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Li Baojun's flames were indeed very terrifying, because he was already a Five elements heavenly fire. Even Chen Xiang was ashamed of himself, but if his Heaven fire could evolve into a Heaven Fire, then it would also be very powerful.

Seeing Li Baojun being so serious and refining for a period of time, the few Pill Sect Elders became anxious. If it was the real Snow Jade Grass, they would not be able to get it back, because it had already become a pill.

If it was before, they might have been able to buy back with a few more Spar. Now, they regretted not stopping Li Baojun.

Everyone patiently waited. Besides, it was rare to see a Face Preserving Pill being concocted, let alone a very strong Alchemist. All of the Alchemist present guessed that Li Baojun might be a Dan King.

Li Baojun's furnace was very stable, and the weak hot air it was emitting was very stable. Alchemist could tell that the situation inside was very stable, and normally, only high level Alchemist would be able to make it, then it would at least be at Dan King's level.

Li Baojun opened his eyes and smiled: "It's already been refined, my luck is not bad, I can condense two pellets, although the quality of the Mystical Jade Snow Grass has dropped a lot, but I will use the auxiliary ingredients to melt the Medicine aura and raise the Mystical Jade Snow Grass, only by raising its quality will I be able to condense two pills."

Just then, he opened the furnace and saw two light yellow Dan King s floating out. Looking at the color and rich pill fragrance, he could tell that they were of high quality, and that this was not Beauty Dan s, but real, fresh out of the furnace, Face Preserving Pill.

Li Baojun laughed: "Everyone, you all can see it now, I and this little brother have not misjudged it, that is indeed a Profound Jade Snow Grass, I have successfully used it to refine two Face Preserving Pills."

When Young Master Ying saw Chen Xiang's complacent expression, he secretly hated him. The women around him were also like this, but they wanted the Face Preserving Pill even more.

On the other hand, the shopkeeper and the few Dan Sect disciples of Golden Yang Building were regretting their decision. If they were to sell this Face Preserving Pill for auction, it would be worth tens of billions of Spar, and maybe even higher. Yet, they were willing to sell the Snow Jade Grass for four billion, something that could be sold for an even higher price.

"Please wait a moment. Since you two are knowledgeable, I believe you two want to earn more with your clairvoyant eyes." At this time, a middle-aged man wearing a golden robe walked over.

"Elder Wan." The few people from the Pill Sect and the shopkeeper saluted again and again.

The Elder Wan nodded his head. When he received the news, he also felt uncomfortable in his heart, they had actually made a mistake and made the other party buy a stalk of Snow Jade Grass for such a cheap price.

"Oh, you want us to continue strolling around here," Chen Xiang didn't buy the Profound Jade Snow Grass to earn some Spar s, he didn't lack it at all.

"Of course not. The first place where this Snow Jade Grass grew is a place covered in cold all year round, and the conditions for its growth are extremely harsh. Don't you want to know where this Snow Jade Grass came from?" The Elder Wan said.

At this time, a youth in the crowd said, "It should be the profound Cold Ancient Realm from the far north. It is said that during the Primordial Era, there were strange flowers and strange plants blooming in the precious lands.

"I've also heard that the ice is called the Primordial profoundbing and it has all sorts of colors. Even if it was baked under the blazing sun, it would be difficult to melt, and even the flames of some Alchemist s are unable to melt those Primordial profoundbing. In these past few years, there has been no snowstorm in the far north of the profound Cold Ancient Realm.

The Elder Wan nodded his head: "If the profoundbing s with the strange ice flowers are most likely different from the others, then we just obtained a group of profoundbing here. Since you two have such good taste, why don't you check if the profoundbing s have the strange flowers and plants?"

"One must know that all those strange flowers and herbs were from the Primordial Era, and this piece of land back then was the place where Di Tian stood above the Nine Heavens and Ten Great Earth. That was definitely not an ordinary plant, it was most likely something from the Immortal Grade's Holy level."

"I heard that many ancient powers have sent people to the profound Cold Ancient Realm to dig for profoundbing, and even bought some strange profoundbing. It seems that some ancient power had once obtained a spirit flower of the Heaven level."

This was the first time Chen Xiang and Chen Xiang had heard of this kind of thing. They immediately nodded and agreed to go take a look at the profoundbing.

"Senior White Tiger, do you know anything about profound Cold Ancient Realm?" Chen Xiang asked hurriedly.

"I know a bit, that place is indeed a treasure land filled with strange flowers and plants, but it is extremely dangerous, and Qi Shi and I could only reluctantly stroll around inside. Afterwards, we don't know why that place was frozen over, so we'll go take a look at those profoundbing s, maybe I'll be able to see something," the White Tiger replied.

Chen Xiang was extremely shocked in his heart. Even the White Tiger did not dare to casually walk around, so the profound Cold Ancient Realm was indeed an extraordinary place.

Elder Wan led Chen Xiang and Li Baojun, followed by a large group of people, they arrived at a courtyard where there were many square or irregular round rocks, a total of dozens of them, with a variety of colors. After entering, many of the students were unable to endure the cold, and they had no choice but to immediately leave the courtyard and stand on a long corridor to watch.

In order to avoid the cold air spreading out and affecting others, this courtyard was surrounded by a huge magic formation. Even Young Master Ying and the few girls beside him couldn't withstand the cold air, retreating one after another.

Chen Xiang and Li Baojun would naturally be fine, but that cold Qi was indeed very strong. It was able to make people like them, who had strong flames, feel cold.

Originally, there were more than a hundred people who had followed him in, but there were only about ten or so people who were still able to walk in the courtyard. Seeing Chen Xiang's simple and honest looking face, everyone knew that he was someone who played the role of a pig and ate tigers, someone who could resist the cold air.

Chen Xiang frowned, he tried to use his powerful divine power to see through the colorful profoundbing, but he was met with a huge obstruction.

"Leader, I can't see through you, but what about you?" Li Baojun whispered to Chen Xiang.

"It's the same for me," Chen Xiang replied. Then, he asked the White Tiger, "Senior, can you see what's inside these profoundbing s?"

The largest piece of the profoundbing was like a coffin, and the smallest was half the height of a human.

"No," the White Tiger's reply made Chen Xiang extremely suspicious.

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