak such unaccented words?"

Shen Cheng Feng leaned forward, and leaned even closer to her. "I wouldn't have said sweet nothings anyway, but when I met you, everything felt like honey had been sprinkled all over the place.

Xiao Jing gently pushed his body away, "Alright, if you don't change the medicine, you'll be the one suffering if the blood scabs dry."

Shen Cheng Feng let her run out the door.

The doctor majestically led a group of people into the ward, each of them preparing to change the gauze in secret.

Xiao Jing stood at the side, anxiously watching them as they started to remove the gauze.

The doctor did not know when he had opened the wound. Some of the blood that had leaked from the wound was already scabbed, and the gauze, mixed with the blood, was stuck to the wound. If he wanted to remove the gauze, he would definitely tear the flesh.

Xiao Jing frowned, "A little bit light, a little bit light."

"Yes, yes, I will pay attention."

Shen Cheng Feng smiled, "It's not too painful."

Xiao Jing frowned even more, "How can it not hurt?"

"Come here." Shen Cheng Feng waved his hands at her.

Xiao Jing obediently squatted beside him.

Shen Cheng Feng raised his hand and gently covered her face, "I can't see it now, it's not painful."

Xiao Jing pulled his hand away, "Do you take me for a three year old child now? If you're blindfolded, you won't be able to hear it. And then, you won't be able to hear it? "

Shen Cheng Feng nodded, "You are my child to begin with."

Xiao Jing laughed, "The doctors want to see a joke now."

The doctors who were called on the side did not dare to look on and listen. They obediently completed the tasks in their hands, removing the gauze and quietly removing the gauze.

Outside the sickroom, Yan Jun saw the indistinguishable looking Pei Yi the moment he stepped out of the elevator.

Pei Yi tried his best to crawl out of the woman's encirclement. He finally understood one of the common words of the ancient people: Only small people and small women are hard to take care of.

When men fought, they would talk with their fists.

The ladies fought, with their hair in their hair, their nostrils, their mouths, and they kept waving at his face.

Thanks to his self-confidence and elegance, how could he still maintain his prestige in the army with his current moral standing?

"He ran away." Wei Zi Qi pointed backwards.

Pei Yi's heart tightened. Before he could even react, his right leg was tightly grabbed by someone. Then, he felt that his body was being pulled backwards.

Mu Xi Chi closed his eyes and hid himself in the corner, pretending to not know this stranger, as if he wanted to hide in a crack in the wall.

Pei Yi extended her friendly hand towards him. "Save me, brother, save me."

Mu Xi Chi pushed his hand away with all her might, "I don't know you, I really don't know him. Hahaha, I'm just passing by, I'm just passing by."

Once again, Pei Yi was surrounded by the female soldiers.

He looked at the heads above him in panic. "If you have something to say, we'll talk about it properly. This way of fighting, killing, and injuring it is too much for us."

"In the eyes of vice captain Pei, aren't we female soldiers vulgar men who only know how to fight and kill every day?"

"Hahaha, you misheard me, I am talking about the heroic and unyielding generals of our female soldiers. Look at your valiant looks and beautiful demeanors, even we, as vulgar men, are unable to match up to you."

Ling Jie tugged on the corner of Sun Yue Yan's clothes, and said softly, "officer wants me to call on vice captain Pei, is it enough for us to be merciful, or should I call upon you to your death?"

Sun Yue Yan pinched his chin, "After all, this is a campsite, at least we don't have to look at the buddhist side.

"Vice Captain Pei is still quite angry, do you still want to greet him?" Wei Zi Qi asked.

"After all, the officer is a woman who understands justice well. She often teaches us to leave a mark on everything we do, so we better not fight anymore."

Pei Yi's anxious heart slowly relaxed.

"There's one more over there, do you want to fight?" Ling Jie pointed to the big guy who hid himself in a corner.

"This person can't be beaten." Sun Yue Yan looked at Wei Zi Qi with ridicule.

Wei Zi Qi's face flushed red, "Stop making fun of me."

Yan Jun looked at everyone who was making a ruckus, covered his mouth and laughed, then walked into the sickroom.

The bandages on Shen Cheng Feng's body had been removed and the doctors were preparing to change.

Shen Si Fen smelled the disinfectant and arched her nose. Her small hand reached out from the baby carriage.

The doctors took care of their wounds and left the ward one after another.

Yan Jun walked forward, "Speak, child. It's all thanks to you being so lucky, do you know how terrified you are of your family?"

Shen Cheng Feng looked at the baby carriage behind her, and supported himself up on the bed, wanting to sit up.

