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If not, they would be expelled. This was a decision made by the Alliance, if they did not do this, then when they start fighting in the future, there was a high chance that they would be ambushed and attacked by their own people.

Many people were attracted by the Devil-subduing College's demonic techniques. In order to let these people know how to resist such enticement, Gu Dongchen sent more people to spread the news, saying that he would be able to learn the Devil-suppressing fist, the Devil-suppressing qi and a simple version of the Devil-suppressing qi array soon.

Because of the example of the Devil Subduing Method, many people believed that the number of students in the Devil-subduing College was decreasing. Every day, there would be people leaving, and only those who came from other worlds had no intention of leaving.

As long as the number of students in Devil-subduing College greatly decreased, Devil-subduing College would lose the resources that these students provided to them every so often.

Ten days had passed and under Chen Xiang's concentrated cultivation of the Nine-turn dragon god mantra, he had completely merged with the Devil-suppressing Heavenly Venerable's incomplete divine soul, allowing his divine soul to reach the eighth level of transformation.

Chen Xiang immediately used Heaven tour method. Currently, he was already able to distance his special consciousness from his body, and was currently wandering far away as if he was in a close proximity. He could clearly see, smell, and hear what was at that place, but it was very difficult for others to discover him.

"Little scoundrel, don't use this to peek at others bathing. If you want to do this, I will definitely stop you." Long Xueyi warned seriously.

"Little bad dragon, I've never thought of doing that. Instead, you remind me every single day, do you always use to peek at me bathing?" Chen Xiang laughed and said: "Aren't you afraid of losing your eyes?"

"Pfft, if I had seen wrong, I would have been blind long ago..."

Chen Xiang never thought that the female dragon would actually admit it so boldly. He suddenly felt that the losses were huge, Long Xueyi had seen him many times, but he had never seen Long Xueyi before.

"That's not fair. You've looked at me so many times, but I've never once looked at you!" Chen Xiang immediately shouted.

"Of course, we women can grow two beautiful rabbits." Long Xueyi laughed, "Those two eggs of yours are not good at all. Furthermore, that bird-like thing has become bigger, and it's a little scary …"

Chen Xiang snorted: "As long as you women are comfortable, I can promise you that you will like it a lot in the future."

"Go go go …" Don't talk about these things anymore, be careful that your Miss You You Ye will beat you up. " Su Meiyao's face was flushed red. She did not think that these two little fellows would actually talk about these things with so much vigor.

Chen Xiang curled his lips, showered, walked out of the secret room, and heard someone knocking on the door.

"Brother, quickly open the door, quickly open the door …" The sound of him knocking on the door was louder than her, it was obvious how much she wanted to quickly see Chen Xiang.

Super Dan Imperial College was tightly wrapped up by the array formation, even if he wanted to jump in it would not be easy, but Chen Xiang was still worried that Leng Youlan would break the door.

Chen Xiang anxiously ran over, when she opened the door, she saw Leng Youlan dressed in a red dress. When she saw Chen Xiang, she hugged him like a little girl.

In front of Chen Xiang, she was no different from a little girl, but her body, her appearance, all of them exuded a familiar aura. If she were to become serious, her entire body would exude a cold and elegant aura, and would also carry the aura of a female Overlord.

"Where's Xianxian?" Chen Xiang looked outside, but he did not see Xue Xianxian.

Leng Youlan still held onto Chen Xiang tightly, not letting go, as she used her proud and straight soft front to rub against Chen Xiang's chest, instantly making Chen Xiang's blood boil.

"Big brother, I was trapped in the Time Formation for a very long time. If it wasn't for me being able to travel with you in the future, I wouldn't have gone to do this kind of bullshit to force people out of their confinement." When Leng Youlan mentioned this, her face was gloomy, her pink lips pouted, attracting love.

Chen Xiang laughed, and caressed her snow-white hair: "My good sister, it's rare for you to come here, let's talk inside!"

"Oh right, where's Xianxian? You haven't told her why you haven't come yet, so how could she let you run around alone? " Chen Xiang held Leng Youlan's jade hand and walked into a simple yet elegant, quiet bamboo building. This was Elder Dan's usual residence.

"Why can't I run around alone? Master and Senior Sister sent me here, so I went back to the Divine Weapons Heavenly Country. Master wanted to teach Senior Sister some things that would give you a headache, they seemed to be some kind of formation or formation. I can't learn these things. " Leng Youlan stuck out his tongue.

Long Xueyi laughed softly, "I also hate this stuff. If I didn't have the inheritance of knowledge, I would never have learned it even if I were beaten to death."

Even if Leng Youlan didn't come, Chen Xiang planned to ask Liu Meng'er for it, because he had just gotten the White dragon blood Dan, a thing that could help Leng Youlan awaken his White Dragon Vein.

"Little sister, what did you learn in the Time Formation?" Chen Xiang asked.

Master said that Big Brother gave it to us for us to learn, so I had to bite the bullet and go learn these complicated things. But these martial arts are really powerful, after I learned them, my strength has increased by a lot! "Su Yun said. As Leng Youlan said this, he suddenly started to burn: "Brother, let's fight!"

Looking at Leng Youlan's body that was covered with a golden Devil-suppressing qi, with his jade fists flashing with gold light, Chen Xiang's mouth started to twitch.

"You're getting more and more beautiful, Youlan. I can't even beat you up right now. I think we should skip it." Chen Xiang laughed.

Leng Youlan scoffed, "Did you think I wasn't beautiful enough when you fought me in the past?"

After saying that, she giggled. "Brother, your excuse is really bad."

"Damn girl, you've become smarter." Chen Xiang pinched her face.

"I'm not stupid. Senior Sister and I both take advantage of our weaknesses. Senior Sister has taught me many things." After Leng Youlan said this, he suddenly slammed the table and laughed.

"Youlan, what are you laughing at?" Chen Xiang asked curiously.

Leng Youlan stopped laughing: "I don't understand why when Senior Sister and Master heard about your two eggs, their faces all turned red. Wasn't it just two meat eggs? What's there to be shy about! "

Chen Xiang suddenly realised, all the women with White Dragon Vein were all virtuous men, Long Xueyi was just like that.

"You went to ask Elder Sister Meng'er?" The corner of Chen Xiang's eyes twitched. He had once told Leng Youlan to ask Elder Sister Meng'er about matters concerning men and women, but he never expected that Leng Youlan would actually ask about it.

"I did, but Master didn't say anything. He just kept scolding you with a blushing face, saying that you had taught me badly." Leng Youlan pouted.

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