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"Greetings, seniors." Chen Xiang hastily bowed to Liu Zongyu and her, then looked towards Liu Meng'er: "Elder Sister Meng'er."

Liu Meng'er nodded his head slightly, indicating his agreement.

"Young man, you're quite capable." Liu Zongyu patted Chen Xiang's shoulders and chuckled.

"Of course, he's my junior." Wang Weiquan also laughed.

Xue Xianxian looked at Mu Qianxiang and smiled at her: "Little sister Mu Qianxiang greets Big Sis."

On the way here, Xue Xianxian had heard Wang Weiquan talk about Mu Qianxiang.

"Xiao Xiang, what method did this damn ghost use to make you acknowledge him as your big brother? You're a Immortal Monarch, and also so young." Xue Xianxian rolled his eyes at Chen Xiang.

"He treated me well and saved me from danger." She realised that Xue Xianxian had a very strong power in his body. His strength seemed to be at the same level as hers, maybe even a little stronger than hers.

"Let's go in first." Wang Weiquan hastily called for the person to come in, then closed the doors to the hall and set up some enchantments.

"Take out those items. Let me take a look at the goods first." Wang Weiquan immediately said. Wang Weiquan had already told them that he had a bunch of black goods in his hands.

Liu Meng'er had told her before, but she had only given a simple response, worried that her parents would see through something. Because she was Xue Xianxian's master, her parents would definitely not agree to it if she had that sort of relationship with Chen Xiang.

Wu Kaiming and Gu Dongchen knew a little, but they did not say anything. They knew that such matters could not be randomly said and would affect Chen Xiang and Liu Meng'er.

Chen Xiang took out a batch of immortal equipment. Among them, there were three high grade immortal equipment that shone with a glaring light, attracting the eyes the most.

As master refiners, Liu Zongyu and Song Ying naturally knew the origins of these three high grade immortal equipment.

"These two Immortal Swords belong to He Feng, I didn't think that you would be the one to cut off his arm twice, and even stole the Immortal Sword." Song Ying took a deep breath. The two Immortal swords were very precious, but they were also very hard to sell.

"The owner of this spear should be that Small gold eagle. The things refined by the master refiners in Imperial Feather Race are indeed extraordinary, and are much better than those two Immortal swords. You killed the Small gold eagle." Liu Zongyu looked at Chen Xiang with a face full of shock. To even dare to kill Small gold eagle, that was equivalent to becoming enemies with Imperial Feather Race.

"My master did it." Chen Xiang said indifferently, and directly blamed it on Huang Jintian. After all, Huang Jintian had a share of the Golden Roc meat.

Wang Weiquan was shocked. "It's actually Master, he's really reckless."

Chen Xiang laughed: "That's nothing, he even killed two little Emperor Dragons there. Don't spread the news, otherwise, he will scold me to death."

Xue Xianxian laughed lowly: "You definitely have a part in this, otherwise you wouldn't have known. You're really bad, directly putting all of these crimes on Grandfather Huang's head."

Chen Xiang changed the topic and asked: "Two seniors, these two Immortal Swords and this spear, adding all of these together, how much is it worth?"

There were a few Immortal Swords on the table, all of them belonging to the powerful experts that had fallen in the battle for the throne. There were actually a few in Chen Xiang's hands.

"If it's not because of their origins, they could sell for a lot. I'll be straightforward, because I have to deal with some subsequent trouble, so I can only sell for two hundred million Spiritual crystal." Liu Zongyu said.

"This kind of thing can't be sold just like that, so after we recycle it, we have to refine it from the beginning, and we also have to forge its history. In the process, it's easy to damage, and there is a certain risk." Liu Meng'er explained, because she knew that her parents weren't trying to trick Chen Xiang, so the price was already very generous.

"Sure, deal." Chen Xiang never thought that these things would be sold for such a high price.

"You must keep this a secret, especially the Small gold eagle. Although it was my master who did it, if word of it gets out, I will definitely not get out of it." Chen Xiang earnestly reminded.

Song Ying gave Chen Xiang a jade tablet, and laughed: "You do not have to worry about this, we will definitely keep it a secret for you. If you take this jade tablet, you can go to the Spiritual crystal Immortal Palace and exchange them for Spiritual crystal s."

"Aren't you going to treat us to a meal after making such a huge profit?" Xue Xianxian laughed mischievously. He had chatted with Mu Qianxiang for a while already, and they chatted quite a bit.

Although Mu Qianxiang looked a little restrained now, after Xue Xianxian had chatted with her for a while, he realized that Mu Qianxiang's character was a little similar to Leng Youlan's. In his heart, he had a kind of unruly character, but Leng Youlan was actually that kind of woman who had a wild exterior and a wild heart.

"Junior Martial Uncle, look at Uncle Liu, the Spiritual crystal are all placed with their wives." Wang Xiaoyun laughed.

Chen Xiang coughed dryly a few times: "That's right, although I'm your guest, my rewards today were so bountiful, so I'm going to be the host. I'll treat you guys to a big meal."

Just when everyone thought that Chen Xiang was going to bring them to the hotel, Chen Xiang suddenly took out some raw meat and an examination furnace.

"What kind of meat is this? The immortal power contained in it is not simple." Liu Zongyu could tell at a glance that those skinny people were extraordinary.

Chen Xiang laughed but did not say a word, allowing Mu Qianxiang to roast the meat.

"The quality of the beast meat is very high, there aren't even any restaurants here. Junior brother, could this be the meat of those Night Devil s?" Wang Weiquan asked.

