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"Is this the Heaven Earth Killing Method? Simulate the birth of all life in the universe to attack? Or is it to let all that is born in the world be for your own use? " Chen Xiang pondered, he felt that all sorts of majestic mountains and rivers, all sorts of beasts and sun, moon and stars, could be used as attacks in his mind.

This Heaven Earth Killing Method encompasses everything. He had previously tried to use his power to condense a large mountain to attack them. The effect was indeed very good, and it was one of the Heaven Earth Killing Method s, but the real Heaven Earth Killing Method was stronger.

When he was in the Sacred Dan Realm, he met a Starry Sky White Tiger Race named Bai Xing. Then, Bai Xing could summon stars, which was also present in the Heaven Earth Killing Method!

Summoning the stars in the sky to descend was the Starry Sky White Tiger Race's innate ability, and the Starry Sky White Tiger Race was also born from the heaven and earth, so the Heaven Earth Killing Method also had such a strong power!

Now, Chen Xiang understood why the Heaven Earth Killing Method was so powerful. It was the result of being the ancestor of tens of thousands of cultivators in the world.

Right now, Chen Xiang's Heaven Earth Killing Method was teaching him how to turn his own strength into a great river, sun, moon and stars, reversing the heavens and the earth. This was an extremely profound art.

But entering the sect requires one condition, and that is to be able to control the killing aura that is difficult for ordinary people to control.

The power possessed by the heaven and earth could kill a large number of creatures at any time. Moreover, over the course of countless years, the number of creatures that the heaven and earth had killed was innumerable.

The Heaven Earth Killing Method taught people how to learn how to kill with the heavens and earth. It taught people how to grasp the power of the heavens and earth while killing with the intention to control mountains and rivers.

"What a pity, only the Ground killing is related to the Earth Domain!" Chen Xiang sighed, and opened his eyes, but the words on the stone tablet had already completely entered his mind.

Those mental cultivation methods had already fused with his soul.

"What exactly is the Heaven Earth Killing Method?" Su Meiyao asked curiously. When she was young, her master had already been running around for the Heaven Earth Killing Method for many years, but she and her master had never known how powerful it was.

Chen Xiang let out a long sigh. At this time, he was still immersed in the shock brought to him by the Heaven Earth Killing Method.

They were all an antique, especially Long Xueyi. Although she was still young, the memories she had were inherited from many of the antiques in the Imperial Dragon Race, and even she could not help but sigh at them.

"Two parts in all? Where is the Celestial Slain Method? " Bai Youyou said.

Chen Xiang's face revealed a strange expression, "There are five in total, which are the Ground killing, the Celestial Slain Method, the Beast Slain Method and the God slain method. The last one is the Alive Slain Method, it can let everything be reborn, and is slightly different from the other four parts of the Killing technique, I think the Dragon cohesion kungfu should be related to the Life Arts! "

There were actually five tribes, Su Meiyao and the others were shocked. Earth Slaughter should be Earth, Heaven Slaughter was Earth and Moon Star, Beast Slaughter was a beast type, God Slaughter should be a spirit type beast.

As for the Alive Slain Method, it could actually regenerate all living things and create new life, but no one would find it strange when they think about it, because it was also a method that could cause the death of all living things.

"The Ground killing is the entrance, it contains many things, I can't finish learning it in a short time, there's still a long way to go!" Although Chen Xiang really wanted to find all the Heaven Earth Killing Method s, it was useless being anxious right now.

"There's no killing technique like controlling time or space?" Long Xueyi anxiously asked, it was the most powerful, although time and space could be controlled through a few array formations, but they still had to rely on external forces, especially under such a stable environment, it was impossible to not rely on a few array formations.

As for time, that was something even more difficult. Many Time Formation s were very precious and they had consumed a lot of energy.

"There is, but that is not within the scope of the Heaven Earth Killing Method. It is a law killing technique. The Ground killing mentioned it before." Chen Xiang immediately said: "But all of them were lost."

If there really was such a formidable Law Killing technique, then what kind of power would there be if he could control time and space?

"Does this Ground killing have the whereabouts of the other parts?" Bai Youyou asked.

Chen Xiang laughed bitterly: "I have mentioned it before, it's all in Ten Heavens Supreme Lord's tomb. I don't want to go to that damned place a second time. Although the Ground killing mentioned that after one controls the Ground killing, entering the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord's tomb will be much safer, but there will still be danger. "

"Looks like those ancient powers know that the Heaven Earth Killing Method can easily approach the Emperor's Tomb. No wonder they went all out." Su Meiyao said seriously: "Try your best to not let those ancient powers know that you have learnt the Ground killing."

"The situation inside the Rough and Random profound Land is very complicated, and the countless Lion Mountain s are very scary and strange. If I have the help of this Ground killing, I can very easily enter, but I need to master it first."

Chen Xiang had already decided to enter the Emperor's Tomb to collect the other parts of the Heaven Earth Killing Method.

"Taiji Dragon-suppressed kungfu, Four-phase Magic Kungfu, and profoundwu physical exercise should have all evolved from a part of the Heaven Earth Killing Method, the Four-phase Magic Kungfu has a part of the Beast Slain Method, and the Dragon cohesion kungfu has a part of the Dragon cohesion kungfu. The Nine-turn dragon god mantra could be the God slain method, so the Primordial Imperial Dragon Race should have a part of it. " Chen Xiang said.

"Perhaps, although I am also a Imperial Dragon Race, but according to my inherited memories, our White Dragon ancestors also do not know much about the Imperial Dragon Race." Long Xueyi said.

Right now, Chen Xiang was starting to comprehend the Ground killing, comprehending the natural circulation of the earth, which would allow him to understand how to use the myriad of living things produced by the earth to attack!

He sat in silence for three days before opening up his palm and channeling the Innate Qi inside his body. The Innate Qi was used by his palm and condensed into a rock.

He removed the metal Innate Qi and added the water Innate Qi, turning it into an ice stone.

What I need to do now is to find an ancient mountain, a mountain that has existed for many years and has not been destroyed. As long as I can see the natural laws of the land from this mountain, then I will be able to imitate the aura of that mountain and learn how to circulate the power of that mountain.

Chen Xiang left the abyss and floated in the air, looking down at the earth. At this time, everything on the ground was so clear in his eyes, and he could see things that others couldn't see, such as the way the natural power released from the ground caused everything on the ground to revolve, and the way to produce the destructive power.

He could already vaguely make out some Spirit grain from the mountains and rivers above. It was the trajectory of the circulation of the natural power!

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