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The person he was most worried about was Yuan Ba.

As for Niu Dahai, Yuan Ling and the others, they were still better off. After all, they were still in the Xuanjian sect and they were also official disciples.

However …

There was one thing that Long Fei was sure of.

That was, Yuan Ba was not dead yet.

The mission was still there, and he did not fail it. Yuan Ba was definitely still alive.

If Yuan Ba died, then the mission would be deemed a failure.

Long Fei thought: "looby, wait for me!"

"If they dare to touch you, I will not let this matter rest." Long Fei said fiercely in his heart.

… ….

Early morning.

The Sword Tomb's exit door opened, and the assessment ended.

The disciples in the hunting grounds started to leave the area, walking towards the Xuanjian peak. Some disciples were filled with confidence, while some disciples were feeling dejected.

After all, it was a Sword Beast and not just anyone could kill it.

The only mode was to form a team.

Long Fei lined up and stood in the middle of the crowd.


A familiar fragrance wafted into his nose.

"Poison Widow?" Long Fei grinned as he turned to look.

It really was a Poison Widow.

It was just that the difference from yesterday was that there were five or six disciples standing beside the Poison Widow, and all of them were staring at Long Fei.

Poison Widow glared at Long Fei with a face full of killing intent.

"This is the kid?"

Before he could finish, a group of people surrounded him.

One of the two patted Long Fei's shoulder. With a look of contempt, he said: "Brat, I heard that you're very arrogant?"

Long Fei smiled lightly: "It's not considered too arrogant, it's just normal arrogance."

"Oh? You still dare to be arrogant in front of me? Do you know who I am? " The big sized man opened his eyes wide, staring at Long Fei like an ox.

Long Fei shook his head and said: "I really don't know about that."

"May I ask your name, Hero?"

The sturdy man retracted his gaze, raised his hand and slapped Long Fei hard, "I call you father."


"Good boy, good son."

Long Fei dodged slightly, easily dodging the slap, and laughed: "My son has already grown up, I really don't know."

The sturdy man was enraged, "Brat, you are courting death!"

Long Fei laughed: "Does my son want to kill father?"

The sturdy man roared, "Ah …"

This time, he stretched his arms and hugged a bear. As long as he was hugged, his spine would be broken. His strength was quite strong.


Not waiting for him to rush up.

Long Fei slightly lifted his right leg, "Pa!"


A crisp sound of an egg breaking came from the burly man's crotch. It wasn't a … It was both of them.

Both of his legs pinched together, and his body slowly withered down. His face was flushed red, and his eyes were bloodshot as he looked at Long Fei. "You, you, you …"

After a long while, you still couldn't say a single word.

The Poison Widow's eyes turned malevolent. "Trash, useless trash."

"Everyone forward!"

The corner of Long Fei's mouth lifted slightly, and said: "He's my son, I won't kill him. If you guys dare to come up, then be careful."

A cold snort.

The other five immediately stopped and did not dare to move forward.

Then he slowly stepped back.

Women were important, but life was more important.

The Poison Widow stared at Long Fei, gritting its teeth in hatred, "I won't let you off, just you wait."

Long Fei said: "Be careful, you're all naked again."

"You …"

The Poison Widow was furious at the thought of what had happened yesterday. However, she knew that she wasn't a match for him, but she definitely wasn't someone who would give up so easily.

There was still a chance.

As long as he could enter the Xuanjian sect, he would still have a chance. She had sufficient points to enter the Xuanjian sect, at that time …

The Poison Widow thought to herself, "Brat, in the future, I have plenty of time to play with you. Just wait patiently for me."

… ….

Half an hour later.

Long Fei returned to the outer sect training grounds of the Xuanjian peak.

The entire Martial Arts Practice Field was also surrounded by people.

Among these people were those who failed yesterday, and many outer court disciples.

Long Fei looked left and right, and did not find Yuan Ling and Niu Dahai. His heart sank, "Could it be that what Zhou Tianyun said is true? They really fell into the hands of the Zhou family? "

Zhang Xuan panicked.

However …

There was someone who was even more anxious than him.

Chen Lihu!

He stood on the stage and looked left and right, but he could not see Zhou Tianyun returning. None of the three hundred disciples that were there to maintain order had returned.

Why is that?

According to the time, they should have returned long ago.

These were three hundred disciples.

An elite.

Even if he was the Great Elder of the outer sect, he couldn't afford to take on this crime.

Chen Lihu's heart sank even deeper.

At this moment.

A disciple whispered into Chen Lihu's ear. Chen Lihu's pupils suddenly shrank, and his gaze turned to follow that disciple's gaze, immediately noticing Long Fei …

"Is … is he still alive?" Chen Lihu's eyes turned sinister, "Did Zhou Tianyun and the rest not make a move?"

At this time.

Zhou Yuanhe also could not sit still, he had been waiting for Zhou Tianyun to return from the backstage.

Compared to Chen Lihu, he was even more anxious, because only he knew about the Thunder Dragon Temple's Secret Treasure.

If that was the case …

But now, Zhou Tianyun had not returned for so long, why was this so?

Wu Haowu said indifferently: "Clan Leader Zhou, don't worry, I will be back."


An elder who was flying on his sword descended and said to Chen Lihu: "We didn't see them, we didn't see their figures in the entire hunting grounds."


Chen Lihu's voice was like thunder, his face immediately became livid. "You didn't see it? Could it be that the human world has been steamed? "

The audience went silent.

I don't know what happened.

However …

They were all waiting for the results of the test and didn't care about anything else.

"Time's up, right? Can you check the results and determine the ranking?"


"Everyone's here. Can we begin?"

"What the hell are you doing?"

… ….

Everyone wanted to know their ranking as soon as possible, just like how they wanted to know their score after an examination.

Chen Lihu did not pay any attention to him and walked towards the backstage in large strides. Looking at Zhou Yuanhe and Wu Haowu, he said, "Zhou Yuntian brought three hundred disciples and disappeared without a trace."


"What's going on?"

The two of them stood up at the same time.

Zhou Yuanhe's expression changed, he took a step forward and looked at Chen Lihu, then said: "Elder Chen, this is not a joke, Tian Yun is a cultivator with the war master ream, he would definitely not disappear." Baidu Sister-in-law a a half (. Floating Life Strongest Upgrade System

Chen Lihu's brows tightly knitted together as he faintly said, "The brat you wanted to kill, he, he, he returned safe and sound."


Zhou Yuanhe's expression turned sinister as he suddenly recalled what Yuan Ling said last night. 'What if Long Fei kills them all?' These words suddenly came to mind.

A chill came over him!

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