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Seeing Chen Xiang taking out the Zhenyuan Dan's medicinal ingredients, Li Mu was very surprised, because he thought that the village did not have any more medicinal ingredients left.

"Okay, if you lose and you succeed, the Zhenyuan Dan must be given to me." Li Mu said.

Pills were extremely precious here, even for low-grade ones.

"No problem. If you lose, you have to give it to me as well." As Chen Xiang said this, he sat on the ground and began to gather the ingredients.

Li Mu snorted, and immediately took out the pill furnace, and threw all the ingredients that he had prepared before into the furnace. Seeing that he had used the medicinal ingredients that he had prepared a long time ago to concoct pills, everyone immediately started cursing, but Li Mu did not care, as he was extremely thick-skinned.

Chen Xiang already knew what kind of trash this Li Mu was, but he was secretly blaming Shen Luzong for his blindness. He took this fellow in as his disciple and even swindled a large amount of medicinal ingredients away with him.

"Brat, what are you so slow for? Do you think my alchemy skills are terrible? Back then, I was known to be a genius in alchemy in the mortal world. Prepare to break your own arms." Li Mu said with complete confidence.

To Chen Xiang, refining Zhenyuan Dan was not difficult at all. Although he had not refined one for a long time, he knew that the pill he refined the most was probably Zhenyuan Dan.

After handling the medicinal herbs, Chen Xiang released a Magic method furnace and placed the medicinal herbs inside, igniting the flames. All of this happened very quickly and skillfully.

Before anyone could react to what he was about to do, they already saw the medicinal ingredients floating in the air, being burned by the raging flames. At the same time, they emitted a dazzling multicolored light that dazzled everyone's eyes.

Li Mu was stunned when he saw this scene. How could he not know that the Zhenyuan Dan was being refined?

The person in front of them didn't even use a pill furnace when he was concocting pills and just used it to concoct pills. This shocked everyone here. What kind of pill refining technique was this?

Shen Luzong's eyes were opened wide. He was a Alchemist, and when he saw this scene, he knew that Chen Xiang had already walked on a unique path in the Pill Dao, and had even reached a very high level. This made him very proud, because this was a disciple of his Shen family.

"Just who are you?" Li Mu's voice trembled a little, because in just a short moment, Chen Xiang was about to condense a pill. Even a fool would know that the pill refiner in front of them was extremely powerful, especially regarding the flame.

If one wasn't very strong, the flames wouldn't be that strong.

"Chen Xiang." Chen Xiang replied indifferently. Following a powerful burst of multicolored light that flashed out, five Zhenyuan Dan had already formed. They slowly revolved inside the transparent Magic method furnace, and emitted a green colored light.

After knowing that the person in front of them was Chen Xiang, and that everyone was dumbstruck, and that five Zhenyuan Dan had appeared at the same time, everyone was extremely shocked.

Most of the people here had heard of Chen Xiang's name, he was a genius of the Shen family, and the Shen family's pill business was started by Chen Xiang. In the end, he went to Mortal Martial Realm, and it was said that he was a famous person there.

"You lost." Chen Xiang's eyes suddenly became gloomy and cold.

Bang! Li Mu's pill furnace exploded, because he was already distracted by the killing intent that was being emitted from Chen Xiang's body. In that moment, he thought that he was going to be killed by Chen Xiang.

"I... "I've lost. I'll leave now." Li Mu felt Chen Xiang's terror, and naturally did not dare to cause any more trouble.

Chen Xiang said coldly. "You can't go, I still want to compete with you."

When Li Mu saw that so many people had such proud expressions and their faces all filled with ridicule, he was immediately enraged in his heart. "Why would I want to compete with you?"

"If you don't compete with me, I'll kill all of you." Chen Xiang suddenly stood up, took out his Green dragon demon-slain broadsword, and threw it towards the group of people in front of him. In the blink of an eye, his countless blade shadows had all appeared beside Li Mu and the other two hundred people.

Then, some of their legs suddenly went soft, because Chen Xiang's blade just now had cut off most of their hair, which also meant that Chen Xiang's blade just now could have cut off their heads.

"Let's not compete." Chen Xiang shouted angrily: "If you don't compete with me, all of you will die."

Just a moment ago, Li Mu had also used this method to threaten Shen Luzong, but not long after, he was used by others on their body.

"To... "What pill should I refine?" Li Mu gulped down his saliva. He was not weak himself, but Chen Xiang was stronger than him.

In the face of absolute strength, Li Mu could only yield.

"If you lose, break one of your arms and one of your legs. You have no other choice." Chen Xiang's words immediately made Li Mu's face turn ashen. He was very angry and wanted to rush over and fight with Chen Xiang, but he knew that Chen Xiang's one slash was enough to kill him.

"Let's compete in the refinement of Relive Dan." Chen Xiang said.

"Also … "Life back..." Li Mu immediately broke out in a cold sweat.

When the crowd heard about the high grade Ground level pill, they were extremely shocked. How could there be such a pill here, even if they went to the Mortal Martial Realm to look for it, they would not be able to find it.

Chen Xiang took out the medicine used to refine Relive Dan. When they felt the spirit energy from the medicine, they knew that it wasn't fake.

"Those medicinal ingredients that you have not refined, they represent that you have lost. Hurry up and break one of your arms and one of your legs." Chen Xiang snorted, and kept the ingredients.

Li Mu was enraged, her face suddenly turned sinister: "Fight them to the death, even if we have to drag them down, we have to drag a few behind us, watch out for those kids and the elderly."

Just as Li Mu finished speaking, his head had already disappeared, and so had Chen Xiang. The headless Li Mu, who had not even fallen down, had already let out a series of wails behind him. Those people were all burnt to ashes by Chen Xiang's flames.

Five-coloured flames were extremely intense, burning the bodies of these people, causing them to struggle and jump about on the ground. Very soon, they were burnt to ashes, and the valley was enveloped in heat.

In just a moment, Chen Xiang had completely exterminated the group of people, causing the villagers to cheer, many of the youths looked at Chen Xiang with reverence.

"Father, granduncle." Chen Xiang walked in front of them and held their hands.

When Shen Luzong saw how powerful Chen Xiang was, he immediately cried. Seeing that his lifespan was almost up, Chen Xiang anxiously took out two Longevity fruit s and handed them over.

"Don't say anymore, eat it first. It can help increase your lifespan, uncle." Chen Xiang anxiously said. Shen Luzong had the strength of the Immortal Monarch, but because he was too old, he was unable to use it. If he ate the Longevity fruit, after extending his lifespan, he would become younger, and at that time, he would have enough strength to protect the village. Of course, Chen Xiang would think of a way to bring them away.

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