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### Chapter 86 - Don't you want to be my husband?


"The leopard girl?" Long Fei was slightly shocked, and said: "Leopard Girl? "But you look just like a human, and I don't see that you look like a leopard girl."

"Besides the leopard print barrier on your body and the leopard pattern inner core …"

The leopard tattooed maiden glanced at her clothes, then giggled. "My father let me cover him. I feel very annoyed. Sometimes, it's very hot. I don't even wear it."

"Since it's hot, then take it off." Long Fei's eyes flashed, and subconsciously said.

The leopard tattooed lady said innocently, "Daddy said that I can only show it to my future husband. Do you want to see it? I want to be my husband. "


Long Fei really wanted to see it, really wanted to see it.

He had never seen a woman's body in his life except for a few island movies.

However, when he saw her innocent eyes, he immediately felt that he was too evil. He put away his lecherous heart and laughed: "Your father is right, the girl's body should be shown to his future husband, we must not let those evil and wicked people see it."

Too naive.

The big eyes were shining.

It was truly a pain that no one could bear to hurt.

"Beast!" Long Fei cursed in his heart, "Such a naive girl, you think you can take her hand?"

"Oh!" The leopard tattooed girl was somewhat unhappy. She mumbled to herself, "Don't you want to be my husband?"

"Err …"

"Cough, cough, cough..." Long Fei choked on her words and coughed, "Isn't it too direct?"

The leopard tattooed lady continued, "If you become my husband, I can show it to you. Furthermore, you saved me. Father said that I can repay you for saving my life. I can give my body to you."

She had an innocent look on her face as she spoke.

Very serious.

He wasn't joking at all.

As long as Long Fei agreed with a nod, she would immediately unbutton her clothes.

Long Fei was really a little silly. He admitted that he was a little wretched, but when facing the leopard tattooed young lady, his wretched heart could not begin to leech.

He really couldn't bear to do so.

The leopard girl in front of him seemed to know nothing.

It was as pure as a piece of white paper.

He couldn't bear to hurt her, so he just wanted to take good care of her.

Now, Long Fei believed that she was no longer a 'human'. Even if she was, she was still a Primordial Human. Long Fei looked at the leopard girl's wild and sexy body, trying hard to calm himself down, and said: "It's not that I don't want to, but I can't.

Long Fei thought about what Ye Ziyan had said in the Fire Glass Mountain Range's cave, and he sighed with emotion, "In terms of people, why is there such a huge gap?"

If they were all like the leopard girl, how great that would be.

The leopard girl muttered to herself for half a minute and then said, "It's too complicated, I really can't figure it out. But now I understand one thing, humans are not bad people. "

"Daddy told me since I was a kid that humans are the most sinister and vicious villains in this world. So it turns out that he had lied to me for so many years."


"You still want to trick me into marrying shao hu, hmph!"

"Big liar!"

While they were talking …

The leopard girl had an angry look on her face.

She looked very cute when she was angry, Long Fei laughed and asked: What are you doing here?

The leopard girl giggled and said: "I ran away from home. My father wanted me to marry shao hu, who was next door to the Feral Tiger Tribe. I didn't like him, so I ran away."

"Hee hee …"

"How is it? I must be very powerful! "

"A young girl escaping from marriage?" Long Fei heaved a sigh of relief, looked at the leopard girl's cute and playful appearance, and laughed bitterly: "Awesome!"

Receiving Long Fei's praise, the leopard girl became even happier and said: "That shao hu always wanted to see my body. Hmph, I don't want to show him, I hate him. "However, for some reason, my father likes him a lot. He says that he is the most outstanding genius of the tribe, but I don't think so."

Her small mouth slightly pouted. Her mischievous appearance was really too lovable.

Seeing her, Long Fei's mood couldn't help but improve, and he started to laugh loudly, "I don't think so too."

The leopard girl giggled again and said: "I think you are stronger than shao hu because you just killed the Rock Monster."

"Hehe …" Long Fei laughed and asked: "Just now when you were in a desperate situation, you were about to die, why are you still laughing?"

He really didn't understand it.

The leopard girl looked up at the sky and murmured, "Mother said that happiness is only a day, and unhappiness is also a day. If I had to face everything with a smile, I would have to face it."

"Moreover... "Father said that mother was in the sky, but I knew that mother would only go to the sky after death. I missed mother so much, so much …"

He didn't know why.

Long Fei was a little unable to control himself, and the corners of his eyes were slightly wet. Looking at the leopard girl's yearning filled eyes, his heart tightened, "Where's my mother? Where are you? "

Every hint of kinship was incomparably precious to Long Fei.

Even though his soul had transmigrated, he had truly taken everything in this body as his own.

Grandfather, jojo, the parents who mysteriously disappeared.

His heart was filled with worry.

As the two of them walked, no one spoke.

The leopard girl was like a shadow as she silently followed behind Long Fei.

After walking for around an hour, he finally walked out of Scarlet Flame Valley. Facing the endless primal forest, Long Fei also did not know where he was going.

Long Fei stopped.

The leopard girl did not sense it. She knocked head on into Long Fei's body, rubbed her little head, and giggled.

Long Fei looked at the leopard girl and asked: "Where are you going?"

The leopard girl had a blank look in her eyes, and said: "I don't know either, but I don't want to return to the tribe. Daddy will definitely force me to marry shao hu. "Right, where are you going?"

Long Fei thought for a moment, then said: "I am in the trial, and during this period of time, I will be hunting demon beasts to complete my mission."

"Hunting demon beasts?"

"Hmm... Hearing this, I feel very excited. Then take me with you, I can hunt demon beasts too. " The leopard girl's eyes carried a trace of begging, and her large eyes blinked as she looked at Long Fei.

It was a look no one could refuse.

Long Fei said: "You can follow me, but you are not allowed to act carelessly, you have to listen to my commands."

"Yes, my lord!" The leopard girl leaped up on the spot, as happy as a little girl who got her candy. "Oh, oh, oh, hunting demon beasts."

As he spoke, he rushed down.

Long Fei smiled in his heart, and said: "Slow down!"

… ….

A few hours after Long Fei and the leopard girl entered the primeval forest.

Several Fierce Tiger Mask soldiers were searching for something in Scarlet Flame Valley.

A warrior picked up a broken javelin and immediately leaped to the side of a burly, muscular youth. He said respectfully, "Young Lord, she must have been here before."

"Keep searching!"

The burly youth's eyes were filled with rage as he shouted in a deep voice, "Little wild cat, I want to see where you can escape to!"

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