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"Yanran, who is this guy?" Chen Xiang asked. /

Yan Yanran originally did not know who the person who saved him was, but she quickly guessed that this was the Chen Xiang rumored to have unknown life and death within the Ten Heavenly Sacred Mountain! She had heard about the matter of the Dragon Subduing School a few days ago and even occupied one of the dragon veins. At that time, she had even suspected that the Dragon Subduing School was not the one Chen Xiang had established.

Now that Chen Xiang had appeared in front of her, she was convinced that the Dragon Subduing School inside the Evil Dragon Graveyard was definitely established by him.

"A son of the City Lord!" Yan Yanran heaved a sigh of relief. She had originally planned to kill this guy and leave.

Releasing his divine power, Chen Xiang quickly found the City Lord's Mansion within the city. After that, he faced the direction of the City Lord's Mansion and brought up the golden-robed man.


Chen Xiang's snort was like thunder, producing an extremely strong impact. The golden-robed man was struck and sent flying by the powerful impact, flying straight towards the City Lord's Mansion, through many buildings along the way, and finally smashing into City Lord's Mansion's door plaque. Boom!

"Pack up, come with me to find Sister Blue!" Chen Xiang said.

Yan Yanran looked at Chen Xiang with her alluring eyes, her face revealing a smile, but her face quickly darkened: "Something has happened to Lan Lan, I don't know where she is right now! The matter between Lan Lan and I, is a long story! "

Yan Yanran roared, he called back many birds and beasts, and stored them in the profound beast bag. Then, he cleaned up a little, and followed Chen Xiang out of the shop.

Just as they stepped out of the shop, they saw a large group of people surrounding them. All of them were dressed in armor and were extremely powerful, so it was obvious that they were from City Lord's Mansion.

After that, a luxurious carriage slowly drove over. Yan Yanran suddenly held Chen Xiang's hand tightly and said softly: "City Lord is here, City of the King is no longer controlled by the Human Emperor. You must be careful."

was surprised that the City of the King was not controlled by the Human King himself. However, he was not worried about the City Lord, as he had only endured four or five Nirvana Tribulations and was not a threat to him at all.

"You were the one who injured my son?" The City Lord sat in the carriage and asked indifferently, his voice carried a trace of anger, looking at him, it looked as though he could kill Chen Xiang with a slap.

"That's right, you don't have to thank me for sparing your life, the reason why I beat him at City Lord's Mansion's doorstep is to lure you out!" Chen Xiang said indifferently.

"Impudent! Take him down!" Although his strength could not be considered to be at the top, but if one relied on relations, many experts would still give him face.

Chen Xiang sneered, he opened up both of his arms, and released a low grunt. The people rushing towards him were suddenly blocked by something, and it was as though they had struck a sturdy wall.

"This group of punks, don't hinder me, get lost!" Chen Xiang bellowed, a gust of wind surged out from his mouth, transforming into a golden dragon that bared its fangs and brandished its claws, enveloping the soldiers in an earth-shattering manner.

"How dare you resist in front of me!" City Lord bellowed, he controlled the carriage and rushed towards Chen Xiang.

"I am the City Lord of the City of the King. You have resisted me and made many other powers of the City of the King your enemy. You do not know what's good for you." When the carriage arrived, the City Lord let out a wave of cold sneers.

Yan Yanran was not the least bit worried about Chen Xiang. Someone who could survive the Ten Heavenly Sacred Mountain, definitely did not need to worry about her.

The strong and sturdy horses crashed against a transparent wall, with their heads bleeding from the impact. If not for the City Lord using his Innate Qi to stabilize the carriage, the carriage would have fallen apart.

"You are courting death. I was just worried that you would not have anything for me to train with!" A gold light suddenly shot out from between Chen Xiang's eyebrows, the dense divine power suddenly surged out, following that, his body ignited in flames, which flew out from his body and turned into a fire dragon, flying towards the carriage.

City Lord was shocked, because he realised that he was inside a seal and that there were invisible walls all around him. He could not even release his power, and he suddenly realised that the person in front of him was very strong, and he even had a strange technique.

The flames released by Chen Xiang had wrapped up the carriage, turning it into a ball of fire, floating in mid air and burning it, while the City Lord inside was wailing frantically. If one looked carefully, they would see that the scene was similar to that of the Alchemist!

That's right, Chen Xiang was using the Heavenly Alchemy!

The Heavenly Alchemy could refine all living things in the world, and naturally, it also included people. Of course, Chen Xiang did not want to refine people into pellets right now, he did not have that kind of ability.

The big battle that had happened here had alarmed many people, and it was the City Lord himself who had come out to fight. However, when many experts arrived, they saw the strange scene in the sky. A huge ball of flame was floating in the sky, burning fiercely like a medicinal herb in a furnace.

The Magic method furnace that Chen Xiang had released was extremely huge, it could hold a horse carriage! His flames were extremely terrifying, and for people with similar strength as him, it was difficult for them to resist the Heaven fire that he summoned with all his strength. In just a few moves, City Lord was already severely injured.

These things in the carriage were all impurities and were quickly melted away. The Innate Qi and the flesh within the City Lord gradually separated, the refined Innate Qi turned into a ball of white mist and rose to the top of the pill furnace, while the flesh also turned into white ash that contained pure energy, fusing with the Innate Qi.

Chen Xiang never thought that it would actually be possible to refine a person into a pill, but he still felt that he was missing something, and controlling it was also very difficult.


Chen Xiang's gigantic pill furnace had exploded. This was the explosion of a Nirvana stage expert, its power was boundless and many shops were affected, if not for the Magic method furnace blocking it, countless of deaths would have been caused!

City of the King was immediately shaken, the center area was shrouded in a layer of dense Innate Qi energy, it was completely filled with white mist, and a large group of experts rushed over.

"Hurry up!" Chen Xiang pulled Yan Yanran, stepped on the Shrinking step, and disappeared in the smoke.

Yan Yanran had seen Chen Xiang use Magic method furnace to refine pills. Even if she was not proficient in pill refining, she could tell that Chen Xiang had treated the City Lord as a pill and had almost succeeded. However, she was still unable to control herself in the end and caused the furnace to explode!

This caused her heart to be filled with shock. She did not expect that Chen Xiang had actually mastered the heaven defying ability of refining living people into pills. If this were to spread out, he would definitely be hunted down by the different realms, because this was something that the heavens could not tolerate.

Chen Xiang originally only planned to refine that guy to death, but then he suddenly felt that he could succeed, and then he tried it. Who knew that it would work, and it was just that he was worried about being discovered, so he didn't have the heart to continue, and in the end caused an explosion.

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