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The people from the other big powers also wanted to take action, but they would offend Chen Xiang and the other Tong Tian Aristocratic Family s, so they just stood to the side and watched.

"Hurry up and decide who will come first, I don't have the time to mess around with you." Although there was a huge difference in strength between him and the Son of Heaven, he still wanted to fight with them. Furthermore, he had already thought of a series of battle methods.

Feng Wu Jun and Hai Weidong were still arguing and neither one of them was willing to back off. This was because whoever made the first move would have the possibility of taking Chen Xiang down, which was equivalent to obtaining a treasury.

Chen Xiang looked at Ji Meixian. He could tell that Ji Meixian did not have any intentions to make a move.

Ji Meixian had threatened Ji Meixian. If Chen Xiang released the contents of the Image Crystal, she would have destroyed it, but she did not dare to take the risk.

"If you want to fight, just fight. Don't think that I'm afraid of you!" Feng Wu Jun was enraged, and said to Hai Weidong.

Without saying a word, Hai Weidong punched out, the power of the punch was like a surging ocean wave, bringing up waves after waves of berserk waves, ripping apart a large building on the ground.

The first attack he made was White Sea Imperial Land's Hahai Fist. Its power was extremely terrifying, and the aura it released was comparable to the power of the sea.

At this point, Feng Wu Jun did not hold back, he struck his palm towards the force that was like an attack from a berserk attack, causing winds to instantly blow and waves to surge, creating an enormous pressure as he attacked Hai Weidong's vast sea fist force.

It could be said that the strength of both Feng Yun and Hai Yang were equal.

Right now, the two of them were activating their strongest Innate Qi, their fists and palms facing each other like two fierce beasts fighting each other, neither of them willing to give in.

The Innate Qi of the two Heavenly Sons were both very strong, causing huge waves of commotion. The entire city was enveloped in a heavy atmosphere, it was all because of Chen Xiang.

Suddenly, Chen Xiang laughed out loud, the green light in his hand flickered, and an extremely large green blade appeared. As though it could split apart a mountain, Chen Xiang raised it up high, and slashed down towards the two palms that were facing the sky.

"Why don't I take care of all of you together!" While he was speaking, the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword had already chopped down. The Dragon Power roared like a dragon and its power was like the sky itself.

The divine blade weighing millions of kilograms came crashing down. Accompanied by the strong pressure of the Dragon Power, it tore the ground apart.

What was unbearable was Chen Xiang's incomparably boundless killing intent, as if an Evil God had crawled out from hell, and this killing intent, came from Chen Xiang's Killing heart and Slaughter God's Hand, causing his strength to increase by several fold.

The Green dragon demon-slain broadsword became smaller and smaller in accordance to Chen Xiang's will, and then became more than ten meters long, chopping at the two prodigies.

The faces of the White Sea Prince and the Heavenly Sons of the Feng Clan changed, they immediately stopped their training, wanting to stop Chen Xiang's sudden attack with his divine blade.

However, when they finished their work, they suffered a backlash from their powers because they had used up all their strength in the battle just now!

When the Divine Blade descended, the ground had cracked open, and it was Chen Xiang's full power. Although the two Heavenly Sons reacted, it was hard to defend themselves. The Divine Blade was just above their heads, and when it came down to it, they were pressed down to the ground by the force of the blade.

Of course, if they were prepared, it would not be so easy for Chen Xiang to succeed, after all, the cultivation levels of the two were much higher than his, and in a situation where the two were unprepared, barely being able to stop his blade, was already very powerful.

Everyone secretly looked down on Chen Xiang, and he actually made his move, but they were still shocked by the strange divine blade. It had actually changed so much, and the power that had been produced was truly terrifying.

Chen Xiang withdrew his divine blade and bellowed in his heart, "Earth Dragon, hold them down tightly!"

The scattered soil on the ground suddenly moved, and two huge water vines appeared out of nowhere. The soil mixed with the water vines and turned into a dragon, wrapping around the two Son of Heaven.

"Chen Xiang, stop!" A clear and cold shout came out, this was the voice of the Feng Clan's Heavenly Girl.

However, Chen Xiang had already dived down, and two gigantic tiger heads with overflowing killing intent appeared above his two palms. These were formed by the Slaughter God's Hand, and one of the Four Symbols Divine Weapons s, Slaughter God's Hand, was also extremely terrifying.

The two tiger heads bit onto the two Heaven Children who were entangled by the Earth Dragon, tightly biting onto one of their arms. Chen Xiang roared, grabbed onto the two arms, and flew up into the sky!

"Ahh …" The two Son of Heaven shrieked. One of their arms was actually ripped off by Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang's face was filled with killing intent, both of his arms had turned into a ball of flame, and were burning!

"I've said it before, whoever tries to steal my blade will bear the consequences!" Chen Xiang's blade-like voice echoed, and he suddenly dove down.

After Ji Meixian and the Feng Clan saw this, they also rushed down. They couldn't let the Son of Heaven be killed before them, otherwise they would be blamed.

However, Chen Xiang's speed was surprisingly fast, as if he had teleported, and instantly arrived beside the two Heavenly Sons who were entangled by Dragon Slaying, his hands flashed with purple lightning. Clenching his fists, he punched towards the two of them, transforming into two roaring huge tigers, pouncing towards the two Heavenly Sons.

At the same time, Ji Meixian and the Feng Clan Sky Girl also rushed forward, striking the two gigantic tigers condensed with berserk lightning and killing intent. They used all of their power to attack, although they managed to destroy the two gigantic tigers, they still managed to kill the two Son of Heaven.

Suddenly, a dragon roar came out, Chen Xiang took out his Green dragon demon-slain broadsword again, and slashed at the two Heavenly Ladies and the Heavenly Son.

"Cang Lang Slash!"

Tens of thousands of dragons shot down from the sky and wrapped around each other, forming a giant wave that covered the sky. They attacked the two heavenly girls and the two injured heavenly sons.

Everyone held their breath as they watched the shocking scene unfold in front of them. Chen Xiang actually wanted to kill two Heavenly Sons and Heavenly Ladies in one go!

These were all attacks that Chen Xiang had used his full strength with, after he had unleashed the Cang Lang Slash, he had already used up most of his Innate Qi, and only the earth attribute and fire attribute could be used.

But he couldn't kill these two heavenly sons!

Although Chen Xiang had attacked unexpectedly, his strength was extremely shocking. If not for the two Heavenly Sisters blocking his attack just now, the two Heavenly Sons would have already been dead.

But in the eyes of these two heavenly sons, it was a humiliation. They had always despised these heavenly girls, but now they had to rely on them to survive!

From afar, there were already and his clan elders flying over. Although they all had the strength of Nirvana Tribulation, if they were to attack together, the power would still be great!

"This is a good opportunity. Even if I can't kill them, I will still pay them back!" Chen Xiang held onto the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword tightly, flames burning in his eyes. Then, he ate one of the Five Elements Profound Dan!

Seeing Chen Xiang's body surging with a strong Qi, the crowd was shocked, Chen Xiang actually still wanted to attack.

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