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There was only Chen Xiang sitting alone on the wide competition grounds. Many people suspected that he did not have the ability to quickly refine high level pellets, so they did not struggle and decided to kill him on the Ground level Pellet.

"Granny Rong, if you were to refine a high grade Heaven level pill, how long would it take?" Long Huishan held onto the old granny's arm intimately.

Long Peirong had also been badly beaten by Chen Xiang on the stage, but her mood had improved a lot now. She smiled benevolently and said: "One furnace in two hours, one furnace two pills won't be a problem, in twelve hours, I can definitely concoct twelve pills, that's equivalent to 12,000 points. If that brat concocted a Ground level Pill, he would also have to concoct twelve thousand pills in twelve hours, hehe, even with the arrival of the Pill Sage, it would not be possible for him to do such a thing."

"Pei-Rong, you can't let your guard down. It's definitely no accident that he was able to suppress all of you Dan Immortal. He did it with his true abilities. This competition was not fair to begin with." The very high Elder scolded sternly.

"Dad, I understand." Long Peirong stopped smiling.

Yan Zilan, who was standing at the side, was secretly shocked, she did not think that such a powerful old granny would actually have a father, who was also the very high Elder of the Long family. It was the first time she heard that the Long family only had a very high Elder, and previously, she was believed that the strongest in the Long family was only Long Peirong.

"Imperial Dragon Clan of the Imperial Dragon Clan are also present, but he is very low-key and did not attract anyone's attention." The Long family very high Elder said.

"It's that young man. He has a very dense holy dragon aura, so it should be a holy dragon. He's also very strong, so he'll be able to become a dragon king very soon. He looks very young." Long Peirong nodded.

Right now he was resting, and he had even eaten a few pieces of Hunyuan Dan, sealing the medicinal power in his dantian. He was worried that it would not be enough to concoct pills with the Innate Qi later.

It was normal for one pellet to be worth a thousand, but for people who could not concoct high quality Heaven level pellets, it was a bit unfair. It was just that this competition was just to show off to the Dan Immortal, and the low leveled Alchemist was just to join in on the fun.

If a low level Alchemist came to participate in the tournament and clamored for fairness, it would be a complete joke, because this competition was not prepared for low level Alchemist at all.

"Mistress, you should rest well. Let Master and the others handle the matter of collecting medicinal ingredients." Hua Xiangyue giggled and pinched Shao profoundyun's shoulder.

Shao profoundyun leaned on the chair, fully enjoying the massage from Su Meiyao. At this time, Liu Zongyu, Wu Canghong and the others had all left to help her gather the medicinal ingredients. Only Song Ying, Liu Meng'er and the women stayed behind.

"Aunt Xuanyun, I didn't think that you would be so amazing, being able to get so close to the front." Liu Meng'er looked at Shao profoundyun in admiration, because at that time, Shao profoundyun was just a Alchemist.

"Your mother isn't bad either. If it's a refining competition or something like that, your parents will definitely be among the best." After Shao profoundyun finished speaking, he sighed slightly: "However, compared to the freak in first place, I'm still far too lacking, and the following matches seem to be very disadvantageous for him. It seems like he doesn't plan to refine the Heaven level Pellet."

Liu Meng'er looked at Hua Xiangyue, hinting that he should tell Shao profoundyun some things.

"Master, I don't know if I should tell you something." Hua Xiangyue was a little hesitant, because he had not confirmed whether the person was Chen Xiang or not.

"Don't dilly-dally, don't you know that I hate people like this the most?" Shao profoundyun pouted and said.

"We suspect that the one in first place is our Junior Martial Uncle …"

"Ah!" Shao profoundyun jumped up from his chair and looked at Hua Xiangyue with an expression of disbelief: "That guy is mine … "Junior apprentice-brother."

Hua Xiangyue stuck out his tongue, "It's very possible that he is."

Shao profoundyun frowned. She thought for a moment and then smiled: "If this guy is really junior, then I'll let him see how powerful I am. I'm his senior sister, I definitely can't lose to him."

"This must be kept a secret. Right now, Junior Martial Uncle is in danger." Hua Xiangyue warned.

"I'm not stupid, of course I understand. I really hope it's him. I never thought that the first time I met this Junior Brother, I would directly exchange pointers with him." Shao profoundyun was obviously happy.

Song Ying chuckled. "But you lost to him, and lost very miserably."

"Junior Martial Uncle is truly pitiful. Without the Heaven level Medicinal Herbs, I wonder how he would be able to enter the top ten." 's eyes flashed. She was Chen Xiang's slave, and had been involved with Chen Xiang multiple times, so her mind and body was already occupied by Chen Xiang. However, she didn't show that kind of emotion in front of Shao profoundyun and Song Ying, otherwise, it would be very easy for her to be seen through.

The first person to return to the competition arena was a very young man. He had a proud expression on his face and walk with steps that Chen Xiang felt he had seen before.

"This is a holy dragon. If I did not see him alone here, I would not have noticed him. I never thought that this fellow was actually a Alchemist, and concealed himself so deeply." Long Xueyi's voice carried a rare heaviness.

At this time, the competition grounds were much emptier, and some Dan Immortal s could choose to stay far away from them, but Chen Xiang chose to stay at the area furthest from the front desk. At the back of the competition grounds, there were no Alchemist s.

"Because the Ground level Pill's score is a bit low, we can receive five hundred in one go. I believe that everyone will be able to reach this stage and very rarely will they fail to refine pills. I am not worried that everyone will waste our medicinal ingredients." He Peiqing had also returned to the arena. He actually wanted to see how Chen Xiang obtained victory, because in the eyes of the audience, this was an absolutely impossible feat.

Just as Long Peirong had said, even if the Pill Saint came, he would not be able to turn the tide, unless Chen Xiang also refined a Heaven level Pill.

Shao profoundyun had obtained a large amount of Heaven level Pill medicinal ingredients, she intentionally walked past Chen Xiang, and carefully examined the person that might be his junior brother. However, she could not see anything, but she could feel that Chen Xiang was not nervous at all, he just sat there quietly with his eyes closed, as if he had merged with the world.

"Kid, do you really not have the ingredients for the Heaven level Pill?" Li Tianjun sent a sound transmission to Chen Xiang. He knew that Chen Xiang could refine Heaven level Pills, but he felt that it was a pity that he couldn't see Chen Xiang refining the Heaven level Pills with his own eyes.

"Don't worry about me, I already have a plan." Chen Xiang replied.

However, only Li Tianjun knew how terrifying Chen Xiang's bottomless potential was. Even though the rules restricted him, if he could break through the limits and win against the rules that were against him, then it would definitely be a huge improvement.

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