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The moment the three black beads appeared in the profoundbing, the entire place was shaken, and their hearts were filled with rage, because this kind of dog shit luck was never given to them. Previously, they had been fighting with all their might, but in the end, there were no treasures in the profoundbing, and there were always treasures that no one fought for.

The white tiger's expression changed slightly because the power emitted by the three black pearls was too terrifying. It could actually shoot out a black glow that caused the entire hall to become dark.

He extended his hand and grabbed, holding the three beads tightly in his palm, and then took a deep breath, because he already knew what the three beads were, he never thought that such a treasure would appear inside the profoundbing.

"It's the Rule spiritual bead," an expert from the Heaven Realm shouted.

All of these Rankers came from the Heaven Realm and were all at the same level as Feng Quan and Ling Feng. Looking at their ferocious looks, they probably wanted to snatch the black pearl from the White Tiger's hands.

Chen Xiang sneered in his heart: "You reckless fool."

Ling Feng from the Purple Moon Imperial Land also appeared, the old lady's face was gloomy and cold, she leaned on her walking stick as she looked at the White Tiger: "Brother, this thing is useless to you, but it has a great meaning to us, can we part with it?"

"How do you know it's useless to me?"

He had never wanted to provoke the experts of these big powers, so he could now understand why Chen Xiang would always go against these big powers. It was because Chen Xiang had a lot of good things in his hands, and these big powers would always find some kind of magnificent excuse to snatch them away, extremely shameless.

"Everyone, are you trying to steal something from my Purple Moon Imperial Land?" Ling Feng looked at the rankers surrounding the White Tiger, these Rankers from the Heaven Realm were all big shots from the ancient powers, and these ancient powers were also traitors from the past, however, their overall strength was not as strong as those in the Sheng Domain or those in the Tong Tian Aristocratic Family.

A middle-aged man looked coldly at the White Tiger, not replying to Ling Feng. In the eyes of these experts, they were unrivalled existences in this world, and this Rule spiritual bead was something that was rarely seen in hundreds of thousands of years, they could not let it go. If they could get one, they could use the power of the Ancient Code.

This was the first time Chen Xiang had heard of this Rule spiritual bead.

"Rule spiritual bead and Philosophic stone are similar things, Rule spiritual bead are beads naturally formed from a type of power of law. The person who obtains these Rule spiritual bead can step into the realm of using the power of law.

"There are many types of Law Energies, for example the Space Law and the Time Law are both powerful Law Energies, so everyone is relatively familiar with them. There are many types of Law Energies between Heaven and Earth, I wonder what kind of Law these three Rule spiritual bead are," Bai Youyou said.

"I bought this with more than 500 billion Spar s. Whether I can eat it or not is my problem." The White Tiger was surrounded by so many experts and was still very calm.

"I can give you five trillion Spar s," Ling Feng said. Many people did not know about the affairs of the Rule spiritual bead, but seeing the great battle between these strong warriors, they knew that the three pearls were very precious, able to make the strong warriors snatch them away without fear of their own honor. Many people secretly wondered, if they would be able to obtain these three pearls, if they could.

The White Tiger wanted to store the Rule spiritual bead in the Storage magic treasure, but it did not succeed. This was very normal, after all, this was a Profound Orb condensed from the power of the Ancient Code and could guide living beings in using the power of the Ancient Code.

"That's not up to you, otherwise you wouldn't be able to walk out of the door today," Ling Feng's old face turned cold, and said sinisterly.

Li Baojun wasn't sure about the White Tiger's strength, so he asked Chen Xiang if he could help, but Chen Xiang replied very calmly, "No need, I was thinking about how many of those guys up there can still live."

The White Tiger was known as the God of Slaughter, so he had nothing to be afraid of.

"I'll ask you one more time, are you selling or not," Ling Feng glared at the white tiger and said loudly. At the same time, a few purple-robed elders suddenly appeared, all of them extremely powerful.

The three Rule spiritual bead s in the White Tiger's hands were trembling. If it wasn't for the fact that he was strong, he wouldn't have been able to catch these three Rule spiritual bead s, which was also why many experts were wary of his strength. How strong were the laws, the condensed pearls were definitely not weak.

The White Tiger looked at the dozen or so people surrounding him and coldly said, "I'm not selling it. If you make a move on me, you will all die."

"Hmph." A purple-robed elder disdainfully snorted as he thrusted his sword at the white tiger.

"Die!" The white tiger ferociously glared at the purple-robed elder. In an instant, the entire hall was filled with a terrifying killing intent, causing many people to go limp and speechless from fright.

After the purple-robed elder was glanced at by the white tiger, his entire body turned into black smoke, and the killing intent that erupted from the white tiger's body scattered throughout the hall.

"You've angered me," the White Tiger bellowed, that terrifying roar, made everyone think that they were going to be killed, and the entire auction house also disappeared in an instant. Many of the experts in the boxes floated in the air, their faces filled with fear, these people who thought that they were invincible in the world, were like frightened cats, trembling from head to toe.

Ling Feng was shocked. She had originally wanted to take action, but at this moment, she was already too weak to retaliate due to the powerful aura of the White Tiger.

"Everyone, join hands and control him, or else we will all die," Ling Feng shouted. He strove to use all the strength in his body and swung his crutches towards the White Tiger.

The experts of the other Heaven Realm s also circulated the energy in their bodies and struck towards the White Tiger. In that instant, all kinds of light rays enveloped the White Tiger, and the dozen experts attacked at the same time, causing the entire Heaven Thunder City to tremble violently.

"All of you must die," the White Tiger said coldly. Its body trembled, dispersing all the energy that was attacking him, then it threw out a palm towards Ling Feng, and with just a light palm in mid air, it turned Ling Feng and the powerful cane into black smoke.

The Ling Feng who was strong, was actually scared out of his wits by a single palm from someone else. This person's power was so strong that it caused people to be afraid of him.

The White Tiger's eyes swept across the ten over people attacking it, shooting out beams of murderous light. Those experts all turned into black smoke and disappeared. With just their eyes, they could crush these experts to death like ants.

"Who else wants to steal from me?" The White Tiger's voice rang in the minds of the crowd, and many people were so frightened that they were paralyzed on the ground, while the experts that were floating in the air were drenched in cold sweat, their faces full of fear. They didn't doubt that the person in front of them only needed a moment to turn them all into black smoke and disappear from this world forever.

The white tiger waved its sleeve and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

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