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At this moment.

Outside the valley.

Xiao Bai took the lead and rushed into the Nan Gong Army to kill crazily.

A second rank divine beast wasn't just for show.

The power was boundless.

Those Nangong soldiers did not have any defense in their hearts, how could they have known that a group of ferocious beasts would suddenly charge out?

Furthermore, every one of them was a three-rate monster and beast, and there were even many of them, which could completely withstand the attacks of demon beasts.

While they were frantically retreating.

The leopard girl waved her arms and shouted, "Kill!"

Meng Yue mounted his horse, the steel dragon spear in his hand slashed the ground, flames scattered everywhere, as though he was an invincible vanguard, he rushed forward, with a move of the spear, he shot out the head of an assistant general from the Nan Gong Army, "Kill!"



This was a massacre!

Nangong Jun's fighting strength was basically zero. The attacks from the demon beasts and the fierceness of the Long family army completely crushed the thirty thousand Nangong Imperial soldiers.

He had already left Xiao Bai's house on ice and fire, asking him to summon his' girlfriend 'from the desolate mountain. This time …

The Level 2 Divine Beast summoned all of the wolves in the Great Desolate Mountain Range, wanting to encircle and kill the demon army.

But when Long Fei received Xiao Bai's sound transmission, he immediately made them hide, using them to deal with Nan Gong Jun!

The sounds of battle shook the skies outside.

The valley was filled with killing intent as well.

The deterrence of General Long Lei intimidated the Long family troops.

Long Fei was secretly anxious.

With Long Lei's order, the hundred black armored warriors surrounded Long Fei in the middle.

dragon locked tactical method!

The elite group of one hundred war chief realm was created by the Long family's ancestor to trap the gigantic dragon.

Long Fei was trapped in the middle and tried to break through, but every time he was forced back, the secrets of the array was too profound, Long Fei had not studied the array yet and did not know a thing.

To break through the formation, one had to find the core of the formation.

The moment the Formation Aperture was broken, the formation broke apart.

Long Lei laughed sinisterly: "Long Fei, you colluded with the Evil Demon to kill the Long family army. Today, I will execute you on the spot!"

Long Fei's gaze continued to observe these black armored warriors, and he sneered: "Long Lei, I, your father, am colluding with your mother!"

"You're courting death!"

Long Lei was so angry smoke rose from the top of his head, he roared and said: "Change the array, kill!"


The black armored warrior started to turn. Originally, he was just trapped, but in that moment, the array formation suddenly released a boundless killing intent, charging towards Long Fei.

The war chief realm had crushed Long Fei to begin with.

A hundred experienced war chief realm experts would be even more powerful, not to mention the dragon locked tactical method created by the Long family ancestor, which was even more unstoppable.

Long Fei's dragon salyer could not even resist it.

Teleportation could not penetrate the defense and could not break out.

The power of the Mountain-hit Fist could not be unleashed at all.

Even opening Wushuang was useless.

Everything was locked up by the gigantic dragon locked tactical method.

"What should we do?"

"What should we do?"

Long Fei's mind kept working.



's body staggered. If not for the Dragon Armor and the defense of the King Kong Shield, Long Fei's entire body would have been riddled with holes.

"Hahaha …"

"Long Fei, how does the dragon locked tactical method feel?"

"This is a formation that your ancestors set up that even giant dragons could trap. Furthermore, the formation has been in use for so long that no one has been able to break it."

"Hahaha... Isn't it fun for your Master to use the array formation to kill the Long family? "Hahaha..." Seeing Long Fei being beaten up to the point that he couldn't even breathe, Long Lei excitedly laughed out loud.

No one knew the secrets of the dragon locked tactical method.

No one in the Long family knew where the core of the formation was, except from the founder of the Long family.

If he couldn't find the core of the formation, he wouldn't be able to break it.

This was the Long family's killing move!

This was also the grave that Long Lei had dug for Long Fei.

Nangong Wu could not help but start to sneer, "General Long Lei, you're the smart one. Using the Long family's formation to kill the Long family's people, hahaha … This move is really vicious, I like it! "

"But we have to hurry." Nangong Wu was worried that his big brother would not be able to hold on.

Long Lei laughed, "Don't worry, look at him, he's like a dog in a cage, he'll be killed very soon, hahaha …"

The surrounding Long family army stepped forward.

Long Lei's voice was suddenly heard for a while, "You all better wait obediently at the side, if not don't blame me for being impolite."



Two more spears pierced through Long Fei's arms, causing blood to gush out.

Long Fei still could not find the crux of the array, and was still unable to break through it. His cultivation technique, strength, and true breath seemed to be locked in place.

The power of the dragon locked tactical method was simply too great.

Long Lei laughed complacently: "I have spent a whole ten years cultivating these black armored warriors, making them eat and sleep together, training their tacit understanding to the peak, one of them moving, the other 99 people moving in an instant, although I have not released the greatest amount of power from the dragon locked tactical method, it is enough to kill you, this kind of trash, hahaha …"

"Long Fei, is this great?"

Long Lei laughed madly, "You want me to kneel down and act arrogantly in front of me? "This is great, hahaha..."

Long Fei resisted with all his might.

Given how ignorant he was of formations, he really couldn't think of any solutions. Furthermore, everything about him had been sealed. This was a huge headache for him.

Even dragon salyer would not be able to bring it out.

This feeling was too unbearable!

"No Formation Aperture, no Formation Aperture, this is not …" It's not there. No... "No..." Long Fei's brain was still working hard, "Why does this array have no eyes?"


"A formation without an array core doesn't work at all!"

Long Fei looked at his feet.


Long Fei's forehead shook, "Fuck!"

"Myself. "Myself, I am the core of this formation."

"How brilliant!"

"Too brilliant! Ancestor was truly too clever. He used the trapped enemies as the eye of the formation. Even if he were to die, he would not be able to find the core of the formation." Long Fei's heart was boiling.

And at this moment, Long Fei suddenly moved, his eyes firmly locking onto Long Lei, he roared: Wushuang, open!

"Weng …"

The attributes in his body were released twice over.


Long Fei took out a black staff from the Space Ring s, "Thunder Dragon Rod!"

The might of the holy artifact was released.

The idea sank, the Thunder Dragon Rod in Long Fei's right hand shook, and directly stabbed into the ground, activating true breath.

The enormous true breath rushed into the Thunder Dragon Rod.

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The eight lightning dragons on Long Lei's staff roared, and all of them charged out, transforming into incredibly thick bolts of lightning. With Long Fei as the center, they began to wreak havoc everywhere …



Or was it death!

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