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Yang Wushuang really couldn't afford to lose, especially this huge shop. If he really gave it to Chen Xiang, it would be such a great loss, so he made the decision just now to discuss this with the old man in the shop through sound transmission, trapping everyone here and eliminating Chen Xiang and the young man. Then, he would coerce and tempt those who came to watch the event to not spread the news.

In short, they felt that with the Sacred Fire School's current prestige, it wouldn't be difficult for them to cover the entire sky in Holy Yan City.

Now that they had so many people, they felt that it would be easy to take Chen Xiang down. Moreover, they could tell that Chen Xiang wanted to protect a youth with a weaker strength.

Chen Xiang's face was gloomy and cold, the people of Sacred Fire School were so despicable, they did not have the demeanor of a big sect, the others thought the same.

The round ones can be said to be square, but no matter what you say, this shop belongs to me. Also, don't even think about living.

Chen Xiang's killing intent surged, he suddenly roared out and waved the Divine Hammer in his hand, releasing the extremely powerful Innate Qi out of his body and merged with the power released from his body, transforming into a burst of intense and scorching gale, blowing towards Sacred Fire School and the group.

Just as they were about to make a hasty move to block it, they realized that Chen Xiang had already disappeared. However, they could not attack the young man because they had to break through the scorching gale that was coming their way.

Chen Xiang who had disappeared, suddenly appeared beside the few elders. He brandished his Divine Hammer, and smashed it fiercely towards the heads of the few elders as if he had just struck a profoundgang, instantly striking them a few times, and with each strike, struck the heads of the elders.

Everyone could clearly see that the heads of the old men exploded like watermelons after being hit, splattering blood-red objects in all directions.

The old guy from the Sacred Fire School was not weak, but he could not withstand a single blow. Chen Xiang's strength had already shocked everyone.

"Quickly capture that brat. I'll stall him." Seeing Chen Xiang's strength, Yang Wushuang was shocked and shouted out.

Seeing the few elders rushing towards the young man, Chen Xiang immediately used Form Displacement Shadow to bring the young man to his side.

Yang Wushuang held onto a blazing gigantic blade, and leaped towards Chen Xiang, slashing out with a very powerful blade, causing a wave of heat, and enveloped Chen Xiang and the young man.

Chen Xiang immediately released a profoundwu cover hood, enveloping himself and the young man. At the same time, he brandished his hammer and smashed it towards the gigantic warblade.

"Heaven Shaking Hammer." The way Chen Xiang used the Heaven Blasting Palm, gave his hammer a terrifying vibrating power.

Amidst the waves of fire, a clear sound rang out and that seemingly very powerful warblade was actually smashed into pieces by that pitch-black, broken iron hammer. Yang Wushuang was so furious that he thought that his own powerful treasured blade had been destroyed, his treasured blade had been shattered, and even his tiger's mouth had been cracked. The bones in one of his palms had practically shattered, and at this moment, he could already feel that his opponent's strength had far surpassed his.

The power of Chen Xiang's Body of Heavenly Sage was not a joke. The strength of his body could behead a Worldly Immortal, let alone a person who had just crossed the eighth level of Nirvana Realm.

What was worse, Chen Xiang had even used the Innate Qi, because his heart was also filled with rage.

"No one can save you." Chen Xiang bellowed, suddenly appearing on top of Yang Wushuang's head, holding the divine hammer with both of his hands, he fiercely smashed it down.


Chen Xiang roared in anger as the Divine Hammer came crashing down, releasing an extremely strong pressure that caused all the power in Yang Wushuang's body to crumble.

With a pu sound, Yang Wushuang's body was struck by the berserk energy, causing blood to spurt everywhere. The old men who were planning to rush over suddenly had their legs weaken, Leader's son was actually dead, moreover dead in such a miserable manner. Now that they all understood Chen Xiang's strength, killing them was as easy as pinching an ant, they had angered a strong man.

Everyone was dumbfounded. The situation had developed to such a state that they had never thought of it before. At this point, they didn't dare to breathe out, and just quietly watched from the sidelines, their hearts filled with a different kind of shock, as they were also worried that they would be killed.

"You are all from the Sacred Fire School, right?" Chen Xiang's eyes flashed with killing intent, without waiting for the old men to reply, he flew over, wielded the hammer and smashed them one by one, until the ground was covered in blood.

The experts of the Sacred Fire School were all annihilated, many of the spectators started to tremble, because the killing intent coming out from Chen Xiang's body was extremely terrifying, adding on to the strong stench of blood here.

Chen Xiang brought the youth whose face was filled with shock to the iron door, and punched it open.

"All of you can leave. This shop is now mine." Chen Xiang said coldly, and the group of people immediately left.

As for the disciples of the other Sacred Fire School s in the shop, after they found out that Yang Wushuang and the other elders had all been killed, they also escaped. He did not want to die, even daring to kill Yang Wushuang.

"Change your appearance and take these Spar away from Sacred Yan City." The blade and Spar that Chen Xiang gave to the youth was enough for him to teleport away.

"Take him down and leave quickly."

Chen Xiang saw that the youth was standing there in a daze, and said that, his voice contained an irresistible dignity, causing the youth to have no choice but to take those items. Then, he simply changed his appearance and left through an empty back door.

After that, Chen Xiang stored everything in the shop into his own Storage bag s. On the second and third floors, in the shelves, were all relatively valuable things. Chen Xiang unceremoniously took them away, he would be bringing them to the Divine Weapons Heavenly Country in the future.

He had killed the son of Leader, as well as killed a few powerful clan elders. Even if he had obtained this shop, he could not continue to operate it, as it would only bring about trouble.

After plundering the place, he set fire to it and changed his appearance. Then, he left the city from the Transmission array.

As one of the more powerful forces under the Fire Divine Palace, the Sacred Fire School had already lost so many important people, yet they were still humiliated in front of their own doorsteps, losing a lot of face, and they didn't even know who did it. All they knew was that this was a Master Refiner, and the weapon he used was a very powerful hammer which could instantly shatter a ninth phase treasure.

There were a lot of witnesses at that time, so after the news spread out, everyone knew that Sacred Fire School was asking for it.

This was exactly what Chen Xiang wanted. Who told the Sacred Fire School to always be hostile towards the Divine Weapon Kingdom, and even repeatedly requested the strongest power of the Fire Divine Palace to wipe out the experts from the Divine Weapon Sect? This was simply courting death.

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