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Chapter 64: Ascending to Godhood
In the cold courtroom, on the huge stand where the gavel and documents are placed usually, hot dishes are laid out in its place.

Just like my other companions, I made use of my limited time to enjoy the pleasures of the flesh with Elisa.

Alright, don't get innuendos. I just mean eating. Can you sympathise these pitiful old bones who have been deprived of his sense of taste for more than a hundred years?

There aren't many dishes. Fried intestine, fruit salad, vegetable soup and butter bread. The taste can't compared to the food by the Imperial Kitchen that I remember, it is obviously the rushed work of some restaurant. But, for a hungry ghost who have not eaten for a hundred years, even a rock-hard barley bread would be treated as the finest culinary to him.

"Cough cough!" Too anxious to eat, I accidentally choked. I quickly grab my neck and knocks on the table violently, signalling Elisa to come to my rescue.

"Acting like a child despite being so old. Heh. You're exactly like a small kid now. Isn't there anything that you want to say?" Elisa pours some tea for me while patting my back."?…..???????,????????,?????????"

"Cough… I almost got done in by the cucumber slices. If I really die because of that, every one would probably die along with me, from laughing."

"The dead still can die once more?"

"Of course, if I don't die and resurrect a few times, how can be considered a final boss? Other people might not know, but there isn't much difficulty for me to die a few dozen more times."

"Hmph, die faster so that you can get reincarnated earlier. Quickly pass on if you are done eating."

"Hey hey, even those on the death penalty have a final feast for them. Isn't it too early to be keeping the tableware now?"

"Is there such a rule?"

"Oh, looks like there really isn't one. I forgot to add it in. Remember to pass the message to Lily so that she could bring it up during the next legislative meeting. Even if the law is heartless, enforcers must still retain their humanity. Give those on the death row some privileges, we should at least give them this much."

"Tell her yourself."

"That, I'm afraid it will be difficult. There isn't enough time…"

"Leave a note then."

Looking at this young lady with a frustrated face, I know that, by her personality, she wouldn't agree to my request. Helpless, I can only take out my pen to write a note and leave it on the Judge Stand.

"Alright, I'm done. Thanks for the hospitality." Satisfied from the alcohol and food, I nodded my head.

"It is just some cheap good from the bar. We didn't have sufficient time." Elisa shakes her head, regret and hesitation showing in her eyes.

"Yeah, if only you could have made it for me personally."

"You know that I can't cook. If I really make food, you have to finish it all."

Indeed, Elisa, who is capable in all other aspects of housework, is lacking slightly in this aspect. Perhaps it is because of her Demon Bloodline, but her sense of taste is bizarre. The food she makes has extremely heavy taste, spiciness within sweetness, poison within spiciness. Alright, maybe not poison but going by how my tongue was swollen up like a sausage, it is much worse than poison.

At this moment, I heaved a sigh of relief. Lisa is a true master of housework, the culinary she makes surpasses that of normal great chefs. In the end, worried, I couldn't resist asking her

"Is it Elisa?"

"Un, Elisa, not Lisa. I only used that to scare the others."

After giving a complete sigh of relief, I smiled.

"I think that Adam will get over it."

"So what? Didn't you say that a one-sided crush will only last for 36 days, a crush that lasted for more than a century is just escapism. Even if he were to face reality, accepts his own feeling and finally thinks it through, he would only play dumb. Aren't men only good at playing dumb?"

As Elisa speaks, she stares fixedly at me, even emphasizing the 'aren't men only good at playing dumb', an obvious attempt at pointing finger towards me.

"Haha, Adam isn't playing dumb but he is really dumb." Fine, some innocent man just got narrowed and is currently trying his best to play dumb.

A certain woman continues glaring furiously…

"Fine… I'm sorry." In the end, unable to stand the glare filled with reproach, a certain man apologises helplessly.

"What I need now isn't an apology!"

"… I can only offer you an apology."

