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Nangong Jun's base.

"General, are we not going to send troops?"

Nangong Kun smiled slightly, "Of course we have to send out our troops, but not now … It's when the demon army and the Long Family's army fight to the death. That would be the best time for us to send our troops. "


Nangong Kun continued to speak: "The Long family's army has won, and the Long family's army is going to die. That way, we can completely blame it on the demon army.

"This will also remove the greatest danger for the prince."

"If demon army wins, based on the Long family's fighting strength, demon army will definitely suffer heavy losses, and at that time, we won't be able to fight back."

"Like this, our Nan Gong Army will support you in time to stop the demon army from invading our Fire Glass Dynasty! As for all of the Long Family's dead bodies, who would bring them up? "

"The losers aren't qualified to be recorded in the annals of history, hahaha …"

"With the annihilation of the Long family's army, the last talisman of the Long family is gone. The Long family will also disappear from Fire Glass City. Everything is under the control of our Nangong Family. "


Nangong Kun had been looking forward to this day from the beginning.

He had finally arrived!

Nangong Kun slightly shouted: "Pass down my order, thirty thousand Nan Gong soldiers are to quickly gather and get into formation. No one is to take a step out of Black Tiger Mountain without my order!"

"Yes sir!"

… ….

Sleeping Dragon Valley, the Long family's military camp.

Meng Yue was wounded all over, and disregarding all the obstacles, he charged into Long Lei's tent. He knelt on the ground and said in a heavy voice: "Great General, break through the encirclement, if you don't break out now, the Long Family's troops will really all die."

"I, Meng Yue, am willing to be the vanguard …."

Not waiting for him to finish.

Long Lei kicked Meng Yue's lower jaw, his eyes opened wide as he shouted: "Meng Yue, I have a limit to how I can endure, and you are not the one to teach me how to do it!"


This kick was extremely powerful, and directly caused Meng Yue to spin 360 degrees, heavily smashing him to the ground.

Meng Yue spat out a mouthful of blood, gnashed his teeth, and said: "Great General, demon army has not attacked for so long, so we must be gathering our power. We will definitely be able to catch them off guard if we break out of the encirclement now, I beg of you."


He kicked out again.

was kicked out of the tent. Long Lei walked out and shouted: "Meng Yue, if you dare commit an offense against your superiors, remove your pioneer camp Battalion Commander position. If you continue committing an offense, we will punish you according to the military law!"

Following that …

Long Lei's voice was like a loud bell, it resounded throughout the entire Wolong Valley, and said: "Without my order, no one is allowed to break out, otherwise, they will be treated as deserters, and will be killed!"

As soon as his voice faded …

All the warriors in Dragon Mountain Valley felt a chill in their hearts.

The Long family's fighting strength was very strong. Even if they were surrounded and placed in dire straits, their fighting strength would not decrease by even a little bit.

Because …

The Long family's soul would never be defeated, never yield!

The more desperate the situation got, the stronger the Long family's combat effectiveness would be.

Everyone knew that this was the best time to break out of the encirclement, but Long Lei had chosen to stay put and defend the valley.

This was only secondary.

More importantly, it had shaken the morale of the twenty thousand soldiers of the Long family.

This is the most deadly.

"How could this be?"

"Are we going to wait for death in Wolong Valley?"

"What the hell is going on?"

"Why would General Long Lei give such an order?"

"demon army is resting. If we attack at this time, we will definitely kill them all and break out of the encirclement."

… ….

Even the most ordinary soldiers could think of such a tactic.

How could Long Lei not think of this?

"Big brother, even if we choose Nangong Jun, we still have to break through." However, his army and Long Feng's army had suffered heavy losses, and was simply unable to contend against Long Lei.


If they were to engage in internal strife at this time, they would die even faster.

The only thing they could do was urge Long Lei to break out of the encirclement.

Long Feng also said, "That's right, Big Brother. Let's break out of the encirclement."

Long Lei smiled leisurely: "You guys are still too young. We choose to break out, and even if we succeed in breaking through, our losses would still be heavy."

"The Long family's army can be considered our bargaining chip. If our bargaining chip is too light, how can we negotiate with Nangong Lei?"

"At that time, we will only be looked down upon!"

"More than 20,000 soldiers of the Long family are our bargaining chips. If we want to be recognized and get a higher rank, we must ensure that our bargaining chips are not reduced." Long Lei laughed, "Nangong Jun will definitely come to provide assistance, because Nangong Lei would never dream about obtaining the support of the Long family's troops. In the Fire Glass City, any family will definitely want to obtain the control of the Long family's troops, so Nangong Lei will definitely send reinforcements."

Long Lei firmly believed in it!

However …

He did not think about the consequences if Nangong Jun did not send out his troops.

Long Lei and Long Feng looked at each other.

They knew very well that they could no longer persuade Long Lei to turn back.

"Big brother, since you've made your decision, let's go back and make some preparations." Long Lei said.

Long Lei looked at them, his eyes narrowed, and smiled: "You two wouldn't betray me, right?"

The two of them felt their hearts tremble, and their faces changed slightly. Long Feng laughed, "Big brother, what are you saying? We three brothers came here together, and we also want a better future."

"Hahaha …"

"This is a smart person's choice." Long Lei laughed with relief, and said: "All these years I worked hard for Long Sanfeng, what did we get?"


"Follow the Nangong King. Gold, beauties, power, everything. Just wait and enjoy, hahaha …"

Long Lei had already fallen into madness.

Having worked hard for the Long family all these years, his heart was filled with accumulated resentment.

Especially after Long Yun led his troops into the Fierce Tiger Pass, the resentment in his heart completely exploded out. He wanted to choose his own path, a path that led to wealth and prosperity!

… ….

Long Fei.

Long Fei brought the leopard girl and quickly rushed in the direction of Dragon Mountain Valley.

Along the way, he felt that something was wrong.

He had never encountered a single demon beast, so it was very strange in the hundreds of thousands of barren mountains.

When he arrived at the Fierce Tiger Pass.

The blood was black and the ground was littered with corpses.

There are all Yun Long army s, so Long Fei's heart immediately sank, "No wonder shao wudi did not continue searching, so it turns out …"

"This is bad!"

"Wolong Valley!"

Long Fei's heart sank, and immediately rushed out.

It was also at this moment.

Within a tent in Dragon Mountain Valley.

"The Black Dragon pioneer camp has already been gathered. We have made all the necessary preparations." Long Shan said in a low voice.

Long Lei asked, "How is Meng Yue?" [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents]

Long Shan said: "Our Battalion Commander is fine. He has been mobilized by the pioneer camp. Now, the pioneer camp will only listen to him."


Long Feng took a look at Long Lei and said: "The horn is for you to summon us all to break out of the encirclement!"

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