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Chen Xiang was worried that if he wasted too much time, the Evil Dragon Graveyard would be besieged and attacked again.

"When the time comes, I'll let the Old Jiang go. As long as he takes action, as long as a few guys of the Nine Emperors and Five Venerables's level don't appear, he'll be able to deal with them." Qi Shi placed her hand on his shoulder, "Rest assured, go cultivate. If you can refine that Divine Deity, then you will definitely become stronger."

Chen Xiang closed his eyes in relief and relaxed his entire body, allowing himself to enter a state of tranquility. He treated himself as a pill furnace and the Killing heart as a medicinal ingredient.

What he needed to do now was to refine the Killing heart, and then think of a way to make it enter the Divine Sense Sea, and then solidify it.

The Killing-god heart was extremely sturdy, and a seven-colored sacred fire burned inside Chen Xiang's body. He controlled the flame to wrap the Killing heart, wanting to refine it, but it was extremely difficult.

Qi Shi and Jiang Sheng, who were beside Chen Xiang, could both feel the hot air emitting from Chen Xiang's body. They admired Chen Xiang's current Platinum-ranked body, as well as the fact that only a few of them could actually cultivate Jade Bones in the Nine Emperors and Five Venerables, and Chen Xiang would definitely be able to do so in the future. That was just a matter of time.

Years ago, in order to refine that rock into the shape of a heart, I took a very long time to succeed. Although his current flame is a seven-colored sacred fire, it is not as tyrannical as my seven-colored sacred fire. Jiang Sheng shook his head. He was very familiar with the Killing-god heart that he and White Tiger had refined together back then.

"It's hard to say, but this little demon is the most evil, you know, Ice Emperor was killed by him, his physical body and soul were both destroyed, so I'm worried that Hell Devil Emperor would have set his eyes on him very early on, if he has Divine Deity now, he might become a god in the future, Hell Devil Emperor doesn't have the authority to collect the soul of a god." Qi Shi said.

"There's movement." Jiang Sheng suddenly shouted, waves after waves of black Qi came out from Chen Xiang's chest, it was a very dense gush of killing intent, constantly erupting out, the imposing manner, made people feel like it was the shocking wave of killing intent on the battlefield.

"This killing intent has been forced out by him. He's already refining it to force the impurities out." Jiang Sheng said in shock, "I never thought that he would have figured it out so quickly."

Qi Shi chuckled: "This little brat's pill refining skills are much better than killing people and scumbags. Maybe he will become a Pill Saint soon enough, if it was me, I'm afraid I would not know how to refine it."

Chen Xiang did not know how he managed to refine the murderous aura condensed inside the Killing heart. He only treated his body like a pill furnace and used the techniques in the Heavenly Alchemy to coordinate with it. With his many years of experience in refining pills, he gradually had a clue.

Back then he cultivated the White Tiger Divine Technique and condensed a large amount of killing intent, but now, all of it had been released by him. Back then, both the White Tiger and Qi Shi had used this Killing heart, and at that time, they had also condensed a large amount of killing intent into the Killing heart.

At this time, it was extremely difficult for Chen Xiang to purify the Divine Deity without any impurities.

When Chen Xiang was concocting pills, he would not feel the passage of time, and it was the same for now. He had been in this state for over a month, and his body was releasing an extremely large amount of killing intent everyday. Qi Shi and Jiang Sheng were both strong, so they were not affected at all.

What shocked Qi Shi and Jiang Sheng the most was that a black liquid started to leak out of Chen Xiang's body. This was actually condensed into a liquid form of killing intent, it was all condensed into the Divine Deity, at this time, Chen Xiang had already increased his strength to remove the impurities.

If he did not do this, he would not dare to throw this dangerous Killing heart into the Divine Sense Sea.

"So many." Jiang Sheng took out a cauldron, and had Qi Shi put the black liquid inside it to burn. If this level of killing intent was leaked to the outside, and touched by some spirit bodies or beasts, a large number of evil spirits and Evil beast would be raised.

"You fellows, your slaughter truly is heavy. Serves you right for going to hell." Jiang Sheng looked at the black liquid that was continuously flowing out from Chen Xiang's body, and kept on flowing out like a gushing spring.

Qi Shi said as his brows knitted together, "Master and I were definitely unable to condense this much killing intent. How many living creatures did this fellow with the Divine Deity kill while he was still alive?"

Jiang Sheng shook his head: "Maybe what he killed was a god, otherwise he wouldn't have condensed such a terrifying killing intent. But this brat is truly powerful, he can actually force it out, and he won't be affected at all as he has suppressed it for so many years."

The current Chen Xiang was extremely terrifying, black liquid was flowing out of his seven orifices, and a small hole had been opened up on his chest area. The black liquid that was forced out of the Killing heart caused his body to feel extremely bloated, and luckily he had a Devil-suppressing Golden Body, so this evil killing intent had no effect on him.

This situation continued for a month. Jiang Sheng didn't even know how many cauldrons of black liquid were burned by him, but he and Qi Shi had been busy all day long trying to get rid of the large amount of black liquid flowing out, especially the past few days. This situation had become even more dangerous, what flowed out was not liquid, but "black mud" like mud, and the concentration was even higher.

"It's almost been cleared out. No wonder Master and I couldn't suppress that monstrous killing intent back then. So it turns out to be that terrifying." Qi Shi exclaimed.

"Being able to fall into the hands of this brat, can also be considered luck. Otherwise, Nine Heaven World would have long been annihilated." Jiang Sheng was a little tired, and ate a fruit: "Someone with this kind of Divine Deity, shouldn't be an Evil God who escaped from hell, right?"

"Who knows?" Qi Shi looked at Chen Xiang's rapidly healing body, and laughed: "This is a Yulong blood, and also a very pure one. I even thought he was a Draconian."

Just as he said that, Chen Xiang's body suddenly spewed out a burst of white light, especially at the location of his chest. At the same time that the white light shot out, it produced a terrifying suction force that sucked in all the pure energy from outside.

After Chen Xiang channeled his Heavenly Alchemy, he was already in a dazed state. No matter what happened, how could he know? However, at this moment, he strongly felt a frightening power surging into his Divine Sense Sea.

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