Maybe, the one escaping from reality isn't just Adam. I don't have the confidence to get past what I am about to face. Even if I know what Elisa wants is just a promise, I can't offer her one.

"Hmph, fortunately I didn't expect that a rock would be able to be enlightened, so I made preparations." I couldn't hear her mutterings behind her gritted teeth.

"Alright, now that I'm full, it is time to move on."

"Treating the utmost glory of Ascending to a God as a cruel punishment, aren't you afraid of blasphemy?"

"Cruel punishment? To me, becoming a God is much worse than a cruel punishment."

Becoming a God?

It sounds fine, but it actually isn't much.

Since I am talking about becoming a God, then I have to elaborate a little about what is a God. In reality, there are many type of Gods and they are vastly different from each other. At the very least, the Order Gods and Malevolent Gods of Chaos are 2 completely different concepts.

Most of the Order Gods obey some kind of Rule or Concept. Often, this Concept would be their Jurisdiction and their God Realm. The core of their existence is the materialisation of the Concept of their Jurisdiction. Most of them have a certain job such that the Guardian God of a land and accepts faith from the people to grow stronger.

However, this also limits their actions. They must work under the restrictions of the Rule they made to spread their Concept. One of the most famous example of this is the Mother of Earth, God of Holy Light and the Goddess of Magic. These 3 Gods are unbelievably powerful but they have lost their sense of self, becoming a complete Conceptual existence.

The Malevolent Gods can also accept faith to grow stronger but they have much more freedom in this aspect. For one, despite Lorci messing around in the underground world, no one has leaped out to give her a slap.

This is the secret of the Gods which no church will leak out. To me, this is just an image to deceive the people.

The biggest difference between the 2 is that the Order Gods follow the Goddess of Order, Astrya, who is sleeping on the Origin of Order while the Malevolent Gods of Chaos have to offer their loyalty to the Goddess of Chaos, Cynthia, who is sleeping in the Chaos Abyss.

Alright, I seem to have accidentally leaked some important news. Since I've already said this much, I might as well finish my piece.

Astrya is deeply asleep on the Origin of Order, guiding the souls who believe in the Order Gods to ascend to the top of the Heavenly Pillar. When the souls are unable to provide anymore faith, they are sent back into the cycle of reincarnation. The fragment of souls from the faith in Order will become nutrients for Astrya so as to hasten her awakening.

Cynthia is also the same. The only difference is that the one guiding the souls isn't the Heavenly Pillar but the River Styx. Also, the place that she sleeps in isn't the Origin of Order but the Chaos Abyss.

This is also why the 'Sacred War' is never-ending. Even if the 2 Goddesses are forced into a deep sleep, but they both instinctively hope to awaken. As long as the cycle if reincarnation continues for a sufficient amount of time, they will eventually awaken. Furthermore, the greater the faith towards Order or the more a soul is sided towards Chaos, the more nutritious it is. Also, the roar of despair of by the souls of the warriors who died in battle will serve as an even more nutritious tonic.

So, if both Goddesses instinctively hopes to revive, the source of all life, the Origin of Order and the Chaos Abyss, won't wish for the war to stop. For them to awaken, the Sacred War will happen again and again. If the war continues on, there will be a day when after obtaining sufficient tributes, Astrya and Cynthia will awaken from their sleep and the War of Gods will happen in the end. The world will be reduced to its primitive form.

In the 'history', the darned catastrophe happened. After the tributes from 6 Calamities, the 2 Goddesses of Creation finally awakened and led the Gods and mortals under them to battle. The conclusion was just like the 1st Sacred War, there is no victor. The 2 Goddesses went back to eternal sleep, the different mortal races went extinct, many Gods fell and the Eich continent was destroyed like this. Maybe, when civilisation finally props up again, the cycle will continue.

This is the ultimate secret that even the Gods of the new generation do not know of. But to me, it is just the final piece of information written on the game walk through.

