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As the Demon Empress of the Demon Charming Association, Lv Qinlian was a poison expert, and there were many strong warriors in the Heaven Realm who were afraid of her. If they knew that she had something like the Magical corruption gas, those people who hated her for a long time would definitely help, so Chen Xiang was not afraid that she would reveal this secret.

"You really have a lot of beads!" Chen Xiang had sent many Magical corruption gas in, but he still felt that there was a lot of space inside.

"I'm afraid for all these years, only you dared to store Magical corruption gas in your body! If you are going to use it, you must be careful, being discovered is not a joke, even someone as strong as Bai Ziqian would have to run for their lives! Lv Qinlian said.

"Is Bai Ziqian very strong?" From her tone, it seemed that Bai Ziqian was much stronger than her.

"Of course she's very strong, she's my senior. She disappeared for so many years and reappeared in the Heaven Realm, causing a stir in the Three Great Heaven Realm s, but I don't know why she used Magical corruption gas to kill an Immortal King. After that, she became wanted by the Three Great Heaven Realm s." Lv Qinlian sighed lightly, "Otherwise, I would have been able to exchange pointers with her."

"Is that immortal king very powerful?" Chen Xiang asked again. He guessed that the Immortal King that Bai Ziqian had killed should be related to Bai Youyou and Bai Ziqian had been befriended by him. Although the relationship between the two sisters seemed very cold, the deep down their hearts were indeed very deep.

"Of course it's powerful, that's the king among the immortals. Although I'm called the Demon Empress, it's only because I used poison Wushuang, and I still have a distance away from the Immortal King in terms of strength. Otherwise, Bai Ziqian wouldn't have used the Magical corruption gas to kill the Immortal King." Lv Qinlian looked at the pearl in Chen Xiang's palm. The light emitting from the pearl was getting brighter and brighter, which meant that there were more and more Magical corruption gas inside.

Bai Ziqian is still a bit away from becoming a Celestial King, but it's extremely difficult to kill that Celestial King, so the only way is to use the Magical corruption gas! "" That's right! Lv Qinlian extended her jade hand, and said: "It's already full, this is enough for me to use for a very long time! To be able to get this much in one go, it truly is not easy! "

Lv Qinlian was very happy, although Magical corruption gas s were taboo, there were still many poison masters that had gotten their hands on them. It was just that none of them had been discovered, but not every poison master had the chance to obtain so many.

Chen Xiang also received the Holy Lotus Seed. This transaction had also made him very happy, so he hadn't lost anything.

"It can't be that I've emptied you out, right?" Lv Qinlian put away the pearl and smiled sweetly.

"Of course not, even if I have the time, I can still go to the Demon and Devil Sinkhole to gather them, there is no end to it!" Chen Xiang laughed: "You better be careful of this Magical corruption gas, don't kill yourself, although I am not afraid of this, but I have seen many people die from this."

Lv Qinlian laughed tenderly: "Those people were all killed by you, right? I didn't expect you to also be a poison expert, no wonder you aren't afraid of me! Oh yes, I heard from Gu Dongchen that you are also selling pills, and that there are a lot of rare and precious herbs in Demon Charming Association, so eating them directly is not as effective as selling pills. "

"You can look for Hua Xiangyue in the Dan Fragrance Pure Land. She is my junior nephew, and is also a very powerful Alchemist. When you go look for him, just say that I let you go!" Chen Xiang wanted Hua Xiangyue and the Demon Empress to get on good terms with each other. In the future, Dan Fragrance Pure Land would follow his example and those ancient powers would not dare to make a move against them.

"Oh right, why did you ask me about Bai Ziqian? You know her? " Lv Qinlian was very curious about this, he had only become famous in the Heaven Realm many years ago, but Chen Xiang actually knew about it.

"I just happened to pick up an ancient book from time to time, and it records that this venomous witch had once used a Magical corruption gas. Thus, I was curious to find out, I want to use a Magical corruption gas more appropriately." Chen Xiang casually made up a reason.

"That's true, many years ago, Bai Ziqian had a Magical corruption gas." Lv Qinlian nodded his head, "If I meet her in the future, I will tell her the difference between us. You know so many Magical corruption gas, she will definitely be very interested in you."

Lv Qinlian still wanted to protect the Fey girl that she brought with her, so she didn't chat with Chen Xiang for too long and left the valley together with him. Chen Xiang also wanted to go find Duan Chong and the others.

"If you have the chance in the future, you must come to our Demon Charming Association!" Lv Qinlian laughed.

"I'm afraid I've been bewitched by your little demoness!" Chen Xiang laughed.

Just as they were about to separate, the dark clouds in the sky suddenly pressed down, and a massive black beast fell down like a giant boulder, smashing into the ground and producing a loud 'bang' sound. In the blink of an eye, the ground was covered by a dense mass of Sky Demons, like a black tide, crazily rushing towards a single direction.

"These things actually fell from the sky?" Chen Xiang looked at the Sky Demon that was still falling from the sky and was a little surprised.

"Mm, there are a lot of them. I don't know how they came about, but their overall strength isn't weak either. Every time, hundreds of thousands of Heavenly Demons would descend." Lv Qinlian looked into the distance: "That place isn't where our Demon Charming Association is. There doesn't seem to be any forces gathering there, why are there so many Sky Demons passing by?"

"Then I must go and take a look!" Chen Xiang needed to kill a large number of Sky Demons, and the energy source stones inside the Sky Demon's body would allow him to quickly raise his Innate Qi.

"Be careful!" Lv Qinlian was not that worried, because Chen Xiang could kill Heaven Devil King.

Chen Xiang hid within the black clouds in the sky and looked at the tens of thousands of enormous Sky Demons on the ground that were like a surging tide.

"This aura is very familiar, could it be …" Chen Xiang's body suddenly trembled. "It's the little baldy! Why is he here? "

This was Wu Kaiming's aura, and he was the only one fighting there!

Chen Xiang immediately increased his speed and flew towards the place where the great battle was taking place. Wu Kaiming was indeed stronger than him, but to deal with this kind of Sky Demon, he would need to be stronger than most of the other Rankers.

Very quickly, he saw that Wu Kaiming was covered in blood, and was fighting with a man with three heads and six arms. That man should be the Sky Demon Emperor, no doubt, just a Sovereign King.

"The little baldy can't beat the Heaven Devil King, and there are so many little Sky Demons around!" Chen Xiang looked at the Heaven Devil King with three heads and six arms. This Heaven Devil King's body was covered in a layer of green-black skin, and was very tall and thin. However, those three arms were extremely flexible and powerful.

The strength of these three Sky Demons were very strong, and Wu Kaiming could barely defend against them. However, as the countless Sky Demons came closer, Wu Kaiming found it harder and harder to do so.

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