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He didn't even have the courage to look at Long Fei face to face.

By the time he reacted, Long Fei had already disappeared into the darkness.

Zhou Tianxiao's body loosened and cold sweat rolled down his forehead. Only then did he muster up his strength to scold the darkness: "You dog, you dare be so arrogant in front of me, if you have the guts, don't leave."

He felt extremely displeased.

Yuan Ling walked out with large strides.

Niu Dahai started laughing excitedly, "Hahaha..."

Zhou Tong walked up and whispered, "Big Brother, what happened to you just now?" How could you be suppressed by someone at the third level of the war chief? "

He did not understand.

Because he was not Zhou Tianxiao, he could not understand the feeling of being crushed.

Zhou Tianxiao's face turned pale, he gritted his teeth and shouted, "You dog, you made me lose face in front of Yuan Ling, kid, I'll kill you."

And then …

Zhou Tianxiao took out the treasure map and gave it to Zhou Tong, saying, "Take this treasure map, I want you to lure all the wolves here, I want him to die."

Zhou Tong was a little afraid, saying, "Big Brother, I'm worried …"

Zhou Tianxiao stared at him gloomily, and said coldly: "If you dare say half a word more, you will never have to worry again."

"I'll go right away." He was very clear on Zhou Tianxiao's methods.

Sinister and sinister.

He would not rest until he had achieved his goal.

He was just a branch member of the Zhou family, no one would even know if he died.

Zhou Tianxiao said indifferently: "I will bring them around. You have half an hour to lure all the wolves here to me."

"Yes sir!"

Zhou Tong took the map and quickly entered another passageway.

Zhou Tianxiao's eyes turned sinister, he stared at the darkness and said sinisterly: "You want to make me lose face? I will make you lose your life! "

After saying that, he quickly chased after her.

… ….

"Roar …"

"Roar …"

Yuan Ba was still unstoppable, without any signs of stopping.

The injuries on his body were completely ignored.

It was as if he didn't know the pain at all.

Long Fei gave him pills several times, but he did not care about it because he could not accept other people's pills. Otherwise, Zhou Tianxiao would think that Long Fei was humiliating him.

That would be even worse for Long Fei.

He couldn't do anything, but this was the only thing he could do for Long Fei.

Long Fei did not understand.

However …

Lang Long Fei fought with all his might to reduce the pressure on Yuan Ba.

"Not that way. Take the right passageway."

After hearing Long Fei's threat, Zhou Tianxiao became quiet and stood behind the crowd while pointing at the road.

Long Fei did not mind.

It didn't matter to him whether this path was right or wrong.

As long as there were monsters to kill and experience to obtain, nothing would be a problem.

Ten thousand Experience Points monsters were not a lot in Fire Glass Mountain Range, and the experience here was equivalent to an instance dungeon to him, he could not let even a single monster off.

It was just that …

Behind him, there was a pair of ice-cold eyes staring at him.

Yuan Ling.

Every time he made a move, Yuan Ling would always keep a close eye on him.

After about 10 minutes, Yuan Ling could not help but ask: "What sword technique are you training in? Can you tell me? "

His voice was still cold.

Long Fei ignored her and laughed, "Who are you? Why should I tell you? Are you familiar with me? "

I can't see a woman who pretends to be cold in my life.

With such a high and mighty attitude, Long Fei really couldn't bear to see it happen.

Yuan Ling was very beautiful.

The number one beauty in the outer sect of Xuanjian sect, the goddess in the eyes of countless of young men. In the outer sect of Xuanjian sect, she could have anything she wanted.

But here.

In front of Long Fei, she suddenly realised that all of her halos were gone.

Hearing Long Fei's reply, she was slightly unhappy in her heart, and had suffered a blow.

Even though …

In Xuanjian sect, she could have anyone do whatever they wanted for her, but she would never rely on anyone else, she relied on herself for everything.

She believed that if a woman wanted to control her own fate, she would only need a single path to become stronger!

She also trained in the sword arts.

However, she had never seen the kind of sword technique that Long Fei trained in.

Especially that sword intent.

It was an incomparably shocking realm that she was unable to reach.

Thus …

She really wanted to know what sword technique Long Fei trained in.

Zhou Tianxiao was slightly angered and wanted to explode, but he resisted. He thought in his heart: "Brat, let's see how you're still going to be so arrogant later on!"

Half an hour passed.

"Rumble …"

"Rumble …"

"Rumble …"

… ….

The entire first level of Thunder Dragon Temple Secret Realm trembled violently.

Niu Dahai's first reaction was, "An earthquake?"

Yuan Ba did not have any reaction, and did not even have a change in expression as he continued to attack the wolf.

Long Fei's aura moved.

It was also at this time.

Yan Huang ancestor suddenly said: "It's a pack of wolves. Run!"

His perception was countless times stronger than Long Fei's, so he was able to sense the wolves in an instant.



Long Fei grinned and muttered to the Yan Huang ancestor: "This dragon's young master's dictionary does not contain the word 'escape'."

Not to mention the wolves.

Even if the entire Thunder Dragon Temple Secret Realm was filled with monsters, he would not run.

Where can I find such a good place to level up?

Why did it drop such a good item after running?

soul locked chain possessed the attribute of soul shock, adding on to the fact that his own Refining Technics had fused with the fire essence of the ninth layer, what kind of chemical reaction would the combination of fire and soul shock come up with?

He really wanted to know.

Long Fei wanted to refine a weapon.

The more soul locked chain, the better.

Long Fei stopped Yuan Ba with a step and said solemnly: "There are wolves up ahead."

Zhou Tianxiao's face revealed a pleased look, and thought in his heart: It looks like Zhou Tong succeeded, hehe. "Kid, let's see how you will face the wolf pack."

"Don't stop."

"Do you know how to open a path? Hurry up and open a path. Don't waste this young master's time."

Zhou Tianxiao said proudly, "Yuan Ba, are you deaf? Didn't you hear what I said? I'll let you lead the way. "

Yuan Ba moved his body and walked forward.

Long Fei tried her best to hold him back, but it was completely out of the question. This guy's power was too strong, his clothes were instantly torn apart.

Long Fei was dragged by Yuan Ba for a few meters.

In terms of physical strength, Long Fei and Yuan Ba were on completely different levels.

He was only using the Godly Force on his right arm, but Yuan Ba should have only gotten all the Godly Force in his body, so much that he even had some kind of Godly Force blood lineage.

However …

This was only Long Fei's guess.

Yuan Ba did not stop and rushed into the darkness.

Long Fei turned around and glanced at Zhou Tianxiao. Seeing the pleased look on his face, it was clear that he was the culprit behind the wolf pack. = semi--/floating-life +)

Zhou Tianxiao sneered, and said: "What are you looking at? Why aren't you clearing the path? If you don't want to open a path, then scram out of the secret realm. "

"Niu Dahai, are these your people? Can you do it? If it's no good, then don't embarrass yourself here. "

The corner of Long Fei's eyes darkened slightly as he clenched his fists tightly. The fierce footsteps of the wolves had already arrived.

Turning around, Long Fei charged into the darkness …

Chapter VII

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