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Super Yuan Sect Leader did not answer immediately. It was obvious that he knew a little, but he could not tell this Prince Imperial Dragon.

"What is the relationship between the Chaos Fire Token and the missing Chaotic Mountain?" The Prince Imperial Dragon asked.

The people here all knew that Chen Xiang had obtained all seven Chaos Fire Token s many years ago. Before that, these Chaos Fire Token s had all been divided among the various big shots in the Chaotic Mountain.

At this moment, everyone was very concerned about this Chaos Fire Token, because it was surprisingly fast with the Chaos Fire Token being gathered by Chen Xiang, and Chen Xiang was their great enemy. It had to be known that Chen Xiang had already obtained a dragon vein in Di Tian. He was young but his strength was extremely strong, similar to that of the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord s back then.

Since all of you have enmity with Chen Xiang, then I will tell you all this. But you must remember, you must definitely not tell Chen Xiang. Super Yuan Sect Leader thought about it again and again and decided to tell the rest.

Along the way, Chen Xiang also scolded Chen Xiang when he was chatting with others while pretending to be Dongfang Lingyun, so that everyone here knew the grudge between him and Chen Xiang. As such, the Super Yuan Sect Leader didn't mind if he heard about it, not to mention that once he was used, it would be his death date.

"Chen Xiang, this little bastard, once I go to Di Tian, I will definitely tear off his old nest!" Originally, he had been sleeping soundly in the Poison Dragon's Pearl. If he had absorbed the entire Dragon's Pearl's power, he would have been even stronger, but this had been completely destroyed by Chen Xiang.

"If we return successfully, his so-called Dragon Subduing School would be the end of it!" Prince Imperial Dragon's eyes flashed, the three words "Dragon Subduing School" made him feel extremely unhappy, it was clear that he was going against him, Imperial Dragon Race.

Being hated so deeply by so many powerful warriors, Chen Xiang was feeling proud. Not everyone could do such a thing.

The Super Yuan Sect Leader said, "The Chaos Fire Token itself was made from divine iron, moreover, it came from the mysterious Primal Chaos World. There were a total of seven of them, and when the seven enormous Rainbow Stones descended, the Chaos Fire Token was inside those Rainbow Stones. At that time, the experts of the Primal Chaos Clan had to spend several hundred years to obtain the Chaos Fire Token from these stones!"

"After many wars, these s have changed many masters. Chaos Fire Token s are regarded as holy objects of our Primal Chaos Clan's gods. Although we cannot fuse with these Chaos Fire Token s, they can still play a role as a symbol of status."

Super Yuan Sect Leader stopped and let out a long sigh. He stared at Prince Imperial Dragon and said: "To be honest, these seven Chaos Fire Token should have been given to Dragon Emperor s, because only with dragon blood can they integrate them! How Chen Xiang was able to fuse a Chaos Fire Token, I have never been able to understand! "

"He had previously visited the Immortal-poisoning Devil Forest once, and the Poisonous Dragon King died there. He might have soaked the blood of the Poisonous Dragon King within, which was why a trace of dragon blood was left in his body." Three horns Dragon King frowned: "For this kid to be able to stay in Immortal-poisoning Devil Forest so easily, he must have the blood of the Poison Dragon King in his body!"

Prince Imperial Dragon's face became even more gloomy, because he felt that this object belonged to him in the first place!

"Super Yuan Sect Leader, then what is the use of gathering all seven Chaos Fire Token?" one of them asked.

"According to the legends, there are two uses for gathering seven Chaos Fire Token. The first one is to open a passage to the Primal Chaos Realm, but that requires a very powerful force. It requires strength at least at the level of Ten Heavens Supreme Lord or Dragon Emperor! Second, I can condense a Fire Seed of Primal Chaos in my body, and cultivate a Fire of Chaos, but my body needs to be extremely strong, otherwise I won't be able to withstand the Fire Seed of Primal Chaos! "

The Super Yuan Sect Leader patted on Prince Imperial Dragon's shoulder and comforted him: "This is yours to begin with, there will be a chance to take it back!"

Everyone understood Prince Imperial Dragon's feelings at this moment. No matter how they looked at it, this Chaos Fire Token was tailor-made for these holy dragons. It needed dragon blood and a strong body, as well as the Dragon Emperor's strength.

Long Xueyi scoffed: "Bullshit, it should be my Dragon Emperor's, but I was generous and rewarded this little scoundrel!"

Super Yuan Sect Leader looked at the sky in the distance and took a deep breath. With a serious expression, he said, "Of course, Chen Xiang will probably never be able to open the pathway to the Primal Chaos world, nor will he be able to obtain the Fire Seed. He, a human, is unable to do that! What I am worried about is that he will use these seven Chaos Fire Token s to summon out the Nine Heaven Devil Palace.

Chen Xiang's heart skipped a beat. The two uses of Chaos Fire Token could be said to be within his expectations, but that Nine Heaven Devil Palace thing was something he did not expect.

When Nine Heaven Devil Palace was mentioned, the expressions of many old fellows suddenly changed. Even Ji Meixian was the same!

"How could it be Nine Heaven Devil Palace? The Chaos Fire Token is actually related to the Nine Heaven Devil Palace! " The astonishment in Bai Youyou's heart at this moment was the same as those people.

"Nine Heaven Devil Palace, the illusory Demon Palace, the place where countless powerful immortals and devils died. Because it destroyed the experts of the 9th Heaven, it became famous!" Su Meiyao's tone carried a trace of fear: "When the Nine Heaven Devil Palace appeared, Senior Sister and I took a glance from afar and was almost attracted by a mysterious power. It's said that those who went in that time all died!"

Bai Youyou said: "It's all thanks to Ji Meixian, she was chasing and killing us at that time, if not for her sudden appearance, and brought us back to reality, I'm afraid that we would have already entered the Nine Heaven Devil Palace, and now that we think about it, she is really protecting us!"

An expert from the Heaven Realm said: "Rumor has it that the Yu Yi Immortal Fairy and Old Devil Wuqing all went to the Nine Heaven Devil Palace back then. They were once famous human experts, but none of them escaped, and they could not resist the enticement of the Nine Heaven Devil Palace!"

Prince Imperial Dragon nodded his head: "That's right. Not mentioning the human experts, many of the stronger dragons in Imperial Dragon Race have not returned because they went to Nine Heaven Devil Palace! My royal father said that this Demon Palace can confuse people's mind. No matter how determined you are, as long as you look from afar, you will involuntarily walk towards the Demon Palace and enter the Demon Palace! "

"This is the cemetery of a strong cultivator. Every time Nine Heaven Devil Palace appears, countless famous experts would fall, but I heard that although this Nine Heaven Devil Palace is evil, we can still find the Path of God within!"

Super Yuan Sect Leader said: "So we must kill Chen Xiang. If he can summon this Nine Heaven Devil Palace, we will be in danger! Everyone, please do not leak it out! "

Ji Meixian was very clear of how strong this Nine Heaven Devil Palace was, so she did not plan to tell Chen Xiang, but she knew that Chen Xiang was hiding nearby and would definitely hear it.

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