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Chen Xiang entered the depths of the passage and took out a Night Illumination Pearl to illuminate the way ahead. He saw a black metal door in front of him, and in the middle of the door was a mighty lion sculpture. Ten Heavens Supreme Lord was a lion sculpture, so it wasn't strange that the door of his tomb had this sculpture.

"Only the new owner of the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword can enter. I wonder why Ten Heavens Supreme Lord has arranged this."

Chen Xiang looked at the door carefully. He suddenly felt that some of the facilities related to the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord, including the passage below the You Ming Deep Abyss that led to the core of the earth, were all constructed by Divine Craftsmen.

When he entered the Sacred Domain, the teleportation station needed Green dragon demon-slain broadsword s to activate it. From the words the Divine Feather School's Leader had said, he could deduce that they had been to those Heaven Regions before.

"Seems like the relationship between the Divine Craftsman and the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord is not bad." Chen Xiang took out the Hammer of God. "Why did he leave behind such a precious thing?"

The Devil-suppressing Heavenly Venerable was the same, the Holy Devil-suppressing seal and Demon Suppressing Pagoda were both powerful things, the dagger left behind by the Demon Emperor, and the two divine swords left behind by the Sword Emperor …

Back then, the Nine Emperors and Five Venerables had almost always kept the precious weapons and treasures that he carried with him. This had always been difficult for Chen Xiang to understand.

"Next time, ask White Tiger. I wonder if Master and the others have recorded anything down in the ancient books of the Undead Race." Chen Xiang thought, he felt that there must be a reason. After all, it was all part of his hard work, and he wouldn't give up unless he had no other choice.

Chen Xiang, who was patiently waiting, finally felt a slight tremble in the ground. After shaking it three times, this was the signal Long Da gave him.

Chen Xiang took a deep breath in and looked at the dignified and serious door: "We can finally begin."

He was also a bit afraid. The Thunder Dragon had said just now that with his current strength, he would be courting death if he were to enter.

"Hopefully, I can find a chance to turn the situation around here and let my Dragon Subduing School pass through this difficult time." Chen Xiang rubbed his fists, then placed his palms on the gigantic iron gate and pushed it open with force.

The door was very heavy. He used his divine power to open it just enough for him to walk in.

It was still pitch black when he entered through the gap in the door. Not long after he entered, the door closed behind him, making his heart pound wildly. He could only continue on this path.

If it was in the past, when Su Meiyao was accompanying him and helping him, he wouldn't have felt too nervous when facing such a dangerous situation. But now that he was alone, and it was the first time he had been in danger by himself, what he feared wasn't danger, but the fear of dying alone.

He steadied his beating heart and took out a Night Pearl, wanting to illuminate the inside. But the strange thing was, although the Night Pearl was emitting an intense light, it was still surrounded by darkness.

"I'm in a completely dark space. Everything around me is pitch black." Chen Xiang thought that after going through that door, they would still be in the ice land.

He took out the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword, but the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword did not give him any more directions. He could only take the Night Pearl and shine a little bit of light, to ease his heart, and then he walked forward.

"This Emperor's Tomb is truly not simple, this kind of method must definitely be made by a Divine Craftsman. So it turns out that the ones who brought the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord's corpse here all those years ago were not only the Ice Dragons and Super Old Fire Beast, but also a Divine Craftsman." Chen Xiang was very sure that this pitch-black space was a type of formation on top of that Divine Book, it was the state of a profound Realm.

After advancing for a short while, he suddenly saw a speck of light in front of him. This caused him to be incomparably excited, and he quickened his pace to rush over. He was sure that the speck of light was the exit.

"This place can't even be considered a Emperor's Tomb. It should be a special space to protect the Emperor's Tomb." Chen Xiang thought, he was very close to the exit, there was a cave in front of him, but that light was not coming from the sun.

He entered the cave and arrived at a wide passage constructed with shining white jade. It was large enough for ten people to walk through side by side.

This passage was three hundred meters long, and Chen Xiang had good eyesight. When he entered the passage, he saw a white stone door, and carved on it was a white stone door, a white lion head, with a mouth wide open, and a control over it, he was able to insert his Green dragon demon-slain broadsword in. Only by opening the door, the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword could be considered to have truly entered the Emperor's Tomb.

Chen Xiang was already a little excited. He had been in this place for so long, yet he had not encountered any danger. He felt that if he used Green dragon demon-slain broadsword s to enter the Emperor's Tomb, it would definitely be unimpeded.

This passage was made using a few jade bricks. When Chen Xiang walked quickly towards it, he suddenly felt that he had stepped on a jade brick.

"Crap." Chen Xiang's heart went cold, he knew that he had stepped on a mechanism, so he immediately released his God Power to cover the surroundings.

"It's coming. What is it?" Chen Xiang was shocked. It was because something had suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

What had shot towards him was a green bead. When Chen Xiang had discovered it, he had used a palm strike that had been condensed from divine power, striking the green bead that was sixty meters away from him with lightning speed.


He hit the green bead, but it exploded into a powerful energy wave.

Although the tunnel was spacious, it seemed extremely small to the powerful energy waves that erupted. However, the tunnel was extremely sturdy and it only shook slightly, not causing the slightest damage. Instead, the energy waves that exploded out struck the tunnel throughout the sky and gathered together, causing the strength to become even more frightening.

"What a pain in the neck." Chen Xiang stood there, unmoving, and allowed the energy waves to strike him. The profoundwu diamond armour on his body had already appeared, and the dazzling Black Tortoise Armor felt the strong attack approaching, and the light became even brighter.

He was overjoyed. This was exactly what he wanted, but when he got close to the door, the door opened and a burst of elastic force actually burst out, sending him flying back, smashing into the energy wave and causing his body to feel like it was falling apart.

The energy wave dissipated and he fell to the ground. His heavy body pressed down more jade bricks. He cursed in his heart as he triggered a few more traps.

This passage was extremely sturdy in many ways. The intense explosion from earlier did not damage this passage. However, a large part of the iceberg above was destroyed by the explosion, and the ground began to crack.

Before Chen Xiang could dodge, his body was struck by the green beads flying towards him. A few strong explosions occurred at the same time, causing Chen Xiang to scream in pain as he spat out a mouthful of blood.

He, who had been blown away by the explosion, stabilized his body after the energy wave had dissipated. He did not want himself to fall to the ground, so as to not touch any of the mechanisms again, he had suffered severe injuries just by standing at the door. He had no choice but to eat a piece of the Jade Dragon Flower's valve and a dozen or so Biyuan Dan s to heal his injuries.

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