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Seeing the ten people from the god emperor academy and the Dark Academy running away in panic, Long Fei shouted out in excitement.

At the same time.

Everyone on the god's soul town were cheering.

He was even more excited than if he had killed a fairy beast.


"Hero, hero …"

chief bodyguard shouted first, and all the guards followed along. In the end, the entire town started to call Long Fei a hero.

It was Long Fei who saved their town.

… ….

The last restaurant, the best wine.

Yi Yi grabbed a jar and pushed.

Long Fei also grabbed a jar of wine.

A collision.

"Hahaha …"


The two raised their heads and drank. Soon, half a jar of wine was finished. Yi Yi said excitedly, "Satisfying! I have not drunk so much in a long time."

"Brat, you're too awesome, hahaha …" He was happy because Long Fei was crazy enough that even when facing the god emperor academy, he did not show the slightest bit of fear.

And then there was that.

This wine was strong enough!

Yi Dao said, "Do you know what kind of fairy beast you have killed today?"

Long Fei said: "Isn't it just a fairy beast?"

Yi Dao said, "That's a fairy beast of the Second-level Fairy Rout. immortal domain's cultivation method is slightly different from the South Horizon Region.

"The Immortal Foundation determines everything."

"Do you know how difficult it is to comprehend a single Immortal Foundation?"

"It's like you've ascended the heavens, yet you kill me with a single slash. Hahaha …" "That blade was so cool that even a Tier 2 spiritual root was destroyed. Hahaha …" Yi Yi laughed maniacally.

Once the fairy beast dies, the Immortal Foundation would disappear.

He also believed that Long Fei did not obtain the Second-level Fairy Rout.

Of course.

Other than Long Fei himself, no one knew that he had obtained the Second-level Fairy Rout.

Long Fei asked: "Senior, what is your cultivation level now?"

Yi Yi Yi smiled bitterly and said, "I only have six Immortal Roots, which is also the Golden Immortal Realm. I haven't comprehended the seventh one for a good fifty years."

Fifty years was a long time.

His cultivation had not improved at all.

If one failed to comprehend the seventh immortal foundation, they would be unable to break through the shackles and enter the Yuan Xian Realm.

It was just like the power of law.

It couldn't be broken!

"Six Immortal Roots?" Long Fei slightly said: "Then why not choose a seventh stage fairy beast to kill? Hunting fairy beast should be a bit easier than comprehending it, right? "

As long as one had grade seven immortal roots, he would be able to break through the Yuan Xian realm.

Yi Xiao laughed: "Leaving aside how strong a seventh rank fairy beast is, just the scarcity itself is so small that it makes people's hair stand on ends. Starting from a fifth rank fairy beast, they are like a treasure formed from the essence of heaven and earth, extremely rare and hard to find. Even if we can find them, it is hard to kill them, even a seventh rank fairy beast is hard to deal with."

"Don't just look at how you killed a fairy beast today. This is just a low-grade fairy beast that did not use their immortal root's power. When it comes to high-grade spiritual roots, they are destructive existences."

fairy beast was the strongest being in the immortal domain.

A fifth stage fairy beast could attract countless of strong warriors to fight for it.

As for a seventh stage fairy beast, that was even more incredible.

Long Fei was quiet for a moment, then asked: "Senior, what is Gu Wuji's cultivation?"

He must kill Gu Wuji!

And there was also tai hong.

These two were too dangerous. If they didn't kill him, they would destroy the Long family clan.


If it were not for the two Yan Huang ancestor s not being severely injured, the two of them had to be killed. They had to be killed, otherwise, they would not be able to quell Long Fei's anger.

Yi Yi Yi's expression shook, then said: "Long Fei, the two of them are Heavenly hall of immortals's elders, the top Ranker of the immortal domain. I know you want to kill them, but I want to remind you, before you reach the Fitted Realm, you absolutely should not look for them."

"The strength of the Heavenly hall of immortals is countless times stronger than what you can imagine."

"They are elders of the Tong Tian hall of immortals, making a move against them is equivalent to making a move against the Tong Tian hall of immortals. No one can bear the consequences like that."

He was an elder of the Tong Tian hall of immortals, so he was very clear about the power of the Tong Tian hall of immortals.

Too strong.

Long Fei asked: "Senior, Gu Wuji is at the seventh realm of the Immortal Foundation Yuan Xian?"

Yi Yi Yi nodded: "He is at the third stage of the Yuan Xian and tai hong is at the ninth stage of the Golden Immortal Stage."


"Just know their levels." Long Fei thought: "I will definitely take care of those two, there hasn't been a single boss that has managed to escape from me, Long Fei."

"You escaped a calamity in the South Horizon Region. The next time we meet, I'll definitely kill you two."

Yi Dao said, "Brat, don't you dare act recklessly. The Heavenly hall of immortals is above the god emperor academy, you must join them and become a Demon Slayer. As long as your identity as a 'Demon Slayer' is confirmed, even Gu Wuji and tai hong would not dare to touch you, understand?"

"Demon Slayer is the best protection you can rely on."

"Demon Slayer?" Long Fei didn't know what the Demon Slayer was, and asked: "Senior, what kind of person can be called a Demon Slayer?"

Yi Tian Shi heaved a sigh of relief one by one, then said: "One month ago, the laws of the Sky Martial Continent were destroyed, and the laws of the world lost their balance. The Giant Demons from millions of years ago seized this moment to escape, and at the same time, the supreme god received a revelation from the heavens, that the appearance of the Giant Demons required the help of the Demon Slayer.

He was not a supreme god.

He did not know the deep meaning behind it either.

Yi Yi Yi smiled faintly and said, "You will know once you become a student of the god emperor academy, so you must definitely become a student of the god emperor academy."

"Do you understand?"

He believed that Long Fei was the first Demon Slayer.

However …

It was only because he believed that he had to go through all sorts of tests to get the recognition of the supreme god that he was called a Demon Slayer.

Entering the god emperor academy was the first step.

Only when Long Fei becomes a Demon Slayer would he be able to get protection, so Gu Wuji and tai hong didn't dare to rashly touch him.

Yi Yi had already thought about it after coming to the Sky Soul Cliff this time. When Long Fei finds the god's soul herb, he would bring him back to the Tong Tian hall of immortals to take the Demon Slayer examination and gain the recognition of the supreme god.

The entire god's soul town was celebrating.

It lasted until midnight.

Long Fei returned to the courtyard that the chief bodyguard had arranged for him, laid on his bed and fell into a deep sleep.

He would enter the god's soul mountain tomorrow.

In his dreams.

Long Fei muttered: "Ancestor, don't worry, I will definitely find the god's soul herb to save you."

… ….

In the yard next door.

Yi Yi Yi stood in the courtyard with his hands behind his back, saying: "Come out, star spirit messenger!"




Three rays of light shot down from the sky like shooting stars, and the three of them stood in front of Yi Yi.

One of the messengers said: "elder Yi, I have received orders from supreme god to bring you back to Tong Tian hall of immortals."

Yi Yi Yi frowned, then laughed at himself, "Seems like Gu Wuji has really reversed the situation, to think that even supreme god was blinded by him." http ://>

And then …

Yi Yeyi's eyes turned cold. His expression changed as he said, "What if I refuse?"

All of a sudden.

The courtyard was filled with killing intent …

Chapter IV

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