"The meat of the Night Devil is not that good, that type of meat is still black." Chen Xiang laughed.

"It doesn't look like human meat. It's that big." Xue Xianxian was very curious: "Could this be dragon meat?"

"Dragon Meat, I've never eaten it before. Daddy, roast one for me to eat." Wang Xiaoyun exclaimed in surprise.

Only Mu Qianxiang knew that this was Golden Roc meat. She had eaten it before, but Chen Xiang had never said it out loud, as he wanted to pull all the people here into the water. She looked at Chen Xiang who was happily laughing and scolded in her heart.

Even though there were immortal kings present, they had yet to have any dragon meat to eat.

Liu Meng'er and Song Ying sat together. This mother and daughter pair looked like sisters, young and beautiful. When they heard that it was dragon meat, they also wanted to quickly try it and focus on roasting it.

"Could it be the dragon meat on Dragon Emperor's arm?" Song Ying asked in surprise.

"Master cut off that arm. It's none of my business." Initially, Chen Xiang wanted Huang Jintian to give him some of the Dragon Emperor's meat, but he did not.

"This old madman definitely has a powerful weapon in his hands. Otherwise, he would not so easily cut off the Dragon Emperor's arm."

Liu Zongyu asked: "I heard that there are two people who saved you today. Other than your master, there is also a White Dragon."

Chen Xiang was shocked, even Liu Zongyu knew about this kind of thing.

"Back then, Bai Long was killed by the combined forces of the other dragons in Imperial Dragon Clan. If there is still a chance now, we must definitely go against the Imperial Dragon Clan." Song Ying said.

Liu Meng'er knew that this was Chen Xiang's secret. Back then, when she was in danger with Chen Xiang, someone had secretly passed his skills to her.

"Chen Xiang, since you have obtained the divine cauldron, can you let us see? This is a divine blacksmith's item, my parents are both the disciples of the divine blacksmith's descendants." Liu Meng'er changed the topic and said: "Relax, I won't take you. I'll just watch."

Chen Xiang took out the divine cauldron, but did not take out the lid. If it was an entire divine cauldron, he was afraid that Liu Zongyu's master would come and snatch it away.

Without the lid on the divine cauldron, it was not that precious. In the eyes of many, it was merely a collection.

Liu Zongyu took the divine furnace and watched it carefully with Song Ying.

"There's actually no Spirit grain. As expected of the Divine Craftsman Grandmaster, just how did he refine it?" Liu Zongyu originally wanted to learn something from looking at the Spirit grain above, but he did not gain anything.

Although they did not have Spirit grain s, the Divine Cauldron was strong, so Liu Zongyu and Song Ying could not see how they refined it.

"If you're missing a lid from the cauldron, it shouldn't be very useful. Furthermore, it's mainly used for refining. I really don't understand why you would want to take the risk and obtain it." Shao profoundyun asked.

"If I find the lid, it will be of great use. Besides, I use it mainly for fighting. After this thing gets bigger, it would be great to take it out and smash it." Chen Xiang laughed and took the divine furnace.

Mu Qianxiang knew that there was a lid to it, and now she understood why Chen Xiang was so happy back then. No wonder Chen Xiang had thought of all sorts of ways to get a good Immortal Sword for her, and even brought her to taste such precious delicacies, all for the sake of thanking her.

"Chen Xiang, you have a lot of pills, right? Can you sell some to us?" Song Ying asked. The batch of Ground level Pills in Chen Xiang's hands was still of great use to them. It could help lower levelled people to raise their strength.

"I'll sell it again. Let's work together when we get the chance." Chen Xiang felt embarrassed and said as he looked at the piece of Golden Roc meat that was about to be cooked.

"Junior Master, whether or not you did that thing in the Divine Saber Immortal Palace, Divine Saber Immortal Palace is now certain that it was you, and that Hanyue and Snow Moon Immortal Palace also believed that it was you who took their Holy Spirit Rabbit. Now they are both here." Gu Dongchen laughed, "I heard that when men use Jade Rabbit Blood, they become women."

Chen Xiang had a Jade Rabbit in his hands, but the blood that he had extracted so far was for the use of Long Xueyi and the other two girls.

"I didn't do it." Chen Xiang immediately denied it.

Xue Xianxian only smiled. Mu Jialan and Yao Shumei had initially said that they would send Xue Xianxian the Jade Rabbit Blood at regular intervals, but Xue Xianxian had already received it. Furthermore, there were quite a few of them.

The Holy Spirit Rabbit was no small matter, and now that all the clues had been cut off, he could only suspect Chen Xiang.

Yu Xuelian, Mu Jialan and Yao Shumei, the three girls all had one each. Their Jade Rabbit blood should be abundant, so they were able to give Xue Xianxian a lot.

The meat had already been roasted, and everyone was currently savoring it. They all thought it was dragon meat and even the Immortal King could feel the benefits from eating it.

"Is this really dragon meat? Isn't it said that dragon meat is sour and hard?" Wang Weiquan frowned: "That's right, master said this, he said he has eaten it."

"I heard him say that too." Shao profoundyun nodded.

"Of course it's not dragon meat. I didn't say it was dragon meat, but you guys think so." Chen Xiang laughed.

"Then what meat is this?" Liu Zongyu asked anxiously, and when everyone saw Chen Xiang smiling, their hearts dropped, they had a bad premonition.

Chen Xiang laughed: "This is Golden Roc meat, it's from that Small gold eagle."

"It's over." Gu Dongchen's expression was as though he had eaten a fly. Although the Golden Roc meat was delicious, he wanted to spit it out.

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