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There were many people in the hall of the Pill Tower. Chen Xiang glanced at the hall inside the Pill Tower, then shifted his gaze to the crowd outside, searching for the source of the familiar smell.

Very quickly, he saw a middle-aged man in simple clothes. Although Li Baojun was much younger, Chen Xiang could still recognize the outline of his face.

Li Baojun saw a young man with average looks walking towards him and immediately frowned, because the person in front of him did not look like Chen Xiang and there were no signs of him changing his appearance. From the aura of the Innate Qi, Li Baojun could tell that he was a warrior of the Extreme realm.

"It's me!" Chen Xiang smiled at Li Baojun.

Li Baojun was startled, he was still curious why such a person would approach him, he did not expect that it was actually Chen Xiang.

"Senior, let's talk somewhere else." Chen Xiang whispered to Li Baojun.

Li Baojun anxiously nodded his head, he was already excited, because he would be able to see the Longevity fruit very soon. Inside the Pill Tower, there were many old Dan King waiting for the Longevity fruit to appear, but he did not know that the person who had the Longevity fruit was Chen Xiang who was unknown whether he was dead or alive.

"Hehe, let's go." Li Baojun patted Chen Xiang's shoulder. He wanted to quickly go to a convenient place to talk and take a look at the Longevity fruit.

Chen Xiang brought Li Baojun back to the small house, entered the secret room, and then changed back to his own appearance. This shocked Li Baojun.

"Did you eat some pill that could change your appearance?" This is too amazing, what kind of pill is this? It was said that these Transfiguration Pills were of the lower grade Heaven level. Not only could they change one's appearance, they could also change one's size. "Farewell." Li Baojun said.

"It's a disguise. I can only change my face. I was lucky enough to get my hands on one." Chen Xiang laughed.

Li Baojun nodded: "Oh, so it's Dissemination, this is a high grade Ground level pellet. The medicinal strength will last for three years. Within three years, it will be able to activate the medicinal strength, causing the muscles on the face to change, thus achieving the effect of changing one's appearance. "

Li Baojun had indeed received Li Tianjun's inheritance, and with such a deep understanding of medicinal pellets, many Alchemist s had never heard of these pellets before.

"Senior, you must have eaten the Beauty Dan, right?"

"Of course. Originally, I didn't want to eat it either, but I had no choice. Boy, let my portrait be pasted all over the world." Li Baojun laughed helplessly.

"Alright, just say it directly if you have something to say, right?" Just as Li Baojun finished speaking, he asked again: "You really have that Longevity fruit?"

Chen Xiang laughed: "I really do, I just want to ask for senior's help. As long as I'm done, I can give you the Longevity fruit!"

Li Baojun quickly said: What is it? Let alone one, even ten or a hundred would not be a problem. "

Chen Xiang suddenly wanted Li Baojun to help him out by a hundred, but he felt that it was not very good. Originally, he had only planned to let Li Baojun help out, but now, he wanted Li Baojun to stay in his Dragon Subduing School.

"This matter might delay senior one to two years …"

Li Baojun waved his hand and said: "Forget about one or two years, one or two thousand years wouldn't be a problem. With a thing like the Longevity fruit, what kind of time are you arguing with me about?"

Chen Xiang laughed: "That's right, I only wanted Senior to temporarily become my sect's Dan King, because I want to join that Three Realms Talk. If my sect has two Rankers with strength surpassing Nirvana Stage and one Dan King, I can find someone to recommend them to us. As long as the Three Realms Talk is here, we will consider our cooperation as complete. "

"Senior, you should have passed through the Nine Nirvana Tribulations, right?"

Li Baojun replied without thinking, "Of course I passed through the Nine Nirvana Tribulations. Is that all you want me to do? And then you gave me the Longevity fruit? This is too simple! "

"Mhmm, I'm just helping me temporarily."

"Let's not talk about the temporary period, how long will it be alright for us to hang on for?" Right, after you were expelled from Super Martial School, what sect did you join? There is actually a sect that dares to take you in, this sect must be amazing! Why is there a lack of Dan King s? " Only now did Li Baojun start to have doubts. How could he not know about what Chen Xiang had done?

Chen Xiang coughed dryly, and said: "It's called Dragon Subduing School!"

"Dragon Subduing School? Wasn't he planning to fight against the dragon? It is indeed a little sect, who is Leader? Take me to see him! " Li Baojun nodded.

"Leader... Leader is me, I was the one who created this Dragon Subduing School, there are not enough manpower right now, the sect gate is not decided, the property is temporarily gone, but it will be better in the future. Chen Xiang said in embarrassment.

The corner of Li Baojun's eyes twitched: "What kind of sect is this? But come to think of it, I want to try and see what it's like to establish a sect with my own hands! "

"You want to participate in the Three Realms Talk? Could he be here to cause trouble? "

Chen Xiang laughed: "Of course not, I have the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword, I feel that I cannot be absent."

He took out a black fruit and handed it over to Li Baojun, causing him to stare at it blankly. Although the fruit was grey, he recognized that it was the Longevity fruit.

Li Baojun was not stupid, he had already considered joining Chen Xiang. Previously, when Chen Xiang used the name Li Renshan to impersonate Li Tianjun's successor, he was extremely furious. However, after knowing that it was Chen Xiang, and even the precious Heaven level s and elixirs, he guessed that Chen Xiang must have had some sort of fortuitous encounter, and obtained the medicine garden left behind by a great figure.

Right now, Chen Xiang also had a Longevity fruit, so this kind of thing was rare even in the Heaven Realm. If he could use the Longevity fruit to refine the Longevity Pill, he might be a young Dan Immortal.

"Let me say this first, I am just a pill refiner. I don't know how to fight, I don't know how to be a helper!" But I can guarantee that your henchman will have enough pills! So when you're with me, don't make any trouble. " Li Baojun said as he put away the Longevity fruit. For Chen Xiang to give the Longevity fruit to him so quickly meant that she had absolute trust in him.

Chen Xiang nodded his head repeatedly: "Don't worry, Dan King is very important to a sect, I definitely won't do something as foolish as this. Oh right, Elder Li, do you have a better place for us to rest for the time being? "

"It's in a small mountain outside the city. Follow me." said. He had obtained a Celestial Fruit, and now, even if Chen Xiang wanted him to be his helper, he was very willing.

Chen Xiang never thought that a Longevity fruit could recruit a very powerful Dan King. He was also very happy because he still had the Longevity fruit, and if he had the time in the future, he could find several more.

Li Baojun led the way and brought Chen Xiang out of Pill City through the north gate. Just as they left the city, Chen Xiang discovered that there were a few experts with similar strengths coming over, all of them were from the Pill City.

Li Baojun also noticed that, he looked at Chen Xiang, who quickly spread out his hands and said: "I hid my abilities very well, this has nothing to do with me!"

"Leader, if these people want to kill us for our goods, how about we kill them right here?" Li Baojun asked.

Chen Xiang's face revealed a smile, and said: "Elder Li, don't be polite with me, just do as you wish."

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