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For three days and three nights, he could not bear to not eat or drink.

Long Fei came to the Furong Restaurant very early on and started to eat.

The leopard girl laid out on the table as she watched Long Fei wolf it down and laughed.

However, jojo was very anxious, "Young Master, do you think you've succeeded in improving it? This is related to the reputation of the Long Family, and I heard that the Grand Elder and the Patriarch are prepared to take action."

"If anyone dares to force you to kneel, they will make a move."

"The Long family never kneels to anyone."

Long Fei's mouth was stuffed with a bun, he was holding onto two buns and looked at the stage not too far away from it.

Long Fei smiled slightly and said: "Have you guys eaten an overlord's meal before?"


"Wow, Big Brother Long Fei, what do you mean by 'Overlord's Dinner'? It's very exciting to hear it. Is it delicious? "

The two girls were stunned.

At this moment.

Just then, Long Fei walked to the window and the two girls followed.

A waiter just happened to pass by and heard them. He immediately rushed into the room, raised his sleeves and shouted, "Innkeeper, someone wants to eat an overbearing meal."

"Brat, what do you think this place is? You want to eat an overlord's meal right? I …"

At this moment.

Carrying one in each hand, Long Fei directly jumped down from the window in the pavilion and shouted, "Wa, oh …"

The shop assistant was dumbfounded.

"You want to die?"

A dozen or so waiters rushed into the room with a spatula, an iron pot, a washbasin, and a large radish in their arms. "Where are the people eating the overlord's meal?"

At this moment.

"Roar …"

A dragon roared.

In the instant that Long Fei jumped, ice and fire was summoned, and directly caught Long Fei and the other two, and flew towards the sky.

"Hahaha …"

"Big brother Long Fei, you're so handsome." The leopard girl was not afraid at all while standing on the dragon's back. She laughed out loud. Wandering in the sky had always been her dream.

However, jojo was different. She hugged Long Fei tightly and said: "Young Master, Young Master, it's too high. Dangerous, it's too dangerous."

"Hahaha …"

A peerless beauty in one hand while riding a giant dragon … just how domineering was that?

At this moment.

Everyone below the stage was looking up at the sky, completely ignoring Fu Tianqiu's blabbering and clamoring.

"So handsome."

"Riding on a giant dragon and flirting with chicks, this is f * cking hell. This is my dream for so many years."

"Too handsome, he seems to have married Long Fei. Too handsome."

"Hahaha... "Good boy."

… ….

Being bewitched to death by a group of young ladies, and how the young geniuses who disregarded everything were jealous enough to spurt fire, Long Fei was too cool.

Who could be so flamboyant as him?

Other people's mounts are at most low-level monsters, what is he riding? It was an incomparably tall dragon.

Everyone was discussing Long Fei.

This made Fu Tianqiu extremely unhappy, his voice sunk as he roared at Long Fei who was still in the air pretending to be cool: "Long Fei, are you trying to escape?"

"If you dare to run away, then you will lose. If you don't fulfill the bet, then your Long Family will be punished by the Fengyuan Merchant Union. I will make your Long Family …"

Not waiting for him to finish.

Long Fei moved, "Ice and Fire!"

The Ice Fire Dragon roared loudly and said, "Understood!"


Long Fei grinned and laughed excitedly: "Sit properly!"

The ice and fire suddenly retracted its wings and swooped down vertically.

"Ahh …"

"Ahh …" jojo's four limbs hung from Long Fei's body, and he started to shout loudly, "Young Master, it's dangerous, it's dangerous!"

The leopard girl was also incomparably wild. She even wanted to dance on the dragon's back.

One was fanaticism, the other fear.

Just like ice and fire.

Of course.

There was another shadow.

Long Fei laughed uncontrollably and said, "Others would faint, but you would pass out, hahaha..."

"He's here!"

"He's here!"

"Everyone, quickly get out of the way. That giant dragon is about to fall."

The arena was in a state of panic as it watched the colossal dragon spin in the air and plummet to the ground. The dragon was about to destroy a person and kill a person!

Fu Tianqiu was also extremely frightened, as he was forced to retreat.

This was the first time he had seen a true dragon, and the shock in his heart was incomparable.

The faces of Nangong Lei, Zhuge Tianlong and the others also changed drastically.

The dragon's influence was too great.

They knew that Long Fei was acting cool in their hearts, making them extremely unhappy, but they didn't have the slightest temper.

The more unhappy people were, the more Long Fei liked to do it.

As long as others were unhappy, he would be satisfied.

It was just like Nangong Yan, the more she wanted to cancel the engagement, the less she wanted to break it off, the angrier she got.


Bang! With a loud noise, the ice and fire firmly landed on the stage. As he spread out his wings, his body seemed to become many times larger as his two golden eyes stared fixedly at Fu Tianqiu who was not far away from his feet.

It was also at this time.

The ice fire was enraged, and it let out a fierce roar. "Wuuuuuuuu …."

Fu Tianqiu was so scared that he directly fell to the ground, his body trembling non-stop, cold sweat pouring down like rain.

He was scared to the point of peeing!

The leopard girl flipped over in the air, and landed beside Long Fei. She giggled, "Big Brother Long Fei, it's really too much fun."

jojo's face was pale as she said: "I won't play anymore."

Two women.

Any one of their beautiful faces was stronger than Nangong Yan by a bit.

The leopard girl's wildness and jojo's gentleness, the two of them standing by Long Fei's side, made countless of boys and girls despair.


"Giant dragon, all the women were taken by him alone, I hate you!"

"What the hell do you hate? I hate it! Why is it that the one sitting on the dragon's back isn't me?"

"You, a fatty over 200 jin in weight, will definitely crush that dragon."

… ….

Long Fei patted his fire and ice.

Ice and fire fiercely rose into the sky, until it disappeared, and then also entered Long Fei's mount space.

Long Fei walked to Fu Tianqiu's side, looked at his wet crotch, and said: "Yo, Pavillion Master Fu, you scared to the point of peeing?"

The leopard girl pinched her nose and said, "Big brother Long Fei, you're still spitting out feces from fright. So smelly, so smelly."

Long Fei shouted loudly: "Pavillion Master Fu has been scared to the point of spitting out feces, to the point of spitting out feces, it's really smelly, Pavillion Master Fu, did you eat feces last night?"

The leopard girl pulled jojo and said: "Sister jojo, let's go quickly. This place is so smelly, even such a big person was scared to the point of pooping. It's really unsanitary."

Many people below the arena burst into laughter.

"I was scared shitless."

"Hahaha... The Fengyuan Merchant Union is too cowardly. " http ://>

"Laughing my ass off."

Fu Tianqiu's eyes were blazing with fire.

As if he had been slapped ruthlessly by Long Fei, his eyes locked onto Long Fei, and said while grinding his teeth: "Long Fei, I will let you have an easy time later, prepare to die!"

Right now, he wanted to kill Long Fei.

Chapter VII

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