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If you don't like it, then do it!

Cripple your father?

Let's see if you're strong enough.

Long Fei was not afraid at all, so what about the geniuses of the god emperor academy?

At this moment.

The corners of Lin Long's eyes twitched, his killing intent rose as he let out a cold snort, "Kill him!"

The four of them moved.

Immediately, it attacked Long Fei.

Long Fei's idea sank and rushed into the broken eighteen levels of hell, shouting, "Giant Demon, it's time to wake up!"

"Roar …"

This was the first time that the eighteen levels of hell had produced such a loud roar.

The troll woke up.

The eighteen levels of hell, one level, one demon!

The first gravity troll!

His eyes were filled with anger as he shouted, "I've woken up, master!"

Long Fei looked at Lin Long and the other two, snorting coldly, and said coldly: "Slag, don't be scared to the point of wetting your pants, let me see who's the cripple today."

Under normal circumstances.

Long Fei did not want to summon his Giant Demon Beast. This guy had caused too much of a commotion, it was bound to cause unnecessary trouble.

This is the immortal domain.

If he managed to provoke a few more Heavenly hall of immortals Rankers, the result would be disastrous.

However …

Being bullied like that, Long Fei only said one word, "Fuck!"

Right at this moment.

The Giant Demons were about to be summoned by Long Fei, but … A figure blocked his path.

Yi Yi!

The moment his figure landed, his aura slightly fluctuated.

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The five of them immediately stood on the spot, unable to move.

It was instantly crushed.

Yi — who?

An elder of the Heavenly hall of immortals, an expert at the pinnacle of the immortal domain. Other than the Heavenly hall of immortals s, only a few people could withstand the power of a Grade 6 Immortal Foundation.

This was only a tiny bit of suppression. If it was at full power, Lin Long and the other three would probably already be lying on the ground.

Yi Yi Yi's cold voice sounded, "As a disciple of the god emperor academy, you don't even know to protect the people. Not only do you not know, you even kill innocents.

The five of them trembled.

The aura Yi Yi was releasing was too terrifying.

The five of them couldn't take it.

Lin Long said with difficulty: "Since you know we are the god emperor academy's students, then you should show some respect and offend my god emperor academy, I want you …"

Not waiting for him to finish.

Yi Yi landed in front of Lin Long, glared at him, and said, "What do you want?"

Lin Long's face was extremely pale, she could not utter another word.

Long Fei grinned and said: "Senior, let me deal with this kind of person."


Long Fei stepped forward and fiercely slapped him, "god emperor academy's students are amazing?"


A resounding slap landed on Lin Long's face, the five handprints on his face clearly visible.

Everyone was shocked.

The guards on the fence were even more shocked.

Someone who beat up god emperor academy?

This …

This... this... He was indescribably shocked.

In their hearts, the god emperor academy was like a god. Even if they had the strength, they would not dare to move an inch because the power of the god emperor academy was just too great.

The god emperor academy was the sky.

They could only respect and respect him, but not blaspheme him.

At the same time.

Everyone couldn't help but think, "Don't tell me this kid is from the Dark Academy?" If it were not for the people from the Dark Academy, how would they dare to make a move against the people from the god emperor academy? "

At this moment.

The leader of the dark academy laughed out loud and said, "Brat, I won't make things difficult for you today just because of this slap."

Long Fei looked at Yi Yi.

"Senior, they also ordered it for me."

Yi Yi Yi smiled faintly, and his aura trembled.

The five students from the Dark Academy were also crushed in an instant.

The leader's face fell. "What are you trying to do?"

Long Fei walked forward step by step, revealing a playful smile, and said: "What are you doing? If you don't want to cause trouble for me, I will find trouble for you, okay? "

Before he finished speaking, Long Fei's palm fiercely slapped down.

With a furious roar, he asked, "Is that good?"


Another resounding slap on the face. It was truly an enjoyable slap.

With Yi Yi, a powerful expert from the Heavenly hall of immortals, there was no way he wouldn't feel great about it.

And then …

Long Fei looked at the chief bodyguard on the fence and said, "Captain, was there a brother who was killed just now? Who killed him?

chief bodyguard was shocked, her face immediately changed.

After beating up the god emperor academy and the Dark Academy, how crazy is this guy?

Even if an expert was suppressing him, he didn't dare to say it out loud.

chief bodyguard kept shaking his head, "No, no, no."

Would he be able to suppress them for a period of time? Would he be able to suppress his entire life?

In their hearts, god emperor academy was too strong to be reached. They could not afford to offend him, so they could only swallow their anger, not daring to make a sound, even if someone stood up for them.

Long Fei's gaze darkened, walked to Lin Long's side and asked: "Is that you?"

Lin Long's eyes could kill, he hated that he couldn't immediately kill Long Fei, and said: "Brat, have you thought about the consequences?"


A slap landed on his face.

Long Fei said: "Have you thought about the consequences?"

Blood hung from the corner of Lin Long's mouth as his expression became extremely unsatisfied. "If you dare to make a move against me again, give it a try …"


"Laozi moved, what's wrong?" Long Fei stared at Lin Long, his aura did not decrease at all, and said: "This father has hated all of you being conceited, thinking that you are superior to others, all the so-called geniuses."

Lin Long was beaten so badly that stars appeared in his eyes.

The holy ninth rank was completely crushed, and he could not move at all.

He didn't even have the least bit of defense.

Long Fei looked at Lin Long and laughed: "You want to compete with me in arrogance? "You're still too young."

Lin Long laughed coldly, "Brat, I..."

Not waiting for him to finish.

The dragon salyer in Long Fei's hands rested directly on his neck, and he said: "Come, come, continue to speak. Let me see if one of you still continues to act arrogantly."

The sword aura of the dragon salyer wrapped itself around his neck, and the life-like dragon head stared at him, feeling extremely uncomfortable.

At this moment.

Lin Long's mind went cold, and instantly kneeled down, and said: "I, I, I don't dare anymore, I beg you to spare my life."


The dragon salyer in Long Fei's hands pressed down and said: "I've never seen someone that is so arrogant before. What's wrong with god emperor academy?"

His heart turned cold.

Just like the scythe of the god of death on his neck, he was incomparably afraid.


Long Fei had never been afraid of anyone.

If it wasn't for Yi Yi, he would have definitely killed these people.

Yi Yi Yi said softly, "Compared to being able to act brazenly and recklessly just because you think you're a student of the god emperor academy, if I see something like this happening again, I won't let you off so easily."

He saw that it was about time.

After all, he was a student of the god emperor academy.


He was considering for Long Fei that if he were to offend too many people in half a year, Long Fei would be participating in the god emperor academy's examination which would be extremely disadvantageous to him.

If Long Fei killed Lin Long today, then he wouldn't be able to enter the god emperor academy even if he found out about this matter.

"Disciple doesn't dare."

"I would not dare!"

The five immediately knelt down and kowtowed.

Yi Yi Yi snorted coldly and said, "Scram."

In that instant.

Lin Long's group of five rolled and crawled their way out as if they had received amnesty.

Yi Yi was too strong, too strong. They didn't dare to take revenge.

But Long Fei...

Lin Long remembered Long Fei's look in his heart. If there was a chance, he would make sure to repay it a hundred times over!

— —

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