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After entering the Holy City, Long Huishan had made his way here, which was very eye-catching. When she had left, the shop she was staying caught on fire, and the news of Long Song seizing power was spread throughout the entire Holy City. Long Song had even personally gone to chase after Long Huishan, but he had not returned yet.

But now, Long Huishan had actually returned, and was even swaggering down the street, with the aura of an Immortal King, shaking the streets till no one could speak. That terrifying pressure, had already let many people know, Long Huishan obtained the inheritance of the Ice Dragon in the Dragon Cave!

Long Huishan had become an Immortal King, and a female Immortal King! This news immediately shook the entire Sacred City, and all the Sacred Dan Realm here! Normally, the immortal kings of the Long family would be called the dragon kings, but they had never seen a Female Dragon King before, so Long Huishan would be the Long family's first Female Dragon King, and also the first female patriarch!

Chen Xiang also became famous, although he planned to keep a low profile, Long Huishan insisted that he follow her into the city, and even if his identity was revealed, he would not let anyone else touch him.

Of course, Chen Xiang used a completely different appearance, but some people recognized that he was the one who pulled out the Ice dragon sword. Many people immediately surmised that the reason why Long Huishan obtained the Ice Dragon's inheritance was likely because he had pulled out the Ice dragon sword. Otherwise, after so many years, the inheritance in the Dragon Cave would have disappeared a long time ago.

Outside the dragon's gate, many people had faces full of fear when they heard about this. When Long Huishan arrived at the main entrance, he had already seen many people running out in a panic.

Looking at their faces, Long Huishan frowned. She waved her hand, and a burst of ice arrows shot out, all of them piercing into the throats of these people. These people were all people who betrayed Long Song, he would not let them live.

After entering the Long family, there were already more than ten elders respectfully welcome them with chills down their spines, because Long Huishan was extraordinary now. Not only was he a Female Dragon King, he had also received the inheritance of the Ice Dragon Grandmaster.

Long Huishan sat on the Patriarch's Dragon throne at the head of the hall, and threw out a few heads, which belonged to Long Song and the elders!

"I know that the reason you all didn't help my father back then was because you were threatened. You all have your own difficulties, so I can forgive you all!" I have already killed all those who were willing to follow Long Song. I am now the Patriarch of the Long family, and I will not destroy the Long family, but instead continue to revitalize it. In the future, I will have to trouble the elders! "

"However, if there is anyone who is disloyal to the Long family, or wants to learn from Long Song, I feel that they will be killed without question!"

At first, they were all because of Long Song holding onto their families, and their strengths were not as good as Long Song's. Even if they had to help, they would still be killed, and they felt extremely guilty towards this matter. Now that Long Huishan had let them go, they were very touched, they had already decided to follow this Female Dragon King until their deaths!

These elders were all once Long Huishan's seniors, but once Long Huishan gained strength, they treated him like their ancestor. This world was where strength reigned supreme!

Long Huishan was now the Long family's patriarch, but she didn't really care about the trifling matters of the Long family. She would leave them to the elders, and only if there were some important matters that required her to make a decision, or if there were powerful people who dared to provoke the Long family, would she step in.

Chen Xiang was currently an esteemed guest of the Long family, and he also had many privileges, such that even the elders would have to be respectful to him. Of course, this also caused some people to be jealous, but they did not dare say anything. Because Long Huishan was no longer a weak woman like before, and no one dared to offend her.

"Tomorrow night, the other three great clans as well as some of the major powers will come to congratulate me on becoming the new clan leader. Are you going to participate?" Long Huishan asked.

Chen Xiang was currently living in the same house as Long Huishan. The Long family was a huge villa with countless courtyards, but only the area that Long Huishan was in was the most heavily guarded. Only a few people could freely enter and leave.

"I'm not going. I don't want to be recognized!" Chen Xiang said.

Right now he was using his own appearance, and Long Huishan had actually asked him to do so because Long Huishan wanted to see what he looked like. After looking at him, Long Huishan didn't want him to change his appearance again, she said that he looked very pleasing to the eye.

"Are you sure you don't want to go? There will definitely be many beauties tonight, don't you want to go over and take a look? " Long Huishan laughed, her face filled with an ambiguous look.

"No matter how beautiful she is, she isn't as beautiful as you, elder sister. As long as I can see you, I feel that it's enough!" Chen Xiang laughed mischievously.

"Your mouth is so sweet, go busy yourself! The medicinal herbs that you requested will be here soon, and I'll get someone to pick the best one for you! " Long Huishan laughed and left the house.

Chen Xiang entered a secret room and asked: "Little Naughty Dragon, are you alright? It's been a few days, have you not recovered? "

"It's good now. I only digested it after eating a little more." Long Xueyi yawned as if he had just woken up.

Now, Chen Xiang finally had a chance to open the Treasure Chest. There were a total of three treasure chests, but he couldn't really tell what was inside even if he used the Chaos Divine Eye, so he casually chose one.

After opening a treasure box, the Ice dragon sword's power would be consumed and would need to be replenished before it could open again. Long Xueyi had said that it would take a very long time to replenish it.

"If we consume the power of the Ice dragon sword, can we summon out the ice dragon? That guy said that this sword can summon one of his clones out. " Chen Xiang was worried that after opening the treasure chest, the sword would become crippled.

"Of course you can. The avatar of the ice dragon is sealed inside this sword. If you need it, you just need to summon the sword!" Long Xueyi said: "Get ready, I will lend you my power later!"

Every time he fused with Long Xueyi's power, Chen Xiang would feel extreme pain. Since he had no way of resolving this issue, the only thing he could do was endure.

"Ice Dragon bless you! Please don't be such a bullsh * t!"

Chen Xiang thought to himself. Actually, he was very worried that the ice dragon would open these three treasure chests, and then immediately put the items inside. If that was really the case, he would definitely summon the ice dragon's external body, and curse it violently.

He took out a treasure chest, inserted the Ice dragon sword into the hole, and shouted at Long Xueyi: "Let's begin!"

Long Xueyi channeled his energy into Chen Xiang's body, and when he felt the energy that Long Xueyi had released rush into his body, he rotated the Ice dragon sword greatly. A golden light immediately shone from the Ice dragon sword's sheath, allowing him to clearly see the small Spirit grain s on the sword sheath.

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