Yan Jun glared at him, "Are you still not being honest?"

"I want to see the baby."

Yan Jun carried the child out of the carriage and placed him beside the sickbed, "See, it's exactly the same as your father."

Shen Cheng Feng gently caressed his small face, "You were born two months earlier, is it healthy?"

"He's very healthy, it's just that it's been hard on us Xiao Jing, we got cut by him for no reason." Yan Jun said.

As soon as he finished speaking, Shen Cheng Feng couldn't help but pinch the little guy's face, "He really is a disobedient child."

Yan Jun cuddled the child up, "You can't pinch a child like this, it'll hurt."

Shen Cheng Feng held Xiao Jing's hand, "When he grows up, I will help you teach him a lesson."

Xiao Jing covered his mouth and laughed, "officer, have you forgotten how smart this child is?"

Shen Cheng Feng did not want to be outdone, so he looked over, "I don't believe that he would dare to disobey my orders and control you or me."

Xiao Jing thought about the things that happened during their pregnancy.

Shen Si Fen unhappily caressed his face.

Xiao Jing looked at the bowl of porridge beside his bed. "Is officer hungry?"

Shen Cheng Feng shook his head, "Not very hungry."

Xiao Jing walked to the other side of the sickbed and picked up the bowl of porridge that had not turned cold yet, stirring it up, "You haven't eaten for a few days, eat more or less."

Shen Cheng Feng saw that she was so persistent in bringing the spoon to his mouth, and subconsciously opened her mouth.

"This bowl of porridge should have been bought at a dollar's worth of money by the roadside. It really isn't easy for me to find a few rice grains in the rice soup." Xiao Jing teased as he fed it.

"Very fragrant." Shen Cheng Feng held her hand, and the spoon that she had fed to his mouth turned around and was placed next to her mouth.

Xiao Jing opened his mouth to take a sip, "It's really fragrant."

Yan Jun looked at the two of them, who were happily eating, and then silently left the room with the child in their arms.

Xiao Jing said, "Grandma seems to have gone out."

Shen Cheng Feng did not mind, "She's probably hungry too."

"Can a bowl of rice fill you up?" Xiao Jing asked again.

Shen Cheng Feng shook his head, "I'm not full."

Xiao Jing stood up immediately, "Then I'll buy you another bowl."

Shen Cheng Feng grabbed her hand, "But I'm already full."

Xiao Jing frowned, "Didn't you say you can't eat your fill?"

"Look at you, I'm so full of happiness."

Xiao Jing's face became even redder, "Why do I feel like you're a completely different person?"

Shen Cheng Feng pinched her little face, "Why do you say that?"

"It just changed." Xiao Jing continued to feed them.

Shen Cheng Feng had a mouthful of porridge in his mouth, but he didn't swallow it.

Xiao Jing's eyes opened wide, and before he could even react, some slightly sweet rice continuously flowed into his mouth.

Shen Cheng Feng chewed, "I'm even more full now."

Xiao Jing joked, "Is the officer not afraid of indigestion because of how hungry we are?"

"It's fine, my digestion ability is not bad, I think I can still sweeten it a little."

With that, he grabbed her body that she wanted to refuse and attacked even more crazily, taking all she had.

Within the ward, the disinfectant water seemed to be covered by a special smell, and the air seemed to be filled with a sweet smell. It was probably the honey that was sprinkled on the bees' honey.

Yan Jun leaned on the door, holding his breath as he listened to everything that was happening inside, his face could not help but secretly rejoice.

, who was in her arms, was also trying hard to lean on the door. He looked strangely at Grandma who was eavesdropping, then turned his head to look at the group of people who had regained their calm.

Pei Yi sat on the chair, wiped the dust off his face, and muttered in his heart: When I gather my brothers, I will definitely make a comeback.

Shen Si Fen pouted his tiny mouth into a small circle. He raised his hand and looked at the flickering lights on the ceiling.

Ling Jie took out his bread to tear it apart, but before he could do so, the man who was wiping his face suddenly stood up, and shouted with a valiant and heroic tone.

"Do you women think that you're very powerful? It's nothing more than bullying the weak with numbers. Let me tell you, do you have the ability to challenge your brother one on one? Even if I am to be hit by you three moves, I will make you cry for your parents, hahaha. " Pei Yi unreservedly blurted out.

Mu Xi Chi quietly moved two seats to the side.

Pei Yi continued, "What are you looking at? Come on, come on, if you have the ability then come and beat me up again. Let me tell you, I'm a soldier, I wouldn't even bat an eye in front of thousands of soldiers, not to mention you ladies, hahaha. "

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