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Just as Chen Xiang changed back into his human form, low growls suddenly came out from the forest. It was creepy and terrifying, causing Chen Xiang to immediately run forward.

"These beasts don't seem to dare to cross that stone tablet. You should be safe now." Long Xueyi heaved a sigh of relief. She initially wanted to mix with these strange beasts, but she was afraid of alerting them.

At this time, she released her divine sense to see if she could communicate with these strange beasts. However, she was disappointed to find that these strange beasts became even angrier. She didn't know why.

Once he entered the group of Lion Mountain, Chen Xiang immediately felt countless killing intent being emitted from the group of Lion Mountain, causing him to stop in his tracks.

"How terrifying, why do I feel like every Lion Mountain is a devil brimming with killing intent!" Chen Xiang's face was filled with shock and horror, especially when he got close to a Lion Mountain. He felt that the mountain seemed to be alive, and was constantly releasing immense pressure, making him feel as if he were carrying ten thousand kilograms of weight.

"This place is terrifying indeed. It seems like this is the most dangerous place you have ever encountered." Long Xueyi said vigilantly.

What Chen Xiang found strange was that although the ground was filled with mud, it was extremely sturdy. Even though every step he took was very heavy, there weren't any deep footprints left on the ground.

He squatted down and used his hands to dig away the dirt on the ground. When he was about five inches deep, he suddenly discovered some green stone bricks.

After making the discovery, he expanded his field of work to dig out more green stone bricks. Very quickly, he confirmed that there were many complex Spirit grain s underneath the mud, but he did not understand them. Although he was a formation master, he did not recognize any of these Spirit grain s.

However, from those markings, he could tell that these Spirit grain were the same as the ones on the ancient treasures in the Tong Tian Aristocratic Family!

"These stone bricks have been here for a long time, yet they still exist. It can be seen how powerful these Spirit grain are!" Long Xueyi exclaimed: "The countless Lion Mountain s down there, could it be all these stone bricks?!"

Chen Xiang continued to walk forward, towards the Lion Mountain closest to him. He knew that there was definitely something inside these huge Lion Mountain s, and the trees planted on them and the soil wrapped outside.

Every step he took was extremely difficult, even with all his strength, it was extremely difficult. Just as he was ten meters away from Lion Mountain, a ray of light suddenly flashed under his feet!

"This is …" The power of space, I touched the Transmission array … " Just as Chen Xiang finished speaking, a light flashed before his eyes.

When he opened his eyes, he saw a vast grassland, which he was very familiar with. He had actually arrived outside the Rough and Random profound Land, and was currently high up in the sky.

Duan Sanchang was still the same as before, dressed in simple and unadorned clothes, with a full beard on his face. With a blade of grass in his mouth, he followed behind the Duan Clan elders.

"This guy …" It looks very familiar! " Duan Sanchang's eyes widened as he clearly saw Chen Xiang's face, and the grass in his mouth instantly fell.

"It's this bastard who destroyed the tomb of the son of the Demon God. I want to beat him up." Duan Sanchang muttered.

The Duan Clan elder also discovered that there was someone falling from above. It was the Chen Xiang who just came out, he had accidentally touched the Transmission array.

"Chen Xiang." Duan Sanchang shouted.

Chen Xiang immediately circulated his power, allowed himself to float, and then slowly descended to the ground.

"Chang Zi, why are you here?" Chen Xiang laughed.

"Don't forget that back then, I was the one who formed a team and said that I wanted to come to the Rough and Random profound Land, so of course I want to go in now." Duan Sanchang walked over and grabbed his clothes, "Bastard, did you destroy the tomb of the Demon God's son?"

The Duan Clan's elders also had peculiar expressions on their faces at this time, as they secretly lamented in their hearts. Today, they had finally seen Chen Xiang, for Duan Sanchang to be able to befriend such a person, they were extremely happy.

"It's not completely destroyed. If you want to dig something out of it, then hurry up and let me go." Chen Xiang laughed.

Sure enough, Duan Sanchang immediately let go of Chen Xiang. Furthermore, he even introduced his Duan Clan's seniors, who were those old tomb robbers.

The leading old man's name was Duan Kong, he was the Duan Clan's Patriarch, Duan Sanchang's great-uncle, and the middle-aged man who looked more like Duan Sanchang was called Duan Anyu. He was Duan Sanchang's father.

Chen Xiang learned from the Duan Clan that Huang Jintian had actually come out to find him, which surprised him, and then he found out that the big powers had attacked the Rough and Random profound Land, but in the end, they had suffered heavy casualties, and now, they had launched a second round of attacks, and even sent out some immortals.

"Little friend Shen, did you just come out from inside?" Duan Kong asked.

"Yes, I saw a lot of Lion Mountain inside …" Chen Xiang told his experiences inside, and the Duan Clan members were wild with joy when they heard it.

The people of Duan Clan did not continue moving forward, but sat on the plains, and listened to Chen Xiang talk about the things inside.

"Chen Xiang, write out the four ancient characters on the stone tablet, maybe we can recognize it. Just like you said, there's a very powerful grave inside, we will tell you later." Duan Sanchang asked excitedly. At this time, he had already forgotten about the tomb of the Ancient Devil God.

Chen Xiang's memory was extremely good. He took out a piece of paper and drew on it.

"What do these four words mean?" Chen Xiang asked. Long Xueyi only recognized two words.

"Ten Heavenly Sacred Mountain!" Duan Kong took a deep breath, his old face was full of excitement, and the old hands holding the piece of paper, were trembling.

Chen Xiang originally thought that it would be a hundred thousand or a billion Lion Mountain s, but it wasn't, but some kind of Ten Heavenly Sacred Mountain!

"What is this?" Chen Xiang still did not understand, and all of the Duan Clan members were extremely excited. It was clear that they clearly knew what this meant.

"Legend has it that there's a Nine Layered Heavens in the Heaven Realm, but that's not it. There were ten days, but after some unknown period of time, the Tenth Heaven disappeared. This Tenth Heaven is the most ancient world." Duan Kong explained.

Chen Xiang immediately understood, this was just as Long Xueyi had guessed, there was indeed a very ancient place inside!

"So this Mortal Realm we are in is the tenth day?" Chen Xiang was dumbstruck.

"We're not sure right now, but our ancestors didn't leave much behind for us. However, if we dig out the tombs of many ancient powers, we might be able to find out more. However, understanding that piece of history will only bring about divine retribution, so our Duan Clan has been sealed many times over the years." Duan Kong sighed: "But in order for the true history to surface, our Duan Clan will definitely carry out the tomb robbery to the end!"

Chen Xiang secretly curled his lips, the reason for robbing this tomb was just too strong, no one could refute it.

"Whose tomb exactly was that in the group of Lion Mountain? Why are they all Lion Mountain? What about those strange beasts? Even at that level of strength, he still has not turned into a human. " Chen Xiang asked again.

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