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Chapter 1126 - Fighting on Many Fronts

"You do not need to try." Nimitz was really resolute.

Ouyang Shuo smiled, "General, do you not want to see what crushed the Free Squadron?"

Nimitz froze. As expected, he was baited, and he subconsciously asked, "You're talking about the submarine?"

"More accurately speaking, it's a magic powered submarine, and we are the only one that has it." Previously, it was mentioned that Nimitz was a submarine expert before he joined the navy.

There was no way he was not curious about the magic powered submarines.

"Even if general is not willing to work in the Great Xia navy, we still have the navy academy. If you agree to be a lecturer, I'll allow you to participate in the construction of the magic powered submarine and even the modification and development. How about that?" Ouyang Shuo raised up his terms.

In history, Nimitz had a lot of experience in being a lecturer. If he entered the navy academy, there would be great use for him, and it would be a blessing for the Great Xia navy.

Nimitz was tempted.

In the game world, there were no chances of trading or releasing prisoners. If one was captured, one would be locked up till the game ended or executed.

Neither was something that he wanted.

Why would Nimitz want to squander his second life in the game?

"Ok, I agree!"

Nimitz was truly a decisive person. He was really frank, unlike the easterners.

Ouyang Shuo smiled in delight.

11th month, 4th day, Xia Palace, Wuying Hall.

Ouyang Shuo gathered up the ministers to discuss the specific arrangements of the Battle of Luzon.

The Grand Council rotated minister and Dragon Legion Corps marshal Baiqi, Military Affairs Minister Du Ruhui, Navy Admiral Zheng He, Guards Legion Corps Marshal Huo Qubing, City Protection Legion Corps Marshal Shi Wanshui, Hanoi Legion Corps Marshal Xue Rengui, Emperor Squadron Fleet Admiral Zhou Yu, Yashan Squadron Fleet Admiral Yu Dayou, and Indian Ocean Fleet Admiral Yanhuo Yaonie were all gathered.

Administrative Mentor Court Advisor Jia Xu was also present.

"The Battle of Luzon will involve Luzon, Java, and Australia; they will all be dragged into this. Do any of you have a good idea regarding how to take down Luzon?" Ouyang Shuo asked.

The biggest headache was Java.

In reality, this region was not important, but in the game world, it was doing really well with its 20 million population. It was a giant of Asia.

Luzon itself was not weak, and the two added together made things difficult.

If it were not for Ouyang Shuo using the cover of the country war month ending to take down a city of Luzon and obtain a frontline base, they would have no way to begin the Battle of Luzon.

Even so, this battle could not be dragged on.

Along with the rise of TWP, the world was going to experience a reshuffling.

Under such an uncertain background, Great Xia could make concessions regarding the America and Africa regions but definitely not the Asia region. Not only that, but they also had to quicken their conquering of Asia.

"We need to control ASEAN before TWP becomes stronger."

This battle was going to be tough, but they had no choice to fight it. As a result, Ouyang Shuo gathered up this strongest lineup. For this battle, the Guards Legion Corps, City Protection Legion Corps, Dragon Legion Corps, Hanoi legion corps, and the three squadrons participated.

This could be considered a small-scale country tilting battle.

The first to speak was the appointed advisor, Jia Xu, "Be it Luzon or Java, they have a similarity, which is that they are made of many islands. This is their strength and also how our army is going to breakthrough. The Battle of Annan and Japan have proved that attacking from many points is really effective against such countries, and we can continue using that."

All the generals thought that this would be the gist of it.

"Next would be how to prevent Java from interfering." Jia Xu continued, "Based on the Battle Map rules, Java can only send over their territory armies from the sea or via teleportation."

As Jia Xu said that, Navy Admiral Zheng He stepped in, "The Yashan Squadron can lock down the Celebes sea between Java and Luzon to cut off assistance from the ocean."

Be it the Luzon squadron or the Java squadron, they had both been badly crushed by the Great Xia squadron. Till date, they still had not recovered. Even if they worked together, they were not the opponents of Great Xia.

Hence, Zheng He was so confident.

Jia Xu nodded and smiled, "That leaves teleportation as the only way."

Luzon's main territory Lloilo City was located in the Visayas islands in the middle of Luzon. If the Java territory participated right away, it would mean that Luzon would have two main battlefields.

One would be Luzon island, where the imperial city Manila was at, and the other would be the Visayas island.

"To reduce the uncertainty, it is best if we focus on Lloilo City to stop any reinforcements from Java. After which, we will destroy Manila." Jia Xu suggested.

Attacking Lloilo was not any easier than taking down Manila.

Manila had 800 thousand guards, whilst Lloilo had a 400 thousand territory army defending it. Java was even more terrifying, as it had a million territory troops.

Whether Lloilo was easy to take down or not depended on the determination of Java Lord Uwais.

The only good news was that during the previous Battle of Laoag, the Baiqi led Dragon Legion Corps had wiped out 100 thousand Luzon troops, weakening the power of Lloilo.

Baiqi, who had been keeping quiet, suddenly said, "Fighting on two fronts is too uncertain."

When Jia Xu heard that, he did not have any good plans all of a sudden.

When Ouyang Shuo heard that, he frowned, "Since Java is the biggest uncertainty in this battle, let's find a way to make this uncertainty the smallest. Let's not just focus on the Luzon battlefield."

An all-out battle did not have room for so many uncertainties.

Especially when the TWP was forcing his hand. At such a time, Great Xia needed to take down Luzon at the smallest price possible. If both sides suffered heavy losses, even if he took down Luzon, it would only be good for Jack.

As for the specific strategy, Jia Xu and the others were naturally better at it. However, Ouyang Shuo's strategic foresight was something that no one could compare to.

Seeing the meeting enter a stalemate, only then did Ouyang Shuo raise this point.

Everyone present was really smart people and understood right away. Jia Xu was the first to react and said, "So the king is saying to put Luzon and Java in one same category?"

"Not only Java but also Australia. This region that forced us to the edge has a 100 thousand strong army. Who can confirm they will not take a gamble?" Ouyang Shuo reminded.

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