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Chen Xiang's shop was empty. There were only four people inside, and no matter how they looked at it, it did not seem like they were going to open a large pill shop. Everyone looked at it, and felt like they had been cheated.

Taking out the Liuyuan azure Dan was the best proof. Chen Xiang took out a transparent crystal box and inside it were pieces of Liuyuan azure Dan that were glowing with a green light. As long as one knew what kind of person was inside, they could tell the quality from the luster of the immortal pills.

Seeing the dozens of Liuyuan azure Dan, everyone immediately quietened down.

Now that the doubts in everyone's hearts had been dispelled, what they were worried about was the matter of purchasing, because there were thousands of people and only 45 Liuyuan azure Dan.

"With so many people, how are you going to sell?" a man asked.

Chen Xiang had already thought about it long ago, there were four to five thousand people here, but there were only a few hundred people who actually wanted to buy them, or even fewer.

"Those friends who truly need to purchase Liuyuan azure Dan, please raise your hands." Chen Xiang shouted.

Indeed, it was as he had guessed, only two hundred or so people raised their hands. Then, he had Long Xueyi give all of them a wooden tablet, and when she released her divine power, she carved a number on them.

Chen Xiang pointed to a large vat beside him, and said: "Every time I take out a bead from inside, there will always be a number inside. At that time, everyone can have a match with the wooden plate in your hands, and the number is just like the book on the bead that I drew out, you can buy a Liuyuan azure Dan, a twenty million jin Holy stone, one pill."

"Friends who haven't bought one yet, don't be discouraged. We still have a few thousand low-grade immortal pills. When the time comes, friends with wooden tokens will be the first to buy it."

High levelled pellets were very rare right now, and although they could be bought from the Super Holy School, they were one fold more expensive than the ones from Chen Xiang. If they could buy them here, they could save twenty million kilograms of Holy stone s.

Chen Xiang inserted his hand into the bottle of beads and casually grabbed one out. Everyone could see that there was a flashing red number inside the transparent pearl, it was 120.

"Hehe, good luck. The first one is me." A chubby middle-aged man laughed as he raised the wooden signboard in his hand and pushed his way through the crowd.

Chen Xiang took out a Liuyuan azure Dan and placed it into a jade bottle. The fat middle-aged man also gave Chen Xiang a Storage bag, and inside the bottle, there was a 20 million jin Holy stone.

Then, Chen Xiang quickly continued to sell thirty-five pills.

"Nine." Chen Xiang took out a bead and shouted.

An old man raised the wooden tablet in his hands, and just as he was about to walk over, Long Xueyi shouted, "You don't have to come up."

When Long Xueyi said this, Chen Xiang immediately understood that this elder was definitely from Super Holy School.

"Why?" The old man asked angrily, "Are you not planning to sell it?"

Chen Xiang sneered: "You must be from the Super Holy School."

In this Saint realm, everyone would stay away from those from Super Holy School. Although they did not say anything on the surface, deep in their hearts, they hated the Super Holy School, and the pills that everyone relied on to raise their strength were extremely expensive, and it was because of the Super Holy School that they were obstructing them.

"That's right, so what if I'm from the Super Holy School?" The old man's face was ice-cold as he said, "You guys aren't going to act shamelessly, are you?"

Chen Xiang said: "I am just a small Alchemist, but I am not afraid of your Super Holy School. One of the reasons why I am selling the Liuyuan azure Dan at such a low price is to protest the fact that your Super Holy School is raising the price so high, so we will definitely not sell this kind of cheap immortal pellet to people like you. We do not welcome you."

Now, everyone understood why there were people selling the Liuyuan azure Dan at such a low price and with the support of Yan City.

Everyone secretly praised him in their hearts, but they were worried for Chen Xiang. This was a blatant provocation on Super Holy School, with Super Holy School's great momentum, after being provoked like this, he would definitely not let things rest.

"Number nine is invalid." Chen Xiang crushed the pearl.

That old man was furious. He, Super Holy School, was currently running rampant in the Sacred Domain, but now he was being looked down upon by others.

"Since you're so shameless, then don't blame me for being unreasonable. I'll give you another chance, if you don't buy the Liuyuan azure Dan for me, you will have to bear the consequences." The killing intent on the old man's face was obvious. He clenched his fists tightly, as if he was ready to attack at any moment.

Chen Xiang's expression was solemn, and her ice-cold voice carried intense killing intent: "I've already said this before, I definitely won't sell it to someone from the Super Holy School. If you dare cause trouble here, you have to bear the consequences."

Feeling the intense killing intent coming from the two, everyone dispersed, leaving a large space for them to defend against the shockwaves.

"Die for me." The old man roared, an extremely strong pressure spreading out in the surroundings, all the stone bricks on the street jumped up and down, the might was terrifying, one look was enough to tell that he was an extraordinary person in Super Holy School.

Super Holy School who was used to being overbearing would frequently kill people in public because of some small matters. It would be strange if this person, who was provoked by Chen Xiang like this, didn't make a move.

Everyone was still immersed in the old man's oppressing fear, so Chen Xiang had already left his original place. With an extremely fast speed, he traveled through space and instantly arrived beside the old man.

The old man had just waved his hand and wanted to slash at Chen Xiang, but who knew that Chen Xiang's speed would be so terrifying, before he could even make a move, he had already launched an attack.

"Since you dare to cause trouble here, don't blame me for it." As Chen Xiang spoke, a pair of iron fists violently struck the elder's body, instantly releasing dozens of punches, hitting the elder's body, and producing a dull thumping sound.

Chen Xiang restrained his aura by using only a bit of divine power and the strength of his body, which made the power of his two fleshly fists boundless. In addition to the extremely quick speed at which he punched out, even space was almost torn apart, creating unstable ripples.

The old man was struck by Chen Xiang's fist in an instant. His body did not even have time to fly, before it split open and turned into a blood red mist, but even so, the energy released by Chen Xiang's fist still had a strong aftershock, penetrating into the ground and causing half of Yan City to tremble for a moment.

Everyone was intimidated by this, they were dumbstruck, and immediately turned such a strong old man from Super Holy School into a blood mist.

Smelling the fishy smell that permeated the air, everyone couldn't help but shiver. Cold sweat trickled down their backs.

"Let us wait. Let us continue." Chen Xiang smiled faintly to everyone, and then continued to grab the pearl to draw numbers.

There were still a few Super Holy School's people hiding here, and they were all scared stiff. None of them dared to make any movements, fearing that if they were discovered, they would suffer the same fate as the old man just now.

Long Xueyi kept his eyes on the people from the Super Holy School, all to prevent them from sending any messages to him, but the old man just now was not weak, if he died, Super Holy School would immediately know.

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