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Zhou Fei discovered that the power in his body was flowing towards Chen Xiang. He was immediately enraged and kicked at Chen Xiang's abdomen, but a burst of power surged out from Chen Xiang's body, blocking his kick.

"Do you think I didn't manage to get anything from that Heaven Stairway?" Chen Xiang sneered: "Climbing that Heaven Stairway, I have lost a large amount of precious medicinal herbs, but my harvest was even bigger, allowing me to have a deeper understanding of the hidden power in my body."

Chen Xiang used the Devil-suppressing magic power to increase his strength and both of his hands to increase his strength. With a "kacha" sound, the bones on Zhou Fei's wrists were crushed, causing him to scream out in pain and kick Chen Xiang crazily.

He had walked up from the Heaven Stairway, and had unintentionally unleashed all the potential in his body. He believed that he could now use the soul inside the Killing-god heart to control the terrifying sword thrust out of his body.

Zhou Fei was firmly frozen by Chen Xiang. He roared, cursed, and continuously kicked at Chen Xiang, but he was blocked by the force of Chen Xiang's body. The speed at which the energy in his body flowed into Chen Xiang became faster and faster.

The power of Zhou Fei's copy of Chen Xiang was just as strong. Chen Xiang did not know why it was so strange, but Zhou Fei had actually copied his beast type Heavenly Pellet cultivation method.

Right now, it could be said that Chen Xiang was devouring Zhou Fei, but he did not use his Devouring magic kungfu. He only grabbed onto Zhou Fei, and the energy consciously entered into his body, he believed that although the energy was copied, it was still his.

Because this was originally his power, he was able to perfectly fuse it, just like how it had always been.

It was not only a large amount of divine power, Zhou Fei's soul, Heaven Pellet, and all the other powers in his body all entered Chen Xiang's body by themselves.

"You … You are the Evil Demon, you have devoured my power. " Zhou Fei's face gradually shriveled up as he screamed in horror. His previous imposing manner was now completely gone.

"You should be well aware that the force entered my body by itself." Chen Xiang said indifferently: "There can only be one me in this world, my power can only be on one person, so you must die. I will thank you."

"Ah!" Zhou Fei cried out in disbelief. His body had already completely dried up, but he still had a lot of energy entering Chen Xiang's body.

"This is the power inside his bones, his bones are also gold in color."

Chen Xiang closed his eyes and looked at the Divine Sense Sea. With Zhou Fei's power, he had already stepped into the Fourth Cycle of the Sacred Transformation. His divine power was becoming stronger and stronger, especially his bones.

The beast type Heavenly Pill had also become rather big, he did not expect that fighting with this replica would result in such a huge harvest.

"In this way, my Yulong blood will become even purer, but I do not have the special surname of the Draconian, I wonder what will happen to me in the future."

Chen Xiang picked up the Azure Dragon Sword, waved it around to memorize what it was, and then put it away.

"I already have the Seven Dragons Sword, Holy Dragon Sword, Fire Dragon Sword, Azure Dragon Sword, and Thunder Dragon Sword. I still need to collect the White Dragon Sword and the Tianlong sword."

Chen Xiang had always been curious about what would happen if he gathered all the Seven Dragons Sword. Right now, he was already a little excited, because there was a high possibility that the White Dragon Sword and the Tianlong sword were in Long Xueyi's hands.

After being lightly touched by Chen Xiang, Zhou Fei's body turned into a pile of ashes. His power had been lost so much that he couldn't even preserve his body.

"This guy is already dead. What's next, is this the Emperor's Tomb?" Chen Xiang looked around, searching for a door. However, he felt that this place was so big, it had already taken up a lot of space inside the Lion Mountain.

The lobby was very tall. Chen Xiang felt that there shouldn't be any hidden stone rooms above, even if there were, it should only be deep inside.

Just as he was searching for the entrance, the ground suddenly shook. He felt a violent tremble beneath his feet, as well as a powerful force rushing towards him. He immediately jumped away.

In the middle of the hall, a small stone tower that was seven stories tall suddenly rose up.

The stone tower looked like it had some ideas, and it was not very particular when it was built. It looked rough on the outside, but it gave off a very sturdy feeling.

"Could it be in this tower?"

Chen Xiang circled around the tower in the distance and started to carefully observe it. The tower looked extremely small compared to the majestic structure that was the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace, it didn't look like the place where the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord's corpse was kept at at all.

"I can only go in and take a look." Chen Xiang could only enter the tower now, because there was no other way out of this place.

Just as he entered the entrance of the stone tower, Chen Xiang saw a simple and cracked stone chest placed in the middle of the tower. He wanted to go over to open it, but he decided to wait and see before doing so.

He continued to ascend. The third, fourth, fifth, and sixth floors were devoid of anything, and the interior was extremely simple and crude. The walls had not been cleaned and the floor was paved with uneven stone bricks.

Chen Xiang slowly stepped onto the stairs of the seventh floor. He felt that there was at least something on this floor, so he was already mentally prepared, but he couldn't help but be shocked because of this. In the middle of the floor, there was actually an old man wearing a tattered grey robe, whose head of white hair covered most of his body.

His hair and eyebrows were long and white, which was why Chen Xiang felt that he was an old man. However, his face was young and very handsome, as if he was a handsome young man.

If he had trimmed and blackened his hair, he would have looked like a very energetic young man,

"Who is this guy?" Chen Xiang thought: "Isn't this the Emperor's Tomb? There should be a corpse here, could it be that this is the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord's corpse, but it doesn't look like a corpse."

Chen Xiang carefully circled the white-haired teenager, using his divine power to check his body, but didn't find anything.

He looked at it for a long time, but still could not tell what it was. He was a bit worried because this was the only clue he could find in this tower.

"Senior … Are you still alive? " Chen Xiang could not help but ask.

"If I'm not alive, you won't be able to see this tower." The man actually replied him, Chen Xiang scolded himself in his heart, he should have asked earlier.

The fact that this person could speak surprised Chen Xiang, and he quickly came to the front of the man. This man's eyes were already opened, and his gaze was as deep as the ocean, revealing an indescribable vicissitudes of life.

"Senior, who are you?" Chen Xiang asked: "Are you Ten Heavens Supreme Lord?"

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