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Ji Meixian's jade hand that was holding onto the sword started to tremble, but she heaved a sigh of relief, because she felt that Chen Xiang had exhausted all of his strength.

"What other skills do you have? Just take them out. Today, I will definitely not let you off!" Ji Meixian said indifferently. In her eyes, Chen Xiang was just an ant.

"Angry dragon slay!"

Chen Xiang roared out, he raised the divine blade high, and slashed down fiercely, the previously calm and tyrannical atmosphere once again became berserked up, the remaining Qi in the surroundings turned into countless angry dragons, and waves after waves of dragon roars covered the entire sky.

Green light shone, the blade Qi turned into an Azure Dragon, with a distance of 300 meters, it roared and rushed towards Ji Meixian.

This showed that Chen Xiang had an extremely thick Innate Qi. At this moment, she was already covered by the blade energy of the Angry dragon slay and the frightening green dragon had already locked onto her. Helpless, she once again used "Azure Sea Rushing Dragon" to counterattack.

This time, it was ten dragons that rushed out from the white sea above her head and condensed on top of her treasured sword. They turned into strength and shot out from the tip of the sword, forming a huge white wyvern.

"Dragon Subduing Origin Energy!" Chen Xiang held the blade hilt tightly in front of his chest as the Dragon Power in his body started to circulate violently. The Green dragon demon-slain broadsword was covered by the white colored Dragon Power and at the same time, it was flashing with fire and lightning.

The dragon cry shook the sky, and broke through the clouds. The Dragon Power, lightning and the Heaven fire interweaved, turning into a white lightning and fire dragon, following closely behind the green dragon, rushing towards Ji Meixian!

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!" Although there was a gap between Chen Xiang's two moves, when they attacked, they were very coherent, and dispersed Ji Meixian's Sword Qi!

Heavenly Lady Bai Hai's face changed drastically. Her delicate body was covered by the berserk Dragon Subduing Essence, and the lightning energy released by the Thunder soul fused together with the Heaven fire. She was extremely berserk, not to mention she was accompanied by the Dragon Power!

Ji Meixian let out a delicate shout, as she flew out from within the berserk energy, and the place she stood turned into a huge pit.

She did not expect Chen Xiang to not only release the Angry dragon slay, but also release an even more powerful Dragon Subduing Essence, and rush over at almost the same time.

Her Canghai Rushing Dragon could also be considered a pretty good Dragon extinction, but in the end, it wasn't created using the Dragon Power, so it wasn't possible for her to unleash her strongest power.

Blood trickled out from the corner of Ji Meixian's mouth. She could tell that Chen Xiang had borrowed an external force to become so strong, and she could clearly feel that the power was different from Chen Xiang's. Furthermore, it did not perfectly match with Chen Xiang's.

She possessed a special spirit sense, so she was able to see through Chen Xiang's true appearance and feel the subtle changes in her body.

She saw that Chen Xiang's blood was boiling and his entire body was still filled with energy. Furthermore, she had sustained heavy injuries, if this were to continue, she was definitely going to be taken down by Chen Xiang!

Seeing that the situation wasn't good, she could only grit her teeth and silently feel hatred. After being sent flying out, she soared into the air and flew towards a particular direction.

"Chase after her and strip off her clothes. I just used my spiritual sense to test her and found out that her clothes are very powerful and can even block my spiritual sense." Long Xueyi shouted.

A pair of Suzaku fire wing s appeared behind Chen Xiang, transforming into a ray of flame, facing Ji Meixian: "Little Naughty Dragon, you're so strong!" Chen Xiang chuckled.

"Of course, but don't keep thinking about it. This isn't your own strength after all." You often borrow power from others that is not good for yourself, but when I withdraw my power from you, you will be in trouble. If you did not have the Yulong blood, I would not dare to play with you like this, otherwise, when I withdraw my power, your entire body would shatter. " Long Xueyi said seriously.

Chen Xiang borrowed Long Xueyi's strength to increase his speed. Seeing Ji Meixian escaping while taking the pills, he knew that Ji Meixian's injuries were not light.

"This fellow's physical body is too weak. With just a few moves, he can become like this!" Long Xueyi said in disdain.

Chen Xiang had a lot of strength now, she could only swing her blade and chop at him from afar, countless of sharp and terrifying blade Qi enveloped Ji Meixian from all directions, causing Ji Meixian to clench her jade teeth and curse in her heart.

"Heavenly dragon seal, beat her down! Use the Blinding Dragon Punisher. This is a special method to deal with those who are escaping! " Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang formed a seal with his hands and locked onto the figure in front of him with his mind consciousness, and his face was filled with a cold sneer.

Because of her fairy-like beauty, she was far more popular than the Son of Heaven. Even some of the Leader s in the large sects would have to face her on equal footing, because she was very likely to be the successor to the White Sea Imperial Land. Even if she was not the person in charge, she would have quite the power.

If others knew about this, they would be so scared that their jaws would drop. However, she had brought this upon herself, she was a good girl, and had no choice but to provoke Chen Xiang, a fellow who dared to even hit the sky a few times, and had even angered Chen Xiang.

The dumbest thing was that she thought that her beauty could make Chen Xiang kneel like a dog. However, she didn't expect that Chen Xiang would scold her and make her look like a female monkey whose butt had been touched, ruthlessly humiliating her.

Along the way, Ji Meixian couldn't help but think of the humiliation she had never suffered. Not only did she want to cry, she even wanted to vomit blood!

"Flash Dragon Punishment!" Half of Chen Xiang's and Long Xueyi's strength had been drained, and a large amount of spirit energy from the heaven and earth was condensed into a terrifying lightning dragon. Like a bolt from the blue, it struck towards Ji Meixian who was fleeing in panic, and struck him down.

"This woman's clothes are really powerful. That Flash Dragon Punishment was formed by you and me with a large portion of our strength, but we didn't break her into pieces. It was just a beating!" Long Xueyi lamented.

Ji Meixian was even more shocked, because she was extremely confident in her protective immortal robe, but just now, her entire body was struck by the lightning dragon and she fell from the sky in a sorry state.

She was lying on the ground, but her entire body was still paralyzed and unable to move. Chen Xiang snickered and walked over, as if he was a big bad wolf staring at a little white rabbit.

Even though Ji Meixian was currently in a very sorry state, she still maintained her celestial position. The icy and pure aura around her did not lessen, but the weak her gave off a different kind of charm.

"What are you doing? Don't come near me! " Ji Meixian gradually recovered his strength and shouted.

Chen Xiang laughed, and used the method Liu Meng'er and Dongfang Xinyue told him before to seal the power in his body.

"I know you have a treasure on you, but you don't deserve to use it, you will only ruin it. Just hand it to me obediently, I will leave you an intact corpse." Chen Xiang laughed.

Just a moment ago, Ji Meixian had said these words to Chen Xiang, but she did not expect it would be Chen Xiang's turn to say them to her so quickly.

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