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"It's Lord Ju Gu!"

The officer was overjoyed!

Seeing Ju Gu and a group of Realm Tree experts rushing over, they knew that this fox spirit was not going to be able to escape.

Ju Gu and the rest flew over, and landed in front of the soldiers, causing them to surround Fox Demon in an arc. There were a total of eight people on Ju Gu's side, and all of them had dense Qi, which the soldiers could not compare to.

Seeing Ju Gu and the rest approaching, Fox Demon was startled, then she smiled.

"I don't think you came here by chance. Are you here to arrest me?" The Fox Demon laughed.

"It's good that you know this." Ju Gu said indifferently: "Luckily we were able to make it in time, otherwise I would have let you go! If you leave, our Wanhua Realm will not be at peace! "

Hearing that, Hu Qianmei's face changed: What do you mean by that?

"What is it? Don't you understand? You killed Xiao Huailin, and this time, the entire group of All Empty Sect have come out because of you! As long as you are in the hands of the people of All Empty Sect, I believe that our Wanhua Realm will be able to settle down and enjoy eternal peace! " Ju Gu said.

When Fox Demon heard this, her smile disappeared and anger surfaced, "You actually plan to hand me over to All Empty Sect? Tch! You bunch of people, if I did not kill Xiao Huailin, who knows how many people would have died, you bunch of people actually want to repay kindness with enmity! "

"Repaying kindness with enmity? Do you know how big of a disaster you have caused our Wanhua Realm? Now, as long as we sacrifice one of you, we can protect our entire realm! Even though I know that you killed Xiao Huailin out of kindness, since you were thinking of the Wanhua Realm, why not you think of him? " Lord Liu said with an expressionless face.

When Fox Demon heard this, she was truly infuriated.

"I was blind, and that's why I helped your Wanhua Realm get rid of harm, but I didn't expect that you people were actually a group of righteous people! Shame! That Realm Master of yours is the same as well. He said that he would respect my decision at the time, and now he's making you come over to capture me! Humph, it turns out that he said the wrong thing! I have seen through you! "

Fox Demon was so angry that her teeth were itching, knowing that these people wanted to hand her over, her heart was filled with hatred towards them.

"No need to say anything more!"

Ju Gu said: "We should still capture her and subdue her, in case she runs away, then we will have wasted our effort."

"That's right!"

Lord Liu bellowed, she was actually the first to make a move, her hands quickly flipped, taking out a tree branch, directly striking at Fox Demon.

Just as the branch was about to fall, a huge amount of business burst out from the branch, transforming into vines that instantly wrapped around her body.

However, the Fox Demon did not panic, with a flip of her fair palm, a mysterious gold light appeared out of nowhere. The gold light was overbearing and powerful, instantly shattering the vines, and took the chance to blast into Lord Liu's body.

Caught off guard, Lord Liu was flung more than ten metres away, falling to the ground while spitting out blood. The profound qi vibrated incessantly.


Ju Gu was stunned.

"This person is only at the third grade of Sky Spirit Master, Lord Liu is at least at the fifth stage of the Sky Spirit Master, how can she possibly hurt Lord Liu?"

"I'm afraid that he has magic treasure s, everyone be careful!"

Someone exclaimed.

After everyone heard this, they all took out their treasures and stared at Fox Demon seriously.

The Fox Demon succeeded, she was not in a hurry to take advantage of the situation to give chase. Instead, she started chanting some sort of incantation, and the profound qi around her body started spinning like a tornado, spinning even faster, the aura around her became stronger, as though she was activating some kind of powerful technique.

"Stop her from casting the spell!"

Ju Gu roared, everyone moved and attacked Fox Demon.

But, the moment everyone moved, Fox Demon's pink mouth raised, revealing a sly smile, as though she had obtained something, she suddenly dropped her hands, the profound qi around her disappeared, and at the same time, a burst of intense golden light burst out from her body. It was so bright that it was hard to open her eyes, like a blazing sun.

All the Realm Tree experts stopped moving, they turned to look, and were forced back by the golden light. When the golden light dissipated, everyone looked, only to see that the Fox Demon was nowhere to be seen.

"Not good, let her run!"

"There she is!"


Constant shouts...




The Sword Crafting Room released a muffled sound, following that, the extremely hot Sword Furnace exploded, causing a wave of heat to spread out, and immediately overturned the two people beside the Sword Furnace.

Su Yun's profound qi was exhausted, it was difficult to resist, his entire body was sent flying, but he did not land on the ground, his entire body leaning on a soft and fragrant soft body.

This was Ling Qingyu.

She held Su Yun's waist with both hands and activated profound qi to catch him. Although Ling Qingyu had also used up a lot of profound qi, it was more than enough to take this fellow.

However, Su Yun shamelessly leaned his head on Ling Qingyu's shoulder and panted heavily.

Ling Qingyu frowned, and pushed him into a corner against the wall with a bit of resistance, and snorted: "You're not dead yet, are you?"


Su Yun revealed a strong smile.

"Smooth talker." Ling Qingyu snorted.

Su Yun did not reply, he looked at Sword Furnace s, only to see that the Sword Furnace s had shattered into pieces, but at the place where the Sword Furnace s were broken, a snow white sword was floating, the sword was glowing, sparkling with light, it was mystical compared, and on the sword blade's body, a golden-edged, brilliant lotus with a white complexion, waves after waves of mysterious spirit energy leaked out from the lotus!

"Is this the recovered Lotus Star Sword?"

