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Within a very remote third-rate inn in Dan City.

"Most of the Elder Brother Shen s have not appeared yet. Could it be that there was a problem during the Nirvana Doom crossing?" Yun Xiaodao paced around the hall, feeling very worried.

Zhu Rong shook his head: "Younger Brother Shen is fine, we might be cultivating in seclusion, so let's continue searching for the White flame heavenly horse. I heard that it is still in the forest."

"We have offended the Peach Blossom Prince, and we met him inside. Perhaps, the war will start again. The Heavenly Sons and Heavenly Maiden are all looking for that White flame heavenly horse." Lian Mingdong said.

"What's there to be afraid of? Whoever comes to cause trouble for us will be killed. Last time, it wasn't to chase after that White flame heavenly horse, we must kill him." Xiao Chou's face was full of indifference.

It wasn't hard for them to kill one of the Son of Heaven if they joined hands, but if they fought him alone, they would only be able to slip away.

Since they couldn't get the Spar, they could only walk if they wanted to return to Super Martial School. Catching White flame heavenly horse was the only way to quickly obtain a large number of it. There was another way, and that was to follow Chen Xiang. Chen Xiang could always find ways to make them pay, although it was easier to offend people.

Just as these hooligans were chatting casually, Xv Weilong walked in. He was in charge of gathering information from the Pill City, and when Yun Xiaodao and the others saw his expression, they knew that he had good news.

"Feng Clan and White Sea Imperial Land have withdrawn their bounty orders for Chen Xiang!" Xv Weilong's words caused the expressions of Zhu Rong, Yun Xiaodao and the others to change.

There were only two reasons to cancel the bounty. One was that the person who placed the bounty was already dead, and the other was to reconcile.

But the second reason was definitely impossible. When Chen Xiang killed the Son of Heaven of the two families and all the elders, it was impossible for White Sea Imperial Land and White Sea Imperial Land to negotiate with Chen Xiang.

"But right after it was revoked, a new one was added! No need to kill Chen Xiang, you only need to provide clues and you will be able to obtain fifty Relive Dan s! " Xv Weilong said coldly.

Yun Xiaodao heaved a sigh of relief, and then scolded: "Blinded Dragon, can't you finish your words at one go? This is so scary! "

"How could Chen Xiang die so easily?" Xv Weilong coldly snorted.

Xiao Chou laughed out loud. "Of course my master won't die so easily, but looking at how much of a change has occurred in the bounty, my master must have killed quite a few of their experts, haha … This is so satisfying! "

"Who exactly did he kill? A single Relive Dan could be auctioned off for at least five billion. If someone is in urgent need, ten billion will not be a problem. " frowned. He had been taken back by Lian Yingxiao to be nurtured for a period of time, his strength and position had both increased, and now he was seen as the successor to the Peach Blossom Island Master.

"We'll know when we check it out. Let's move out together. Maybe we'll also be targeted by others right now." Yun Xiaodao said.

"Go, capture the White flame heavenly horse. With the Spar, everything will be fine." Zhu Rong said. Although everyone's face was gloomy, they still followed Zhu Rong.

They had once come into close contact with White flame heavenly horse, and every time they saw it coming, the White flame heavenly horse would always escape at its fastest speed.

Feng Clan and White Sea Imperial Land all knew that the five Rankers they sent were all dead. Although they couldn't confirm that Chen Xiang was the one who killed them, they felt that Chen Xiang would definitely not be able to escape from them. Therefore, they gave more bounties to Chen Xiang in order to catch him and find out the reason for his death.

One must know that two of the Dan King s were in possession of Fire Soul, so losing two Dan King s was a huge loss to them.

Of course, they did not know what had caused them such heavy losses yet. They had angered Chen Xiang, and sent their seniors to deal with him time and time again.

Chen Xiang was at the bottom of an abyss. The spirit energy here was thin and there were very few beasts.

He carved a cave on the stone wall beneath the abyss and studied the Heaven Earth Killing Method!

The Heaven Earth Killing Method was engraved on a stone tablet and was densely packed. Without the small words carved on top of the fingernails, there were tens of thousands of words. Without a powerful consciousness, one would not be able to see these words.

"How do you want to learn it? sister Meiyao, Sister You You, do you guys have any leads? "

Chen Xiang stared at the stone tablet that was releasing the ancient Qi, and frowned, he did not know how to make a move. Although he could see the countless small characters, they were all in reading form, and could not be linked together at all. Even if he used hundreds of them, it would not be a mental cultivation method.

"We don't know either. We've been studying for a long time, but we haven't got a clue." Long Xueyi sighed.

"Don't tell me I have to cooperate with the Killing heart? Junior Sister, do you remember that when you were cultivating Killing heart to the large success stage, Master started to help you find this Heaven Earth Killing Method? " Bai Youyou said.

"Of course I do, but he couldn't find it for a long time." Su Meiyao said excitedly: "Little Scoundrel, try to use the Killing heart to release the murderous aura. I have lost all my strength so I have not tried it yet."

Chen Xiang took a small breath and activated the Killing heart, releasing all the killing intent he had accumulated over the years into the stone tablet.

Unknowingly, he closed his eyes and pressed his hands against the stone tablet. The words on the stone tablet emitted a white glow and then began to move around the stone tablet like ants, arranging themselves in a new order!

Seeing this scene, Su Meiyao and the others were extremely excited, this Heaven Earth Killing Method had always been a powerful body in the legends, if Chen Xiang were to learn it, his strength would definitely increase by a lot.

After the brat on the monument was arranged properly, he actually acted like he was alive, slowly climbing onto Chen Xiang's arms, and then entering Chen Xiang's chest.

Chen Xiang's killing intent continued to be released, and like a wild dragon, it soared into the sky from the abyss. Fortunately, the place Chen Xiang chose was very remote and he was also in the abyss, so not many people had any idea about it.

Chen Xiang who was sitting quietly on the ground had many spectacular images appear in his mind. There were towering gigantic mountains, and these gigantic mountains were divided into ice mountains, volcanoes, thunder-entangled thunder mountains, glittering gold mountains, and very ordinary stone mountains … All sorts of magnificent mountains flashed through his mind.

Following which, countless raging, surging rivers and mountains appeared in his mind. The imposing force formed by these rivers was extremely shocking, followed by the appearance of the moon, the moon, and countless stars in his mind.

All these things were nurtured by the heaven and earth. What Chen Xiang saw were scenes from when the heaven and earth was just born, and then, he saw some strange ancient beasts, including some huge dragons and huge birds, every one of them looked like a huge mountain. After the death of these strange beasts, they merged with the mountains and rivers, their flesh and blood nourishing the earth, allowing the heaven and earth to contain even more dense spirit energy.

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