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### Chapter 15 - Talk about qualifications with me? You think you are worthy of it?

His voice was like a thunderclap.

Two groups of forbidden army immediately rushed forward, surrounding Long Fei in an instant.

"I want to see who dares!" Long Fei sneered, and directly called out his name: "Long Zhanwu, you don't have the qualifications to capture me. What kind of identity are you, an elder of the Long family, and what kind of identity do you have?

They did not place Long Zhanwu in their eyes at all.

Long Zhanwu frowned, his fists clenched tightly, releasing the invisible anger, and said: "Long Fei, you ignore the clan rules, injured the Imperial Guard, and killed the Long Family's servants. Now, even Long Da Yao has been killed by you, you are guilty of heinous crimes, anyone from the Long Family can definitely offend you."

"Talking about qualifications with me?"

"You think you're worthy?"

Long Ao laughed complacently, "Long Fei, just obediently kneel down and admit your mistake, hahaha …"

Long Fei said unhurriedly: "Long Zhanwu, let me ask you, what is the punishment for insulting the Long family's young master and the future Duke of Divine Dragon?"

Long Zhanwu's face froze.

Long Fei continued, "The Imperial Guards have stopped the young master of the Long Family. What kind of crime is this, to attack the young master?"

Long Zhanwu's face sank again.

Long Fei asked again, "As a servant of the Long family, you framed the Young Master, and captured my servants.

The cave entrance suddenly quieted down.

Being questioned by Long Fei in three rounds, Long Zhanwu actually could not answer.

, who was in the Law Enforcement Hall, was also slightly shaken. Looking at Long Fei, he felt that he was no longer the Long Fei from before.

However …

This was the domineering and arrogant attitude that the young master of the Long family should have.


Long Zhanwu did not give up, and said: "You can forget about everything else, but as a disciple of the Long family, even if you're the young master, you have no right to kill him …"

Only the Long family's Law Enforcement Hall was able to enforce the law.

Long Fei was also aware of this.

Without waiting for Long Zhanwu to finish speaking, Long Fei laughed: "Do you see me killing Long Da Yao? If you didn't see it, then please shut up! Understand? "

Kcha! *

Long Zhanwu's expression became somewhat sinister.

He was angry.

He was furious, but … But he couldn't find a place to vent it out.

He could feel the change in Long Fei as well, that Long Fei was indeed the Young Master, and insulting the Young Master was a serious crime that could be punished with death.

However …

He was unwilling to let Long Fei go just like that, and he did not want to miss this great opportunity.

Long Ao said from the side, "Father, don't talk so much with him. Let's kill him first."

Long Zhanwu's forehead turned sinister.

It wouldn't be difficult to kill Long Fei, but... He wanted the people's hearts, the Long family's people's hearts, if he didn't give a reasonable reason to kill Long Fei, even if Long Fei was a trash, he would still be criticized by others, and it would affect his ascent to the position of Patriarch. Furthermore, the Long family wasn't as simple as it seemed on the surface.

If he did not make a good step, he would be doomed forever.

Long Zhanye stepped forward and asked, "Just now, Long Da Yao's cry for help came from inside the cave. Since he hasn't come out yet, he should be dead?"

Long Fei asked, "May I ask what Long Da Yao's cultivation level is?"

Long Ao took the initiative and said, "I know about this, Peak Realm Dragon Manager."

Long Fei said: "Then may I ask, who is stronger when compared to me? I killed him? Do you think that's possible? "

he asked.

Long Zhanye also became silent.

A difference of a small realm was impossible to pass, let alone a Pubes that had shattered, its tendons and veins congealed, and Long Fei whose dragon blood had been sucked out, was even more so not a match for him.

But everyone had heard it very clearly just now.

Long Fei laughed: "Since the Law Enforcement Hall does not believe, we can send people to check inside to see if there are any corpses of Long Da Yao."

Without waiting for Long Zhanye to speak, Long Ao stepped forward and said: "I'll go check it out."

Walking to Long Fei's side, Long Ao said complacently: "Long Fei, when I find the corpse of Manager Long, prepare to die."


As soon as he finished.

Long Fei slapped him across the face, "You actually dare to threaten Young Master, you're looking for a beating!"

Long Ao fell to the ground immediately, his face was red and swollen, he screamed in pain: "Father, he hit me!"

"Huff …" Long Zhanwu took a deep breath, narrowed his eyes, and said solemnly: "Go in and search!"

Hit his son right in front of Long Zhanwu.


Long Zhanye had a deeper understanding of Long Fei, and thought to himself, "Even if it was the Long Fei of a prodigy period, he would not dare to do something like this. His cultivation has become stronger. "

Long Ao held onto his cheek, and rushed into the cave with a few guards.

Half an hour later.

Long Ao walked out dejectedly, and said in a low voice: "We didn't find the corpse of Manager Long, there's nothing at all."

At this moment.

Long Fei laughed playfully: "Uncle Zhan Wu, slandering the young master, this is a heavy crime, seeing as you are an elder, I will not care about it, next time don't make such a mistake, okay?"


Hugging jojo, she said softly, "Let's go home."

He walked away without taking a single glance at Long Zhanwu and the others.

"It was really dangerous just now. The war chief's aura on Long Zhanwu's body is too strong, I actually couldn't take it."

… ….

Long Zhanwu did not immediately leave the cave.

Instead, he walked into the cave and examined it. He believed that Long Da Yao was definitely inside, and that he had definitely died by Long Fei's hands.

He was also accompanied by Long Zhanye.

"Saber Qi!"

"Such a violent and tyrannical blade qi, otherwise it would not have created such a small crack, and this was not even created by a single blade qi." Long Zhanye said in shock.

Long Zhanwu looked at a thin crack on the wall, his eyes sinister as he muttered to himself, "Concentrate all the blade Qi at one point, with this level of accuracy, this power is definitely not something an ordinary person can control."

Long Zhanye's face was ice-cold as he said: "Big Brother, it seems like our young master trash has become stronger."

Long Zhanwu exhaled, his fists clenched tightly, and muttered to himself: "So what if I become stronger? There is no aura of dragon blood on his body and he is just a piece of trash. "

The aura of dragon blood.

Only the main disciples of the Long family could have such an aura.

It is the standard to judge your position in the Long family, and also the standard to judge the talent of the Long family's disciples.

There was no aura of dragon blood on Long Fei's body.

In other words, he hadn't recovered yet. As long as he didn't have the aura of the dragon blood, he would still be a piece of trash!

He absolutely could not allow a person without dragon blood essence become a Divine Dragon Marquis!

Because …

Once Long Fei became the Divine Dragon Marquis, the entire Fire Glass City would laugh at the Long family.

The Long family was a useless master, but there were no more Dragon God Warriors who had existed for ten thousand years. He couldn't let this kind of thing happen, but … The courage that Long Fei displayed today and this violent and overbearing blade aura caused shock in his heart, and it took a long time before he could calm down from the shock.


With Long Zhanwu's strength and his right in the Long family, it was as easy as flipping his palm to get rid of Long Fei. He could have done it a year ago, but he didn't.

Now, Long Zhanwu was regretting it a little!

Long Zhanye asked: "Big brother, what do we do next? Do you want me to …? "

Long Zhanye made a throat erasing gesture.

"No need. I need to kill him as a matter of fact." Long Zhanwu thought for a moment, then said: "The matter of Long Fei's sudden increase in cultivation must not be spread out."

The more word spread out, the worse it would be for him.

"Understood!" Long Zhanye nodded heavily.

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