Ling Qingyu gazed at the sword, lost in thought.

"That's right, the repaired Lotus Star Sword is the complete Lotus Star Sword. Relying on this sword, the third move of the Lotus Star Sword Art will be released."

Su Yun grinned, he got up and went to get his sword, but just as he stood up, his footsteps slanted, as though he did not even have a breath, and his entire person could not help but fall towards Ling Qingyu.

Ling Qingyu did not have time to react, when she turned his head to look at Su Yun, whe saw that Su Yun had already pounced over.

She subconsciously reached out her hand, wanting to hold Su Yun back, but in the next second, this person's entire head... but it was buried in Ling Qingyu's snow-white chest...

Ling Qingyu was stunned.

She could only feel her chest being fiercely squeezed. His hot breath was like a needle, constantly stimulating his sensitive areas ¡­

This strange feeling made Ling Qingyu's entire body lose all of his strength, her heart was beating frantically, her breathing almost stopped, and she was suppressed by Su Yun's momentum, causing the two of them to fall to the ground.

Su Yun was startled, he looked at Ling Qingyu, only to see her opening her eyes wide, staring at her blankly, her tender lips slowly opened, as though her expression was frozen.

Seeing that, Su Yun suddenly woke up, he anxiously crawled up, and laughed, but he did not know where he got the strength from, he stood up like lightning, and did not feel the exhaustion from using the profound qi.

Seeing that, Ling Qingyu was surprised and angry, she got up and pushed Su Yun away fiercely, her fair cheeks puffed with anger, and said: "You bastard, did you do that on purpose?"

"How could that be? I was really trying my best just now. Sorry, sorry Qingyu, it was all an accident. " Su Yun immediately replied.

"You ¡­ "Humph!"

Ling Qingyu wanted to curse him a little, but when she saw that strange smile that could not even smell, and that she could not curse anymore, she became annoyed and ignored him. She turned his head and walked towards the sword sheath, approaching it but disappeared without a trace.

Seeing that, Su Yun immediately shouted: "Qingyu, didn't you want to teach me Burning Heaven Sword Formation? Qingyu! Don't go! "

However, there was no movement from the sword sheath.

"He has such a big temper ¡­" "That was really an accident ¡­" Su Yun rubbed his nose, and then, he couldn't help but rub his face and laugh.

But at this time, the sword sheath released another wave of light.

Ling Qingyu who had just entered flew out again.

Seeing that, Su Yun laughed: Qingyu, you're not angry anymore?

Ling Qingyu took two deep breaths and then revealed a strange smile: "I won't be angry anymore ¡­ Su Yun, you said that you want me to teach you Burning Heaven Sword Formation, right? Since the Lotus Star Sword have been refined, then I will teach you! "

Ling Qingyu rarely laughed. Seeing her smile, Su Yun could not help but shiver. "I have exhausted my profound qi today ¡­ Not suitable for cultivation, change days... "Let's change the day ¡­"

"Another day? "No way, after all, today is today!"


After Su Yun heard it, he knew that it was impossible to escape this time, he could only put on a thick face and said: "Then at least you have to let me recover my profound qi, right?"

"I'll help you recover!"

Ling Qingyu knew that Su Yun was stalling for time, she snorted and walked over, allowing Su Yun to sit.


Under Ling Qingyu's fearsome speed, Su Yun had no choice but to honestly recover his power. With the assistance of the top-notch medicinal pellets he obtained from the treasury, and with Ling Qingyu's assistance, Su Yun's body's recovery speed was not bad.

However, what made Su Yun disappointed was that out of the large amount of pills he had obtained from a famous prison, there were actually no rare pills that could increase his cultivation.

"Sect Leader!"

Just as Su Yun and Ling Qingyu were still lucky in the room, Huo Tianwu's voice came out from outside.

"Sect Leader, Tianwu wishes to meet you!"

Su Yun, who was lucky, opened his eyes with some surprise.

On the other hand, Ling Qingyu was not angry at all. She removed the profound qi and pushed Su Yun away.

Su Yun understood what she meant, laughed, got up and opened the door.

The Sword Furnace had exploded, the room was filled with thick smoke, Huo Tianwu could not see anything clearly, but when he saw Su Yun walking out, the house had a beautiful lady, Huo Tianwu blinked her eyes, revealing a look of enlightenment, she immediately cupped her fists and said: "Sect Leader, please forgive me, this subordinate does not know that Sect Leader is dual cultivating."

"What did you say?"

Hearing that, Ling Qingyu's face changed.

Huo Tianwu was stunned.

Su Yun coughed a little but did not explain. He asked directly: "Tianwu, what's the matter?"

Only now did Huo Tianwu regain his senses, and he said respectfully: "The Realm Tree has sent urgent news, requesting Linglong Mountain to completely seal himself, all sects and families guard the various paths, and prevent anyone from entering or leaving, my Lotus Star Sword Sect must also seal the seven paths that lead up and down the 'southern' mountains. Tianwu does not dare to make any decisions, and so, he reports to you, Sect Leader."

"Seal the mountain?" Su Yun frowned slightly: "Did something happen?"

"It is said that the people of Realm Tree is chasing a criminal, but this man is sly, hiding and hiding everywhere. From the route he runs, the target seems to be the Linglong Mountain, and if Tianwu's guess is correct, the offender is the Dark Place who plans to enter our Linglong Mountain, and escape the Wanhua Realm through the Gate of Disorder!"

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