"What the heck. I know that the Goddesses of Creation are great, being able to create so many races. But, can you sisters limit the fight to you two and not drag others down the mud!" This is my reaction when reading it for the first time. If it wasn't that I was a Transcender, I would have long being burnt on a stake.

That's why from the very start, I kept wavering between the Chaos Faction and Order Faction (I don't think that either sides are good). I followed the mainstream line of thought that Chaos is evil and Order is kind. Also, despite belonging to the Order Faction, I made use of the very core of the world, the Origin of Order, without any respect.

Fine, now that I've said so much, the question is here. Since Chaos will not come to an end as long as the River Styx continues its flow, then everyone would be done for if this war goes on. So, how can it be stopped?

It might seem totally impossible but exploiting loopholes is my expertise. After spending many years, I finally thought of an idea but the first step involves the ascension as a God to strengthen the power of the Law.

The Power of Law is considered a lower power of the Origin of Order. Although I've talked about replacing the Power of Holy Light with the Power of Law, the Power of Law is still much too weak. It is impossible to learn and practice the Power of Law in a place without the God Equipment of Law. However, the Scattered Pages is limited in number, so if we were to want to spread the Power of Law through it, it would take too much time.

So, just like the Holy Light has the God of Holy Light, the Law must have one as well, even if it is just a God Power Regulation System. This way, no matter where and when, people are able to derive actual power from believing in Law. Only this way will there is a possibility for the Power of Law to replace Holy Light.

But, before all this can happen, the very first core step that must be made for my plans…

Then, since we have clarified what a God is and established the need for a God of Law, then, how can one ascend to become a God?

In reality, becoming an Order God isn't difficult. Other than those fortunate ones who managed to stumble on old God Power or God Jurisdiction, as long as one creates a new important Concept and Jurisdiction and he has reached the realm of the SemiGod before (This is so that he can manipulate the God Power so as to not implode from the God Power), he can make a declaration, ascend to Godhood, spread his faith and recruit devotees. At least, this is how the God of Holy Light came about. He should be the very first Priest of Holy Light.

The birth of every new Order God will strengthen the Order Faction significantly. All of those who created new Concepts to Ascend to Godhood will be acknowledged and rewarded by the Origin of Order, allowing them to grow strong quickly.

This is also why Kajah and the others viewed me as a future God. This 'future' prefix should be only there because they thought that I have never reached SemiGod but I, Wumianzhe Roland, the previous SemiGod Undead Emperor, has already long fulfilled the conditions for an Ascension.

But, a true God's ability to interfere with the mortal world is limited. If I were to Ascend to Godhood and become a true God controlled by the Origin of Order, then I wouldn't be able to stay out of the fight of the 2 Factions. My plan would go down the drain. But, I found a loophole in the God system and now, with all of my betting chips in, it is time to start this crazy plan.

"I, Wumianzhe, the founder and user of the Power of Law, in Liu Huang Mountain City, the land of origin of the Power of Law, declare to the world that I will Ascend to Godhood and take on the Jurisdiction of Law as a true God of Law."

The Origin of Order, which has been waiting for a long time, sends down a gigantic pillar of light and the thickness if the Power of Order makes it hard to breath. As the declaration to Ascend to Godhood spreads across the world, all life stops in their footsteps and looks respectfully towards the sky.

Adam, who just climbed down from the operation stand, just like the others, stare at the pillar of Light of Order dumbfounded, only muttering a few words.

"Roland, you are really playing it big this time. You intend to fool the Gods?"

Short chapter but the others afterward would be long T_T

Let me elaborate a bit, a bit spoilers but it is just background info. The Gods who have been infused with too much faith become Conceptual existence which means they don't have a sense of self (unable to think), but this doesn't mean they cannot do anything. Think of Terminator, they will react when their Concepts are being threatened etc. More like a smart machine I guess. Also, not a strong Order Gods are Conceptual existence, e.g. Ayer

Last chapter in my inventory for today boomz, time for a long waiting period


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