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Flower Emperor did not deny that she had only just entered the divine way, and that it was because she had cultivated the divine way that her strength had risen greatly.

"If you want to meet Qianxiang, then come and find her in broad daylight, no need to be so sneaky." This was what the Flower Emperor was more dissatisfied about. She didn't want her territory to allow people in and out, and not only that, it was a man.

Actually, I don't want to use this method either. It's mainly because I've been targeted by an old guy, and that old guy is right at the entrance of your Hundreds of Flowers Palace. Even if I change my appearance, he would recognize me, which is why I snuck in like this.

Chen Xiang had originally planned to sneak in and find Mu Qianxiang first, so that the Flower Emperor would think that it was Mu Qianxiang who let him in. He never thought that the Flower Emperor would be so powerful, to actually find out that Long Xueyi was using his soul to look at her.

Flower Emperor immediately knew who the old fellow Chen Xiang was talking about was. "How did he get related to him, he is actually a very cunning old fox. But if you had offended him, he wouldn't watch you so closely."

Flower Emperor brought Chen Xiang and walked into the small forest, talking as they walked.

"You know him." Chen Xiang was a little curious: "He said that he's, I don't know if that's his real name."

"It's his real name, he came to the distant Archaeus region in the starry sky, and he's also very cunning, he can be considered a big liar." It's his real name, he came to the distant Archaeus region in the starry sky, and he's very cunning, he can be considered a big liar, and many people have been deceived by him. The Flower Emperor replied, "He knows your identity. If he knew, it would be normal for him to have his eyes on you."

Chen Xiang scolded him, "This old turtle, I was almost tricked by him. Looks like the thing I got from him was fake.

Flower Emperor stopped and asked anxiously: "What is it, could it be that seed?"

Chen Xiang took out the golden rice and said unhappily: "It's this shitty thing. He said that as long as you grow it, you can go to a mystical world, and there are many precious spiritual medicines there. He also said that he came to find you, and you believed him, so I thought it was true."

Flower Emperor's chest rose and fell as he took in a deep breath. "How did you get him from his hands?

Chen Xiang was startled for a moment, then said: "This old fellow told me about this kind of thing, he was worried that I would leak it out, so he planned to kill me and silence me … …"

Chen Xiang explained the entire process in detail. When Flower Emperor heard it, he could not help but chuckle.

"I never thought that this old liar would fall into your hands." The Flower Emperor had a smile on her face, making her look extremely enchanting, but Chen Xiang did not dare look at her, as he was worried that her smile would disappear. Chen Xiang said somewhat excitedly.

"Sure, but it will take a while." The Flower Emperor also agreed that if she wanted to quickly become the emperor, she needed to obtain enough Holy level medicine to level her up.

"Here, don't lose it." Chen Xiang passed such an expensive thing over. Such a gift meant that he did not have any ill feelings towards the Flower Emperor, and this was also because of Mu Qianxiang, which was something that the Flower Emperor understood.

At this moment, the two were no longer as angry as they were before, and there were some things that could be discussed.

The two of them started walking towards where Mu Qianxiang was.

"Flower Emperor, tell me honestly, do you really have a Alive Slain Method?" Chen Xiang asked: "I won't talk nonsense."

The Flower Emperor hesitated for a moment, then sighed: "That's right, but you really talked too much in the Profound God Convention last time. Even though there are already some people who are suspicious, no one will say it in front of me."

Too many people are staring at my Heaven Earth Killing Method, so I can only divert their attention. Since you are so powerful, what are you afraid of? Chen Xiang giggled.

"You want me to pass the Alive Slain Method to you?" Flower Emperor asked.

"No, I want to know how you obtained the Alive Slain Method. I know that it's not easy to spread." The Heaven Earth Killing Method that Chen Xiang had previously learned could only be learned through those stone tablets.

The Flower Emperor nodded his head: "That's right, because I haven't learnt much in myself, and have learned so many profound things in the Alive Slain Method, it is very difficult for me to pass on them to you, and this is also the reason why the Heaven Earth Killing Method is so hard to pass on."

"I thought you already have a Alive Slain Method. I heard that you have many high level spirit medicines, and normally only a Alive Slain Method can produce them." The Flower Emperor said.

"Not necessarily. The Taiji Dragon-suppressed kungfu also has these methods, but the speed is very slow, especially for those high level herbs." Chen Xiang said. Actually, his creation divine liquid was already very fast, but he thought it was too slow.

"The Dragon cohesion kungfu inside the Four-phase Magic Kungfu has this kind of effect as well, it's very slow. I used to use the Dragon cohesion kungfu in the past, the method in your Taiji Dragon-suppressed kungfu shouldn't be that much faster than it." She was very interested in this kind of thing. Although she did not refine pills, she liked to grow medicinal herbs, so she had a good relationship with some of the higher levelled Alchemist s. There was no need for Alchemist to help her refine pills.

"I can tell you where the Alive Slain Method is located. The location where the Alive Slain Method is recorded is similar to the Beast Slain Method, both are located on a cliff. It's just that that place is very dangerous, whether or not you can obtain it depends on your luck." Flower Emperor took out a map and handed it over to Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang did not think that Flower Emperor would agree so readily, and immediately thanked him.

You have to promise me a condition. You should know the meaning of the Alive Slain Method, and you are also a Alchemist. "" What condition? Flower Emperor looked straight into Chen Xiang's eyes, looking extremely serious.

"Tell me the conditions first." Chen Xiang didn't dare to agree rashly, what if it was a trap.

"This condition is not necessary. If you really can obtain the Alive Slain Method, you must remember to help me get a divine sword. There's no time limit, I believe you have a way." Flower Emperor replied with a smile: "No problem."

Just as he had guessed before, the Flower Emperor was still brooding over the matters regarding the divine sword.

"Flower Emperor, you should have a name. Can you tell me? We are now partners." Chen Xiang asked with a mischievous smile. There was still someone who directly asked for the Flower Emperor's name.

In the past, people only called her Palace Mistress Hua or the Hundred Flowers Fairy, and then the Flower Emperor, so very few people knew her name. Furthermore, she seemed to have deliberately concealed her name.

"Don't tell anyone." Flower Emperor lowered his voice and replied softly, "Lv Qilian."

Chen Xiang was immediately shocked, this reminded him of the Demon Empress Lv Qinlian who was still in Di Tian. The two names were so similar, it was impossible for them to be unrelated.

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